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Take Dining to New Heights With Revel Systems POS

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Take Dining to New Heights With Revel Systems POS

Updated: January 23, 2024

Businesses are implementing new cloud technologies at a rapid pace in order to stay competitive. In recent years, point-of-sale (POS) systems have grown in significance for companies of all kinds. One such system that stands out from the competition is Revel Systems. Many companies, including grocery stores, restaurants, and retail establishments, find them to be an ideal match due to their features and benefits.

We will examine their point-of-sale system and highlight its unique features, advantages, pricing plans, and demos. This information will guide you in determining if this supplier is the best fit for your company's point-of-sale system needs.


24/7 live support
Customizable features


Only works on Apple devices
Lack of transparency

Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Small, medium, and large
Trustpilot Score
1.8 out of 5
Customer Experience
Transparent Pricing
Not Available
Pricing Model
BBB Rating

Company Overview

Founded in 2010, Revel Systems is a cloud-based POS and business management tool made to meet the needs of different types of businesses. They can help with customer relationship management (CRM), tracking goods, and managing deliveries. They work with many food service businesses, including quick-service restaurants like bakeries, food trucks, pizza delivery services, and coffee shops. They also work with table-service restaurants and specialty retail brands. They have major offices in Atlanta, Lithuania, and San Francisco. 

The system has many useful tools for front-end and back-end tasks, like managing goods, making orders, and setting up customer displays. Revel Systems also has a delivery management feature that lets businesses handle and track all their orders from their devices, set up delivery routes and areas, and use a digital map to monitor delivery staff. The platform can be changed and customized in many ways to fit the needs of enterprises and small businesses. 

This provider offers their customers services that are both EMV and PCI-compliant. However, they’re not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

Features Overview

This system provides an extensive set of features tailored to the demands of diverse enterprises, notably those in the food service industry. Revel Systems' POS system has several significant characteristics, including:

  • POS software: With their cloud-based software, you can build your own menu that works with your restaurant, control menus for a single location or many, and perfect order accuracy and speed. The provider claims their software was the initial iPad solution, which is very helpful for companies relying heavily on Apple devices.
    Their software allows mobile ordering through their Revel SmartOrder and Online Ordering XT solutions, eliminating the need for long lines and communications between servers and customers. With tools like built-in timecards and payroll, their fully integrated software system makes it easy to manage your workforce
  • Hardware: The hardware they offer is made to be reliable and work well. They offer many hardware options, from stylish touchscreen screens to long-lasting printers and barcode scanners. They also provide payment devices, cash drawers and tills, scales, self-service kiosks, and terminals. They state that the hardware they offer integrates well with their software without any problems, making the POS system work efficiently and smoothly
  • Remote implementation and training: This provider’s remote implementation solution includes initial management console configuration and training, payments integration onboarding, Revel application training for employees, and up to five hours of follow-up assistance after hardware setup.
    Their standard implementation offers the same services plus an onsite trip for hardware installation and up to eight hours of assisted installation. This feature is especially valuable for businesses with distributed teams and those looking to implement the system quickly and efficiently. Additionally, they offer two custom-made training courses for customers: the Revel Pro and the Revel Master 
  • Inventory management: Their system and inventory management app allows for real-time inventory tracking, automated reorder processes, and the ability to set low-stock alerts. This proactive approach to inventory management helps businesses avoid stockouts, reduce waste, and optimize their supply chain
  • Third-party integrations: Their POS system recognizes the importance of a connected business environment. The system seamlessly integrates with various third-party applications, expanding its functionality. Whether it's accounting software, marketing tools, or e-commerce platforms, Revel's open API allows for easy integration, providing businesses with a holistic solution
  • Payment processing: They ensure a reliable payment processing experience by offering Adyen-powered payment processing solutions, Revel Advantage and Revel Advantage International, which support various payment methods, including major debit and credit cards such as WeChat Pay, AliPay, mobile wallet payments, and more
  • Multi-location management: This provider offers enterprises with many locations an Enterprise Management System (EMS). This integrated management solution enables organizations to monitor and control activities across several locations. EMS delivers a unified perspective that simplifies multi-location establishment administration, from menu item updates to sales performance monitoring
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration and loyalty programs: Building and maintaining customer relationships is vital for long-term success. Their system includes CRM tools such as a Customer Display System (CDS) XT to help businesses understand their customers better. Additionally, the system supports loyalty programs and gift cards, enabling businesses to reward and retain their customer base. These features contribute to a more personalized and engaging customer experience
  • Delivery management: They offer their delivery solution package, Delivery XT, which includes a dedicated driver assignment and tracking app. As well as a driver’s app for taking delivery orders and optimizing routes and a manager’s app for detailed reports. This feature allows for faster deliveries, satisfied customers, and greater profit 
  • Kitchen Display System (KDS): This feature is more than a display screen in your kitchen; it empowers businesses by enhancing communications between the front and back of the restaurant. It guarantees that your customers will get their food at the right time and of the best quality. Additionally, it uses data from kitchen deliveries to provide insight into your business functions, allowing you to improve. What's great about this feature is that it works offline, which means there won't be any interruptions in your operations

