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Exclusive Review: Wagepoint Ceases Operations in the USA

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Exclusive Review: Wagepoint Ceases Operations in the USA
Does Wagepoint still work in the USA?

Updated: May 29, 2024

Disclaimer: As mentioned by the company, Wagepoint discontinued their US operations in 2015 and only operates in Canada now. The review you are about to read concerns the company's previous offerings, services, and reputation in the USA.

Wagepoint is more than a traditional payroll provider; they combine time and attendance tools and integrations with their features to provide a solid online platform for managing your business and organizing your employees’ data.


Time tracking application
Automated payroll runs
Tax filing and end-of-year reporting


Not suitable for large businesses
Price not transparent
No HR solutions offered


Quick Stats

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Company Overview

Wagepoint is a fintech company that has been providing payroll services for their customers for over 16 years for small businesses and accountants. They have earned an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In addition, customer reviews have praised their customer support team for their availability and usefulness in helping with inquiries and problems.

Wagepoint offers more than online payroll processing; they organize your company’s data for easy access and retrieval, such as employee paystubs, deductions, or any other record. They will also automate your tax filing, including W-2s, 1099s, and end-of-year reporting.

Wagepoint secures their data using industry—and bank-grade encryption levels, and they provide two-factor authentication for payroll administrators for extra account security.

Wagepoint Payroll Features

Wagepoint provides automated salary calculation and payroll processing through their online portal. It's very easy to use and has built-in tips and guides. In addition, you get access to world-class support.

You can schedule your payroll runs according to the time that suits you, either monthly, biweekly, or weekly, and they will provide you with detailed reports on each payroll run, in addition to the new employees and quarterly wage reports. You can also customize incomes and deductions for benefit plans such as worker’s compensation or 401 (k) and health insurance.

Wagepoint allows you to sort your employees into ‘paygroups’ and schedule different payroll runs for each without manually processing runs for each kind of employee; this provider will do it all for you.

Track features

Wagepoint offers their own time tracking and attendance tool, Track, where you can seamlessly measure your employees’ working hours and sync them with their payroll processing. The Track is exclusively available for their users, and as soon as you start using it, it will automatically import your employee data. You only have to choose an overtime rule, your timecards or timesheets, and which employees will be using Track.

Your employees can use their laptops, tablets, or smartphones to clock in and out. When the timesheets are available for review, managers will be notified for approval. Then, after working hours have been approved, you can import them for payroll with a single click.

Luna features

Similar to Track, Luna is also exclusive to Wagepoint customers. It's a PTO application designed to simplify paid time off management. It allows you to create and customize paid time off plans and easily monitor leave hours accurately.

With Luna, your employees can easily request time off, vacations, sick days, and personal days straight from their accounts. Managers will be notified instantly when a request is made, and they can approve or deny it at their own leisure. In addition, no extra data entry is required when you set up Luna, as it will automatically sync your employee data, so you only have to choose or create their PTO plans.


Wagepoint allowed for third-party integrations of the best accounting, attendance, paid time off, and hour-importing software, like Intuit QuickBooks, Xero, 7Shifts, and many more. Each third-party integration may have their own subscription and pricing you might need to sign up for.

Wagepoint Plans & Prices

Wagepoint isn't very transparent with their pricing for their payroll management software; they offer a calculator on their website where you can input your number of employees and payroll frequency, and it will provide you with your price.
For example, if your company has 50 employees that you pay every month, your cost per payroll will be $120.
However, they provide clear pricing for their Track and Luna applications. For 1-6 users, you get a flat fee of $20 per month; for more than seven users, you're charged $3 per month per active user.

Customer Service

You can reach the customer support team in several ways, such as by email, phone, or through their online messaging form. For general inquiries, you can reach them at or call 1-877-757-2272. To contact sales, email them at, for Customer support, email; and for marketing and media, email them at

Are They the Right Provider for You?

Wagepoint is a solid standalone online payroll processing provider that offers automated pay calculations and tax filing. You also get exclusive time tracking and paid time off management applications that seamlessly sync with Wagepoint’s software, so you're readily equipped with all the tools you need to manage your business and employees.

Since this payroll provider no longer operates in the USA, you can find more US-operating providers on our website. Visit our website to learn more about different providers, like ADP Payroll. If you already have a payroll software company you're considering, compare them to other providers using our comparison tool. You can also learn more about payroll software and solutions by reading more from our blog posts. Whether you are a small business owner or manage a business on a larger scale, payroll software can always benefit you and your HR department.

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