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VensureHR PEO Review: The One Solution You Need

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VensureHR PEO Review: The One Solution You Need

October 24, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of business operations, the need for efficient and comprehensive HR, payroll, and compliance services has become increasingly vital. VensureHR, a leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO), has stepped up to offer a one-stop solution for companies of all sizes and industries. In this review, we'll look in-depth at what Vensure brings to the table and whether your business could benefit from their services.


Cutting-edge technology
Demo/Trial available
Serves businesses of all sizes


Not IRS certified
Not ESAC accredited

Quick Stats

Business Size
Large, medium, and small businesses.
Customer Experience
Not Available
Expert HR Guidance
BBB Rating
Trustpilot Score
NAPEO Member
ESAC Accreditation
Not Available

At a Glance

Established in 2004, VensureHR is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. The company is driven by their dedication to supporting entrepreneurs in building successful companies by providing innovative solutions and competitive services. VensureHR provides comprehensive, end-to-end solutions encompassing payroll, HR administration, employee benefits, risk management, and workers' compensation services to solidify their position in the industry.

The company aims to empower business owners by efficiently managing HR functions, enabling them to concentrate on growth and profitability initiatives. Notably, VensureHR has garnered recognition for their achievements, including multiple Stevie Awards for Company of the Year and distinctions as one of the fastest-growing companies in their sector.


Vensure is a well-established PEO company with a strong presence in various industries, including professional and business services, healthcare, manufacturing, legal services, non-profit, financial services, IT services, real estate, and more. They cater to businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to mid-sized enterprises and small companies.

Services & Offerings

VensureHR offers a comprehensive range of services to businesses of all sizes and industries. Here are some of the PEO services that they provide:

HR management: Vensure takes on the full spectrum of human resource management. Their dedicated HR team is responsible for many aspects, from hiring to firing, employee relations, and HR compliance. What sets them apart is their ability to customize these services to meet each client's unique needs. They act as an extension of the client's internal team, ensuring a seamless partnership that addresses specific HR requirements.

Payroll administration: Vensure excels in managing payroll processes efficiently. This includes handling tax filings, issuing paychecks, and direct deposit services, which can significantly burden businesses. By entrusting payroll administration to VensureHR, companies can streamline their financial operations and reduce administrative complexities.

Compliance assistance: Staying compliant with the ever-evolving landscape of labor laws and regulations is crucial for businesses. Vensure provides comprehensive support in this regard, helping clients navigate the complexities of compliance. This expert guidance ensures that companies can adhere to legal requirements.

Employee benefits: The company offers various employee benefits, such as medical plans, 401k programs, disability coverage, life insurance, and more. This extensive range simplifies benefits management for businesses and alleviates the decision-making process for employees. Customizing benefit offerings based on individual employee lifestyles enhances the ability to attract and retain top talent. VensureHR also offers a Marketplace of voluntary benefits, providing additional options for businesses to offer their employees.

Risk management: Vensure takes a proactive approach to risk management. They provide workers' compensation services and assist businesses in staying compliant with regulations and safety standards. Actively managing risk helps companies create safer work environments while reducing potential liabilities.

Recruiting: Vensure offers recruiting services to help businesses identify and hire the right talent. Their expertise in the recruitment process ensures that businesses can find and onboard the best-fit employees efficiently.

Technology: Vensure uses industry-leading technology to provide comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for payroll, HR administration, employee benefits, risk management, and workers' compensation services. Their HR management software, “Vfficient,” allows businesses to seamlessly manage all employee matters within a secure, cloud-based system. They also offer “Vfficient" Mobile, an app that empowers employees to access vital information, including digital paystubs, PTO status, time clock, benefits, and wage details, on-demand.

How does the company work?

Vensure takes the burden of HR, payroll, and compliance off your plate. Their process starts with an initial phone call to assess your business's specific needs. Throughout the interview process, they piece together your requirements and then tailor their services accordingly. This partnership is characterized by a collaborative approach, with Vensure acting as an extension of your internal team.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of Vensure services varies depending on your specific needs, the number of employees, and the selected service plan. Detailed pricing information is available upon consultation with their team.

Advantages & Pros

VensureHR offers many notable advantages businesses can use to streamline operations and enhance effectiveness.

Serves businesses of all sizes 

Vensure's versatility in accommodating companies of varying sizes is a significant advantage, with resources to serve large corporations, mid-sized enterprises, and small businesses. This scalability allows businesses to benefit from Vensure's expertise in HR, payroll, and compliance, regardless of scale. Whether you have a workforce of hundreds or just a handful of employees, VensureHR can tailor their services to your specific needs, making it a valuable partner for a wide range of businesses.

Nationwide coverage

Vensure offers nationwide coverage, a significant advantage for businesses with multiple locations or those operating in different states. You can rely on consistent service and expertise, regardless of where your business operates. It simplifies HR and compliance management for companies with a widespread geographical footprint.

Cutting-edge technology

Vensure is committed to using cutting-edge technology to enhance their services. This commitment translates to more efficient and streamlined client HR and payroll processes. Incorporating modern technology can result in cost savings, employee data protection, improved accuracy, and increased overall productivity.

