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Tatango: Review, Pricing, and Features

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Tatango: Review, Pricing, and Features

Tatango is America's #1 text message marketing provider for political campaigns. It promises incredible results for political and nonprofit campaigns that have raised over $400 million in donations. Tatango has a 99% open rate; continue reading our full review to know everything it has to offer.


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About Tatango

Tatango has been in business for 14 years. It is specifically designed for a number of use cases for political campaigns such as presidential, senate, congressional, and local election campaigns, in addition to nonprofit fundraising and gubernatorial races. It has sent over 10 billion text messages and reached over 50 million American voters.

Tatango is a cloud-based mass texting marketing solution that allows marketers to send SMS, MMS, and RCS messages to their customers. Not only does Tatango provide you with marketing campaign services, but it also helps you keep track of your subscribers' data and trends with graphical reports. Your subscriber's list can also be segmented and categorized depending on their demographic data or historical actions in order to target more personalized messages.

Tatango is a Premium Partner of the CTIA's Short Code Registry, as it manages the most SMS shortcodes than any other SMS marketing software provider. It has also earned five stars ratings from several websites such as G2, Capterra, and GetApp.

Tatango Plans and Prices

Unfortunately, no plans or prices are advertised on Tatango's website, so you will have to talk to one of their experts to get a customized quote for its platform.

Tatango Top Features

Many features place Tatango as a leading text message marketing provider for political campaigns, some of which are its message automation abilities and administrative controls.

Message automation allows you to set a trigger word, so a personalized auto-reply will be sent back when a customer sends it. This feature is useful in many scenarios where subscribers would be sent either a donation link or a voting poll automatically without manually replying to every customer. In addition, administrative controls allow you to assign access levels to your teams and get complete control over what they can or cannot do.

Moreover, Tatango offers its developer API for you so you can seamlessly integrate it with your business system or applications. In addition, it provides you with tons of app integrations that you can connect with your account to provide you with extra features and services.

Reports and analytics provide you with thorough details and metrics about your messaging campaigns, such as the number of clicks, responses, recipients, and how many texts were bounded, and how many were successful. For donation campaigns, you get the number of donations, average donation amount, and total donation amount.

Tatango's ease-of-use is the icing on the cake, it has a friendly user interface where you can easily build your messaging campaign and send SMS or MMS messages, and you can set your recipient's location and message schedule. Not to mention, you can also send messages in bulk so you can reach thousands of subscribers at once.

Short and long codes are also available to aid your business or political campaign to reach customers faster. Long codes are usually 10-digit numbers used as phone numbers for peer-to-peer texting (P2P). On the other hand, Shortcodes five or six-digit numbers that are widely used for mass texting, and application to peer texting (A2P), they are easy for consumers to remember and use to text to opt-in to your subscriber's list.

Shortcodes are also unlikely to be identified as spam, and your organization can have full ownership of shortcodes and customize them to their relevance.

Customer Support

You can reach Tatango's expert by live chat or phone at 1.888.517.6345 or through its website's 'Talk to an Expert' page. Several resources are also available on the company's website to help you through any issues or inquire you may be having.


Tatango is an excellent text message-marketing provider for political campaigns; it has won several awards and five-star ratings by many websites. In addition, many customer reviews have praised its friendly user interface and ease of use, in addition to its beneficial variety of features.

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