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OurTime Full Review: Now Is Your Time

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OurTime Full Review: Now Is Your Time

Whoever said age is just a number is absolutely right, and you'll be convinced by checking OurTime's list of individuals seeking a significant other even in their late-adulthood stage of life.

OurTime provides free plans for users to enjoy their time and find someone to be with. Although using the free plan comes with a few restrictions, OurTime is one of the online dating services with the least limited features when used for free.


Video Dating Available
Desktop and Mobile App
Supports same-sex relationships


Mobile app not available in the free plan
Not all users are seeking a serious relationship

Quick Stats

Device Compatibility
Free Registration
Yes, but only on desktop devices
Match Guarantee
Not Available
Messaging Restriction
Starting Price
Supports Same-Sex Relations
Not Available
Supports Video Calls
Not Available

OurTime is an online dating service targeting the demographic above 50 years of age looking for a significant other. Many of the users are either divorced or widowed and are looking for someone they can be happy with. Nevertheless, users can find individuals who are above 18 years of age, who are interested in older adults.

Is OurTime the online dating service for you? Keep reading to find out...


User Experience

The ultimate goal of online dating services is to match users and provide them the tools required in the most simple manner possible. If it is too complicated, it might drive people away. On the other hand, it might not be up to the task if it is too simple. Finding that perfect balance is of the essence.

In this section, we check OurTime regarding:

1. Ease of use and signup process

The sign-up process for OurTime is fast, short, and easy. It is made to be extremely friendly towards the less tech-savvy, without long personality quizzes that take a lot of time to finish.

Instead, OurTime combines data received from a short quiz to understand your preferences combined with behavioral analysis to ensure they find you the match you want.

As you keep using OurTime more and more, the system starts analyzing the traits you find more attractive and starts adjusting your matches accordingly. In other words, the more you use OurTime, the better the results will be as you move on.

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2. Filters and customizability

The filtering section is rather detailed in OurTime. By using the search functionality, users can filter who they view. The filtering criteria include:

  • Search criteria: It allows users to filter search results by age, photo availability, online status, distance, and location.
  • Looks: It allows users to set a height range, weight range, choose an attractive feature, body type, hair color, and eye color.
  • Personal life: It allows users to filter their search results according to the type of relationship they seek, marital status, living conditions, kids, and smoking preferences.
  • Work-life: It allows users to filter their search results based on education level and income.
  • Background: It allows users to filter search results based on ethnicity, nationality, and spoken languages.
  • Values: It allows users to filter their search results based on their views on marriage and religion.  [Read about Best Christian Dating Services], [Jewish Dating Services].

3. Making contact

Making contact with OurTime is rather simple compared to other online dating services, especially for free users, as the number of restrictions is comparatively less.

Members that sign up for free can attempt to message other users, but the messages will be kept as drafts until you upgrade to a premium membership. Video dating, in general, is restricted if you've never had a chat with the other party.

This video chat restriction prevents spam video calls and only allows individuals you've had conversations with to contact you.

A lovely feature is the multiple events you can sign up to and get to a group meeting which helps you understand the personality of the other users while interacting with a group and having fun activities online.

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OurTime Features

Different online dating services provide users with different features that make them stand out compared to one another. In this section, we will check OurTime in regards to:

1. Free vs. premium

Using the free version vs. the premium version of OurTime can make a big difference. For one, it shows many users that you are an authentic user serious in seeking a relationship rather than a fake time-wasting bot. [Read more about Free Online Dating vs. Paid Online Dating]

In addition, it unlocks many extra features you can use, not only to find your significant other but also to learn more about yourself and how others are compatible with you.

Features unlocked by upgrading to the premium plan on OurTime include

Type Free Premium
Access to OurTime's Database Included Included
Matches Five/day Unlimited
Video dating Restricted Restricted (until messaging the other party)
Messaging Restricted Unlimited
Photo Viewing Unlimited Photo Viewing Unlimited Photo Viewing
Highlighted Profile N/A Included
Highlighted Messages N/A Included
Message Read Confirmation N/A Included


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2. Same-sex relationship support

OurTime supports same-sex relationships for users seeking their significant other.

3. Device compatibility

Providing a service on different devices is becoming important, as different users have different preferences for how they approach online dating. Therefore, having the possibility to pick and choose as you like is important.

OurTime provides its online dating services on the following platforms:

  • Desktop: Available using a website designed for desktop and laptop devices
  • Mobile: Available for users on Google Play Store and available for users on Apple Store


Pricing and Payment

The best services must offer the most versatile plans, methods of payment, and guarantees of services. Accordingly, we check how OurTime fares in these sections:

1. Pricing

When it comes to online dating services, many companies and users prefer to avoid fake spam accounts, and rather only serious users are involved. [Safe Dating Tips: Beware The Following!]

That is why more often than not, you'll find the dating services on the higher price spectrum often have a higher success rate because no one is willing to pay cash if they aren't serious.

Premium plans by OurTime include:

Type 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
Price $39.99/month $24.99/month $19.99/month


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2. Payment methods

OurTime provides multiple different payment methods for users to pay their premium subscriptions.

Payment methods provided by OurTime include:

  • Major credit cards
  • PayPal

3. Match guarantee

OurTime doesn't provide a matching guarantee service for users.

Final Verdict

Do we recommend OurTime? If you're above 50 or are interested in older adults, then yes, this can be a good application for you to enjoy your time online and find a potential significant other with whom you can spend your time.

Although the profiling isn't as robust as other services such as SilverSingles, which has a 100+ questions quiz to analyze your profile and match you with like-minded individuals, OurTime is more spontaneous, which appeals to many.

More importantly, it's one of the services that doesn't limit features as much as other competitors. However, getting a premium membership will unlock some extra features and will show that you're a serious user rather than a bot.

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