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Christian Cafe

Christian Cafe Review: Meet Your Christian Partner!

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Christian Cafe Review: Meet Your Christian Partner!

Do you think finding your life partner is hard and exhausting? Many people choose to give up, and others believe no one can be a good match, but Christian Cafe says it's possible. Actually, it did prove itself to be a good choice to find a loving Christian partner.

Christian Cafe is the home of 2 million serious relationship seekers and has already been the magical formula behind 25,000 marriages. So Christian Cafe is a good start if you haven't met the right match yet.

You don't even have to worry much about your marital status, location, or age because if you're single, married, or widower, living inside or outside the US, young or old, Christian Cafe can narrow down the possibilities for you.


Affordable prices for longer subscriptions
Free trial for 10 days that include almost all premium features
Signing up easily and within 10-15 minutes
Searching tools that puts you closer to what you're looking for


Can't exchange contact information when using the free trial
The monthly subscription price is slightly higher than other dating applications

Quick Stats

Device Compatibility
Free Registration
Yes, but with limited features
Match Guarantee
Not Available
Messaging Restriction
No restrictions
Starting Price
$8.33 per month
Supports Same-Sex Relations
Not Available
Supports Video Calls
Not Available

Christian Cafe knows exactly how to bring you the perfect match based on your search criteria, such as age, location, church denomination, and level of Christian faith. You can also join the group forum, where you can find your potential partner.

Is Christian Cafe a good place to start with? Keep reading to find out.


User Experience

Considering that Christian Cafe brings people together from different nationalities, countries, and ages, it should have a smooth and easy way to help you find the right person. However, having complicated steps and hard-to-follow instructions might be challenging, especially for older subscribers or people who lack technical knowledge.

Let's talk about Christian Cafe's ease of use and if it is the right option for the majority of people.


1. Ease of use and sign-up process


You'll need to do a few steps to create your account, starting with the email address and username, then gender and preferences. Christian Cafe suggests you the potential partners, according to your choices when filling in the general information and preferences.

As we said before, the suggested people are filtered upon your choices regarding general information, such as children, appearance, schooling, employment, lifestyle, and faith.

Faith is not a casual section that comes with every dating application. However, we have already made it clear about Christian Cafe's community and that it is tailored to Christians only. Faith-relevant options include the degree of Christian faith, denomination, and church involvement.

Once you finish creating your account, there will be some questions to assess your personality and expectations. This part can take about 10-15 minutes to answer, but it helps define your needs and narrow down the possibilities.

The questions included are tailored to find out more about you and your personality. Answering them will give an idea about the type of relationship you aim for, your personality traits, Christian faith, preferred settings for the first date, favorite activities, and personal goals in life.

Providing all of this information about you should be helpful to find your perfect match and put you closer to your future partner.


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2. Filters and customizability

Having a dating application that is Christians centered makes it more possible to find your perfect match since all the community and individuals using the application are Christians.

Still, there are many other aspects to consider when looking for a partner, including age, appearance, job, and degree of faith.

Christian Cafe makes sure to bring you the most suitable matches, depending on your choices. Some of the filters include general information like marital status and race, children and their number, if there are any, education, and occupation.

Appearance and personality are two more important aspects: personality type, type of relationship, height, eye color, hair color, and body type.

Faith is also a central issue to consider, including faith degree, denomination, and church involvement. Again, your choices in these aspects should save you time and effort.


3. Making contact

Exchanging contact information is what Christian Cafe premium members can do to contact each other. Unfortunately, these options aren't available for users within the free trial; any sharing for the phone number or email is automatically hidden by its admins.

Users can exchange messages only within the free trial, and once you want to share contact information, you'll need to upgrade to the premium subscriptions.

You can also contact other members using one of the following tools:

  • Quick Match: Depending on your geographical location, faith, type of relationship, and age, Christian Cafe automatically finds the most suitable matches for you.
  • Who's Online: This tool helps you find online members when you log in and contact them at the same time to ensure that they're going to be available.
  • New Members: Using this tool, you can contact new members who have joined the application recently.
  • Forums: It's one of the most social and enjoyable ways of contacting others, where you can find many singles with whom you can share ideas and discuss multiple topics.
  • Birthdays: Wish other members a wonderful year and get along with them.
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4. Customer support

Christian Cafe supports its customers via email only, besides the social media platforms on Twitter and Facebook. Unlike many other dating services, Christian Cafe doesn't provide live chat or phone support.


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Christian Cafe Features

What else can Christian Cafe offer? Well, in terms of subscription, it doesn't offer a free version to use, but users can test the service for 10 days before subscribing to premium.

The application is also compatible with the majority of operating services. Let's find out in detail.


1. Free trial vs. premium

It'll take you about 10 to 15 minutes to create your profile and answer all questions, and then you'll be ready to contact other members for free due to Christian Cafe's 10 days trial. As we mentioned before, the free trial limits how you can contact others. When you sign in to the free trial, you'll receive a notification every time someone sends you a message. [Free Online Dating vs. Paid Online Dating]


Christian Cafe has only one plan and different durations, with having some limitations on the free trial:

  Free trial Premium membership
Exchanging phone numbers or emails N/A Available
Read and post on Christian forums Available Available
Send winks Available Available
Unlimited number of messages Available Available
Receive notifications Available Available
Audio and video date N/A Available

Overall, all premium features are included and available within the 10-day trial, except the ability to exchange contact information like email and phone numbers and using audio and video dating.


2. Same-sex relationship support

Christian Cafe is also a great help for members looking for a same-sex relationship, and it allows for choosing the gender you're looking for. So, if you're a man looking for a male partner, or a woman looking for a female partner, Christian Cafe is a community for all Christians with different life choices.


3. Device compatibility

Being compatible with different devices makes the application available for a wider selection of people. Can Christian Cafe reach the majority of people with different preferences in terms of devices? Let's find out.

Christian Cafe provides its online dating services on the following platforms:

  • Christian Cafe website
  • Available on Google Play Store
  • Available on Apple Store


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Price and Payment Methods

1. Pricing

  1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Price per month $34.79
(Save $10)
(Save $20)
(Save $30)
(Save $50)
Total price per subscription $34.79 $49.95 $79.95 $99.95


2. Payment methods

Christian Cafe accepts many payment options, including:

  • The majority of credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Checks


3. Match guarantee

Christian Cafe doesn't provide a match guarantee policy, which means you won't get extra free months if you couldn't find your perfect match within the subscription duration.


Final Verdict

Do we recommend using Christian Cafe? Yes, with some points to alert you, Christian Cafe isn't for everyone; it's tailored for Christians who want to meet other Christians.

Also, it might not be the best dating application regarding the number of suggestions compared to other services that allow you to choose from a wider range of possibilities.

However, Christian Cafe helps new attendees to shape their profiles better and let people know much about them more easily by filling in their preferences and answering a few questions about their personality, mindset, and life.

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