Demo/Trial available

VensureHR offers the option of a demo or trial, which allows potential clients to experience their services firsthand before committing. Such experience can help businesses evaluate whether the company's offerings align with their needs, expectations, and business growth plans, ensuring a well-informed decision-making process.

Drawbacks & Cons

When evaluating Vensure employer solutions, it's crucial to consider the potential drawbacks that may arise in their collaboration with this organization.

Not ESAC accredited

ESAC (Employer Services Assurance Corporation) accreditation is a mark of trust and reliability in the PEO industry. The absence of ESAC accreditation is a major drawback, as it raises concerns about the level of financial and operational security that VensureHR provides to their clients. Potential clients might hesitate to engage with a PEO that lacks this certification.

Not IRS certified

IRS (Internal Revenue Service) certification is another crucial industry standard that ensures a PEO's compliance with tax-related regulations. The fact that Vensure is not IRS-certified could be a disadvantage for companies seeking comprehensive tax compliance services. This might prompt potential clients to consider other PEOs with this certification, especially if tax compliance is a significant concern.

Choosing a company without ESAC or IRS certification can be risky. Therefore, conducting in-depth research and considering companies with these accreditations is essential for a safer choice.

May be pricey

The cost of Vensure's services can be a potential drawback. While they offer tailored solutions to meet clients' specific needs, this level of customization may come at a higher price point than standardized PEO packages. This potential pricing concern could motivate smaller businesses or startups with tight budgets to explore more cost-effective alternatives.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Them?

VensureHR offers various HR services to businesses of all sizes and industries, including payroll, benefits enrollment, compliance, and recruiting. Their services can significantly benefit your business in worksite management, career development, and claims service, making it crucial to consider their overall value. Here are some ways your business can benefit from Vensure:

Employee benefits: The company offers a wide variety of employee benefits, including medical, 401k, disability, life insurance, and more. By partnering with Vensure, your business can simplify benefits management, alleviating decision-making stress for everyone involved. Additionally, it can support your employees, helping them understand and utilize the benefit offerings effectively. Expanding benefit choices to offerings that fit the needs of each employee's lifestyle can enhance your ability to attract and retain great employees.

Expertise: Vensure covers a broad spectrum of HR functions, from hiring to firing, employee relations, and HR compliance. This level of expertise ensures that your HR operations run smoothly, reducing the administrative burden on your business. Additionally, they assign payroll specialists to efficiently manage payroll processes, including tax filings and direct deposit services, relieving your business of the complexities associated with payroll management.

Marketplace: VensureHR's Marketplace is a comprehensive suite of voluntary benefits ready for you to explore. It includes a wide range of offerings, from employee assistance programs and traditional benefits to innovative options like car rental discounts and pet insurance. This marketplace constantly evolves, adding new benefits your business can offer employees and enhancing your value proposition.

Technology: VensureHR leverages industry-leading technology to offer complete, end-to-end solutions for payroll, HR administration, employee benefits, risk management, and workers' compensation services. Their comprehensive HR management software, “Vfficient,” allows businesses to efficiently track and manage all stages of the employee lifecycle in one secure, cloud-based system. Furthermore, they offer a mobile app called “Vfficient” Mobile. It empowers employees to access payroll and HR data such as digital paystubs, PTO status, time clock, benefits, and wage information on-demand, enhancing the overall employee experience.

Client Feedback

Customer feedback regarding VensureHR has different overall reviews across different platforms. Notably, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) mainly features negative reviews, while G2 offers a more positive perspective.

On the BBB, VensureHR gets a rating of 1/5 and an F grade. Many reviews echo similar complaints, with many clients expressing frustration with employee incompetence and poor problem-solving skills. One dissatisfied customer reported that VensureHR replaced their payroll employee with someone who struggled to provide satisfactory payroll services or responses to inquiries.

In contrast, G2 paints a different picture, granting VensureHR an overall 4-star rating. Positive G2 reviews compliment the dedicated support team for their comprehensive assistance. Many customers expressed appreciation for the smooth initial onboarding experience and the personalized care provided by VensureHR. While G2 has some negative reviews, they are less severe, mainly focusing on occasional challenges with system navigation and incidents involving accidental double charges and misspelling the company name on multiple occasions.

It's crucial to remember that while VensureHR received some negative feedback, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad company. While customer insights are a valuable information resource, it is essential to acknowledge that people are more inclined to leave negative reviews than positive ones. It's important to conduct thorough research to determine whether VensureHR aligns with your business needs and expectations.

Customer Support

Getting in touch with VensureHR is simple. You can contact sales at (800) 941 8731 or the customer service team at (800) 409 8958 or you can simply email them. If you want to start exploring solutions immediately, you can use the contact form on their website. Additionally, you can use their live chat feature for immediate assistance during working hours. Plus, you can keep up with the latest news and share your thoughts by following VensureHR on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Final Words

VensureHR is a versatile, technology-driven solution for HR, payroll, and compliance needs. With a comprehensive range of services and a strong emphasis on customization, VensureHR can benefit businesses of various sizes and industries. However, potential clients should consider their specific requirements and budget constraints and explore feedback and certifications relevant to their needs before making a partnership decision.

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