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Jewish Dating Services: Find Your Other Half

Jewish Dating Services: Find Your Other HalfJewish Dating Services: Find Your Other Half


Finding your significant other is by no means an easy task, make the wrong choice and you'll waste the valuable time of your life with someone you're not meant to be with. But when considering who might be the best match for you an issue that pops up is the compatibility whether it's from a religious, cultural, or behavioral point of view, it is undeniably one of the most predicting factors to the feature of a relationship. In this article, we will show you the best Jewish dating services, that can help you find your perfect match.

Are Jewish Dating Services Worth the Money?

While you can find many free dating services, many of them will be filled with bots and fake posers, after all, free dating services cost nothing at all.

On the other hand, the premium online dating services will have people dedicated to finding their significant other, after all, no one is gonna pay money just to get banned for using a bot or just to pull pranks when they can do so on free services.

In addition, free online dating services will often have mindless matching and often won't be based on well-studied algorithms, hence the result will be sub-optimal, and you might end up spending time and resources pursuing a relationship that might not be the best for you.


Top Recommended Jewish Dating Services

Finally, we reach the list of our top picks for a Jewish dating service, we've based our results on the community, methods of matching, success rate, and the availability of the app on both desktop and mobile.

Keep in mind that some of our results might not be a Jewish-only dating service. However, results-wise they were the best, combined with a filtering option to selectively seek others with your preferences whether that's religiously or ethnically.

Our list of the top Jewish dating services includes:

1. eHarmoney

To top our list of the top Jewish dating services is non-other than the match-making giant eHarmony. eHarmony has a giant community of users ranging from all ethnic groups and religions, one of which is the Jewish community.

eHarmony provides more than just a database; a simple registration requires users to undergo a long 80-question quiz that takes somewhere around 15-20 minutes to finish. You might think that 80 questions is too much, however this is the shorter version of the previously 300-question quiz. But the real question is, is it really effective?

In short, yes. eHarmony's compatibility quiz has the statistics to back up the claims, with 69% of male users finding a long-lasting relationship and 71% of females within one year of using eHarmony.

eHarmoney allows you to filter your results and set you're partners religion and ethnicity, hence you won't have any problems finding your Jewish community of choice. Furthermore, eHarmony has a match guarantee policy, which means if you don't match despite using eHarmony constantly, they will give you extra months.

If your repferances are with same-sex relationships, don't be alarmed when you're redirected from eHarmony to Compatible Partner, they simply separate the databases according to preferences, and both websites belong to the same mother company.

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2. Jdate

Jdate is the top specialist when considering strictly Jewish dating services, although you can find some non-Jewish members when using Jdate, the majority of this online dating service's database is Jewish. This makes it a great place for you if you're trying to find your Jewish significant other.

Jdate has a community of more than 230,000 and has been in the market for more than 20 years, making it a pioneer in the area of online dating.

The sign-up process in Jdate isn't as complicated as the one at eHarmony, and this information can be migrated using a social media platform such as Facebook, which can be very convenient.

However, since Jdate doesn't have the same complicated algorithm as eHarmony that means the results it shows won't be as accurate in matching you with your significant other. Rather than using psychology-based matching Jdate uses behavioral learning in combination with the filtering options available.

As you use Jdate more and more, you find the system will automatically understand your preferences and by extension will adjust the suggestion it makes to your liking, hence providing you with a more personalized experience as time passes.

It is important to note that Jdate supports same-sex relationships, so whether you're a man seeking another man or a woman seeking another woman, J-date has got your back.

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3. is another nonspecific dating service. However, due to the large volume of members, you'll find all kinds of communities in it, combined with their filtering functionality you'll definitely find a match that will satisfy you. is one of the very first online dating services to launch back in 1995, has a total of 21,575,000 members, with men making 49% of members and women the remaining 51% thus making the demographics of the website balanced.

The signup process for is simple and doesn't require much time or effort, as it takes your basic information and trying to match you with those that match your profile and preferences the most. Furthermore, has the same concept of AI-behaviour learning which Jdate has. has a video dating feature that has proved to be extremely useful during the Covid-19 pandemic, as it helped people stay distanced while achieving romantic goals. Their application is available on both desktop and mobile. also provides a match guarantee meaning, in the event you don't match despite using their platform continuously, for a period of six months, then they will provide you with an extension for your plan for free.

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