Pricing & Plans

Unfortunately, Revel does not share any information about their prices, plans, or whether they have a free trial. However, through further research, we have come to find that they offer a three-year contract with cancellation fees. Our reports also suggest that the starting price is around $99 monthly.

Notably, some of their features may not be provided as standard equipment and may require an additional payment. Reach out to their sales team about your business, the problems you're trying to solve, and the type of business you are in to get specific prices and plans. Ask them all the questions you might have before purchasing their services.


  • 24/7 live support: Whether it's a technical glitch or a simple query, having their support team available all day ensures that businesses can operate with confidence
  • Demo: The demo serves as a valuable tool in the decision-making process, allowing businesses to explore the user interface, test out features, and envision how the system will integrate into their operations
  • Customizable features: This level of customization ensures that Revel Systems POS is not a one-size-fits-all solution but rather a versatile platform that can be molded to enhance the efficiency of various business models
  • Flexible payment methods: With Revel POS, clients can easily pay using any method they want, whether a regular credit or debit card, a mobile payment option, or even new technology. Businesses can better meet the needs of their customers and earn their loyalty when they can adapt to their preferences
  • Extensive features: The system's capabilities extend beyond mere point-of-sale transactions, contributing to operational efficiency and allowing businesses to focus on growth rather than juggling multiple disjointed tools
  • Scalability: Whether your business is starting small and aims to grow or is already a large enterprise with multiple locations, this system offers scalability without compromising performance


  • Only works on Apple devices: One notable con with this system is that it only works on Apple devices. The company is known for ensuring iOS users have a smooth and optimal experience. However, businesses that prefer or have already invested in other devices may find this restrictive
  • Lack of transparency: The lack of information about the plans, prices, and contracts offered by this provider might make it difficult for some businesses to make a decision on whether they want to work with them

User Reviews 

Revel Systems has received mixed reviews from customers across different platforms. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave them an A+ rating, Trustpilot gave them a 1.8, and G2 gave them a 4 out of 5. Additionally, their TrustRadius score is 6.3 out of 10.

Some reviews praised the system's ease of use, good functionality, and ability to cover various company needs, such as inventory monitoring, delivery management, and CRM. The reporting and backend tools were also praised for their accessibility, which greatly simplified and reduced the time required for inventory management and bookkeeping.

However, some customers have complained about bad customer service, unwanted subscriptions, and system faults. Customers reported unauthorized contract extensions, leading to customers being billed a significant amount of money, and when they proceeded to cancel the contract, they were faced with cancellation fees.

The company acknowledged, apologized, and tried to resolve issues and complaints, especially the ones concerning the unauthorized contract expansion. However, due to the inconvenience the customers experienced, the responses were rejected. We do not know for certain whether these complaints were settled in private between the parties involved.

Customer Service

To contact the provider, call them at +1 (833) 437-3835 or +1 (415) 744-1433. You can fill out a form on their website for a free demo. You can also visit their social media for more information. 

Additionally, they offer a useful FAQ page, a website of resources, and Revel University to help prospective and existing customers understand their POS services.


In conclusion, Revel Systems stands out because they have an extensive list of features that can be used in many different businesses. Their flexible and various features ensure operations run smoothly and quickly on all platforms. You can get demos of the system, which are very helpful for seeing how it works in different places, like stores and restaurants.

Revel Systems POS stands out and offers unique benefits compared to other options like Square and Clover. Such advantages include, but are not limited to, comprehensive KDS and CDS, which enable a more efficient ordering and serving process and increased customer satisfaction. 

Ultimately, your wants and goals will determine whether or not this POS system is the right fit for your business. We recommend reading further into the current and previous customer reviews to better understand the company. If you’re still unsure if Revel is the right POS system for you, read our reviews of other POS systems, engaging blog posts, and thorough comparisons.

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