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Salesmsg: Review, Prices and Top Features

Salesmsg: Review, Prices and Top Features

Salesmsg is a substantial text message marketing provider that has is trusted by some of the best companies in the world, such as COMCAST and GC. Customer reviews have praised its ability to increase customer engagement and sales production. Continue reading our full review to know everything it has to offer.


30-day money-back guarantee
App integrations
Double opt-in and opt-out management


Mobile app not suitable for hundreds of texts


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About Salesmsg

Salesmsg is a simple, easy-to-use text message marketing provider that is scalable to your business and packs various excellent features that automate your business's workflow and automate your marketing campaigns.

Salesmsg is a cloud-based service that allows you to send and receive messages online, and extend the platform's features across your team's subaccounts, so they utilize campaigns better and keep tabs on all the data.

Moreover, the dashboard will also provide you with an easy-to-use area to send and receive messages and engage with your customer in two-way conversations. In addition, Salesmsg can turn your existing business landline number into a text-able one, or you can use a local or a toll-free number.

Continue reading to know about Salesmsg prices and top features.

Salesmsg Plans and Prices

Unlike other text message marketing providers who only provide a free trial, Salesmsg offers not only a 14-day free trial but also a 30-day money-back guarantee in the case its services do not meet your businesses' needs.

Salesmsg offers its plans depending on how many messages you want to send per month:

For 500 messages: $25/month

With 500 messages per month, you get 500 credits, and additional credits would cost you 4.0 cents per credit. This plan's features include unlimited contacts, unlimited app integrations, free local or toll-free numbers, a short code, and 7 days a week for customer support.

For 1,000 messages: $49/month

With a thousand messages, you get a thousand credits, and each extra credit will cost 3.5 cents. Previously mentioned features are also included in this plan.

For 2,500 messages: $99/month

This plan earns you 2500 credits with extra credits to cost 3.25 cents in addition to all the features from previous plans.

For 5,000 messages: $179/month

For five thousand messages, you get 5,000 credits, and additional credits will cost 3.15 cents. In addition to all the features mentioned above, you also get a dedicated account manager and premium phone support.

For 7,500 messages: $249/month

This plan earns you 7,500 credits, and extra credits will cost you 3.10 cents. All previously mentioned features are also included.

If your business needs to send over 10,000 messages, you can contact their team, and they will provide you with a custom plan, where extra credits can cost as low as 1.5 cents.

SMS messages use up to 1 credit, and MMS use up to 2 credits.

Salesmsg Top Features

Salesmsg offers a wide range of features that its customers seem to love and praise, and they go beyond basic text message marketing features that include two-way conversations, shared inbox, text message scheduling, MMS texting, and automated responses.

You can also automate responses in off-hours, so a customer will get an auto-reply when they try to reach you in off-hours. Another handy feature provided for you is call forwarding, where you can forward your call to a specific team member or to your mobile, landline, or office line.

In addition to all the features we have mentioned so far, Salesmsg also allows you to have your team in a group chat to simplify communication. You can also receive inbound calls, mute the caller during a call, and record your important calls to listen to later. Salesmsg provides you with call analytics, so you keep track of your call volumes and many other call metrics.

Salesmsg handles security quite seriously as it is equipped with a double opt-in feature and opt-out management so you can get consent from your customer to be on the subscriber's list and them be able to opt-out. Moreover, Salesmsg is certified under ISO/IEC 27001, secures data between customer applications, and supports TLS 1.2 encryption.

Last but not least, Salesmsg integrates with a wide range of applications to provide you with additional functionalities. Such integrations include but are not limited to:

  • Zapier
  • Salesforce
  • ActiveCampaign
  • InfusionSoft
  • HubSpot
  • Pipedrive

Customer Support

Customer support is available by phone at (561) 788-7898 and live chat. In addition, a help center on their website has a bunch of articles that can be useful if you are encountering any issue, and a dedicated virtual help desk on their platform is also there to assist you with any problems and features.


Salesmsg is an excellent scalable text message marketing provider that customer reviews have praised their ability to increase their customers' engagement and response rates. It offers a 14-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide its services do not meet your businesses' needs, but we doubt it will.

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