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Brothers Find Siblings Soulmate

Denver Brothers Go All-Out to Find Sibling’s Soulmate in 30 Days

Denver Brothers Go All-Out to Find Sibling’s Soulmate in 30 DaysDenver Brothers Go All-Out to Find Sibling’s Soulmate in 30 Days
Denver brothers’ 30-day campaign to find their sibling’s soulmate. Read our article to learn all about it!

Published: July 8th, 2024.

Two Denver-based brothers are making great efforts to assist their bachelor sibling in finding his soul mate within 30 days or less in a touching and tenacious quest.

The brothers’ operation, dubbed “Find Chris Love,” commenced in mid-June and has since gained significant momentum. Their efforts include creating a dating profile for Chris on The League, launching a dedicated website, distributing flyers, and renting a billboard. Despite their elaborate endeavors, Chris remains blissfully unaware of their campaign.

A race against time

Henry and Jamie have a sense of urgency about their mission.

The brothers’ approach is multifaceted. They enlisted the help of Henry’s wife, a social media and TV production professional, to create engaging content for their TikTok account, @findchrislove. Their first post highlights Chris’s virtues and unfortunate luck in love, aiming to attract potential matches. The brothers have also set up a website,, where interested candidates can submit their information and a selfie.

A shared journey

The trio’s close-knit bond stems from their upbringing on Long Island. Despite attending different boarding schools and colleges, they have remained each other’s best friends. Henry and Jamie have lived in Denver for several years and recently persuaded Chris to join them, touting the city’s vibrant community and opportunities.

Their shared history includes a “triangular arrangement” for who will be the best man at each other’s weddings. Chris was Henry’s best man last August; Henry will serve as Jamie’s best man at his upcoming wedding, and Jamie is slated to be Chris’s best man—if and when he finds the right person.

The search for the perfect match

Chris’s profile presents him as an athletic, sociable, and charming individual who loves EDM, music festivals, and Italian cuisine—particularly chicken parmesan. Despite his appealing attributes and genuine belief in love, Chris’s romantic journey has been challenging. His brothers describe him as someone who “wears his heart on his sleeve” and sometimes falls too quickly for people who may not have his best interests at heart.

Henry and Jamie’s campaign has garnered nearly 100 responses, and they are optimistic about finding the right match for Chris. They plan to sift through the candidates and present their top picks to Chris, hoping he will be open to meeting them.

A community effort

The brothers’ initiative has attracted considerable local attention. Their creative outreach efforts, including passing out flyers and a prominently placed billboard, have turned heads and sparked conversations. Their collaboration with The League, where both brothers found their current partners, adds a layer of legitimacy and hope to their mission.

For Chris, who is described as outgoing, intelligent, and sociable, this campaign represents a chance to break free from his dating rut. The prospect of shared joy and Henry and Jamie's desire to see Chris happy serve as their driving forces. Henry envisions a future where all three brothers enjoy triple dates with their partners, celebrating the bond they share and the love they have found.

The end goal

Ultimately, the brothers hope their efforts will help Chris find someone who complements him and brings out his best qualities. “We genuinely want to see Chris with a really good partner,” Henry said. “I think that Chris is a total catch. It’s more about making sure he meets the right people.”

As the campaign progresses, the brothers remain hopeful. They believe love is often a matter of luck and timing and are determined to tip the scales in Chris’s favor. Whether through the website, flyers, TikTok, or the billboard, Henry and Jamie are committed to ensuring that Chris’s next chapter is filled with love and happiness.

Only time will tell if their efforts will lead to a romantic connection, but one thing is sure: these brothers are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to help Chris find his soulmate.

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