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Sage Payroll: Review, Features, and Products

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Sage Payroll: Review, Features, and Products

Sage is a comprehensive cloud-based payroll solutions software that comes with great additional tools and services that provide businesses with all they need to grow and thrive. Its Human Resource Management System provides you with a complete set of tools that will help you conquer your challenges and grow your business. Continue reading our full Sage review to know everything it has to offer and ultimately know if it is the right payroll software for your business.


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Sage has been providing business solutions to companies for over 16 years and has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. More than 11,000 companies around the world put their trust in Sage. Customer reviews have praised its easy setup, in addition to its seamless synchronizing to third-party integrations and its other products and solutions.

Sage promises flawless payroll processing that will help reduce your compliance risks and boost your business’s productivity. Sage provides you with Sage University to help you master the best techniques to put its software to use, in addition to a vast knowledge base with a variety of support articles and product documentation.

Sage HRMS Features


Sage allows you to automate your payroll runs, calculations, deductions, and tax filing. In addition, you can automate your payroll timecards and streamline the process of validating and importing data from any time tracking source with its easy-to-use interface.

You can pay your employees through a variety of ways, such as checks, direct deposits, or pay cards.

Time and Attendance

Sage’s time tracking and attendance software will help improve your payroll’s accuracy, save you money, and make your business more efficient. It gives you control over your attendance and labor data, and it eliminates the burden of manual processes.

The software also tracks the number of sick, vacation, and paid time off days each employee takes per year, and it logs and analyzes employee work hours mechanically.

Paperless HR

Sage offers a great variety of HR tools that will help you reduce your HR calls, eliminate paper paychecks, and manage open enrollment and life events. Moreover, you can automate your paper-based processes and empower your employees to access their own personnel records.

Your duplicate data entry processes will also be alleviated. Every HR-related service is streamlined as you can also create digital forms and complete them, in addition to easily collecting withholding certificates during onboarding.

Benefits Management

Sage offers you its benefits enrollment software, where you are provided with an easy step-by-step wizard guide to walk you through its software and your employees through open enrollment. In addition, with My Workforce, you can track and analyze your company’s information so you can make smarter decisions regarding healthcare and ACA requirements.

HR services will help your team automate benefits carrier connectivity and cut the costs and complexity of benefits administration. In addition, Sage supports most insurance carriers and provides simple and flexible communication between your employees and their benefits carriers on your behalf.


Sage’s automated HR recruiting software allows you to automate many parts of the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes. With its technology, you can reduce employee turnover, maximize your company’s return on employee investment, collaborate with recruiters and hiring managers to recruit applications, onboard new hires, and build a strategic workforce, and lastly, keep your employees productive and satisfied while saving your company from the costs associated with employee turnover.

Talent Management

With talent management tools, you will be able to fill open positions efficiently and keep track of training-based requirements and skills for employees. In addition, you can match up people and positions and manage successions, plus, you can help employees understand and align with organizational strategy, structure, and goals.

Talent management will also help your employees stay engaged with their work and colleagues. Moreover, talent management solutions include planning and tracking employee training and development.


Sage’s reporting tools allow you to create custom reports where you can assess your workforce performance instantly. Moreover, it provides you with instant access to workforce information in easy-to-understand formats such as visual charts and graphs.

Furthermore, you can provide on-demand workforce data to executives, managers, leaders, or otherwise and act on insights using powerful analytics technology that will deliver you accurate and timely information about your employees.


Technology provided by Sage will help your business stay compliant and avoid any costly risks. Overall, it can ensure your company complies with government agencies’ reporting requirements. Moreover, it can reduce your exposure to risks and help you avoid costly fines, as you stay informed about employment laws, reporting rules, and developing workforce compliance issues that may influence your business.

Sage Plans and Prices

Sage does not advertise any prices for its payroll and HCM software, so you will need to contact their team to get your quote and a package that suits your business most. Online reviews have reported different plans for Sage’s software, but since no clear plans are shown on their website, we will refrain from summarizing any plans from online reviews.

Customer Support

You can reach Sage’s support team by phone at (866) 271-6050 for HRMS products. We recommend you reach out to their team to get your quote and be informed about their other products and services.

A dedicated help center is also available on their website to guide you through their products and help you find answers to any problem or inquiry you may have.

Final Thoughts

Sage is a great business solution provider that offers a variety of products and software to help businesses manage their workforce, payroll, accounting, and HR. In addition, Sage offers its solutions by business size and industry, so you only pay for the solutions your business needs.

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