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eHarmony Full Review: The Matchmaking Professional

eHarmony Full Review: The Matchmaking Professional

eHarmony places compatible matchmaking at the center of their focus.

Since 2000, eHarmony has been at the forefront of matching highly compatible relationships based on psychologically analyzed personality traits that can predict the most successful and meaningful relationships.

Over the last 20 years, eHarmony has created more than 2 million successful relationships worldwide in over 125 countries.


Advanced matching algorithm
Many serious users looking for a significant other
Match guarantee
Video dating


Can be a bit pricey
Same-sex users are listed on a separate website


Quick Stats

Device Compatibility
Free Registration
Yes, but with limited features
Match Guarantee
Not Available
Messaging Restriction
Restricted on free accounts
Starting Price
Supports Same-Sex Relations
Not Available
Supports Video Calls
Not Available

eHarmony is a really well thought online dating service which instead of matching random strangers to each other, uses an 80-question personality analysis tool that has a statistically significant chance of pairing people based on their traits to each other for a long-lasting happy relationship.



Is eHarmony the online dating service for you? Keep reading to find out...

User Experience

The ultimate goal of online dating services is to match users and provide them the tools required in the most simple manner possible. If it is too complicated, it might drive people away. On the other hand, it might not be up to the task if it is too simple. Finding that perfect balance is of the essence.

In this section, we check eHarmony regarding:

1. Ease of use and sign-up process

From the get-go, the first thing you'll notice with eHarmony is the sign-up process which takes approximately 20 minutes.

You start by choosing your gender and interest. Then you will be presented with a set of 80 questions. Make sure to answer them honestly as this is not a sat exam; rather, answering honestly will present you with the person most compatible with your true traits.


The 80 questions will take you through five sections to check how you would react in certain situations, what activities you like, and your physical traits.

By the end of this test, you will be asked to post a high-resolution image of yourself and add a few extra details concerning your interests.

After you're done creating your account, eHarmony will match you with other individuals with whom you have the highest chance of a happy, compatible, and ever-lasting relationship.


You might think that 80 questions are too much, but in fact, this is the revised version of the previously 300-question quiz. But the real question is, is it really effective?

In short, yes. eHarmony's compatibility quiz has the statistics to back up the claims, with 69% of male users finding a long-lasting relationship and 71% of females within one year of using eHarmony.

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2. Filters and customizability

eHarmony provides multiple filters to customize your search result even further. Not only can you match with users with similar mindsets, but also you can narrow down the search to indicate where exactly you want your potential future, for example, or if a specific religious/political point of view is important for you and much more.

All of this adds to personalizing the experience for you and helps you find the most compatible partner in terms of personality and living conditions.

3. Making contact

After making your account, taking the quiz, and matching with similar potential significant others, you can start viewing different profiles and checking other individuals' interests, hobbies, and activities. Once you find someone you like, you can start making contact by winking or sending a message.

  • Messaging: The messaging part is often the initial type of contact you make with another person, other than sending a smile or an ice breaker. Messaging has two main types on eHarmony; this includes sending pre-written messages by eHarmony or sending custom messages.

    If you're someone who usually doesn't know how to start a conversation or has some issues with breaking the ice, you can use the premade custom messages, which are well made in a welcoming way to ask the hard-to-ask questions.
  • Video call/ video dating: Harmony provides the chance to go on an online video call date. A feature in the recent times of pandemic proved to be more than helpful at connecting you with your partner.



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eHarmony Features

Different online dating services provide users with different features that make them stand out compared to one another. In this section, we will check eHarmony in regards to:

1. Free vs. premium

Using the free version vs. the premium version of eHarmony can make a big difference. For one, it shows many users that you are an authentic user serious in seeking a relationship rather than a fake time-wasting bot.

In addition, it unlocks many extra features you can use, not only to find your significant other but also to learn more about yourself and how others are compatible with you.

Features unlocked by upgrading to the premium plan on eHarmony include:

Type Free Premium
Access to eHarmony's Database Included Included
Unlimited Matches Included Included
Access to Communication Tools Included Included
Messaging Limited Unlimited
Photo Viewing N/A Unlimited Photo Viewing
Video Date N/A Included
See Who's Viewed You N/A Included
Distance Search N/A Included
Personality Profile Basic Detailed
Dedicated Customer Service N/A Included


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2. Same-sex relationship support

Choosing a same-sex relationship at eHarmony automatically redirects you to their same-sex online dating service website named "Compatible Partners."

3. Device compatibility

Providing a service on different devices is becoming important, as different users have different preferences for how they approach online dating. Therefore, having the possibility to pick and choose as you like is essential.

eHarmony provides its online dating services on the following platforms:

  • Desktop
    • Has an available website for users
  • Mobile
    • Available on Google Play Store
    • Available on Apple Store


Pricing and Payment

The best services must offer the most versatile plans, methods of payment, and guarantees of services. Accordingly, we check how does eHarmony fares in these sections:

1. Pricing

When it comes to online dating services, many companies and users prefer to avoid fake spam accounts, and rather only serious users are involved.

That is why more often than not, you'll find the dating services on the higher price spectrum often have a higher success rate because no one is willing to pay cash if they aren't serious.

Premium plans by eHarmony include:

Type Premium Light Premium Plus Premium Extra
Price $27.95/month $17.95/month $12.95/month
Duration 6-month plan 12-month plan 24-month plan


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2. Payment methods

eHarmony provides multiple different payment methods for users to pay their premium subscriptions.

Payment methods provided by eHarmony include:

  • Major credit cards
  • PayPal

3. Match guarantee

eHarmony provides a 90-day match guarantee policy, in which if you don't get a match, you get a 90-day extension.

To be eligible for a match guarantee extension, you must:

  • Complete the 80 question quiz
  • Complete your profile and add at least 3 approved images
  • Have contact with at least 5 members
  • Subscribe to a 3-month or more plan
  • Remain compliant with eHarmonys' terms and conditions

Final Verdict

Do we recommend eHarmony? Yes, we do!

eHarmony is made for individuals seeking a serious long-term relationship. It provides a very well-thought-out process and features to allow the most compatible users to contact by matching with each other.

You shouldn't let the above-average price discourage you, as we actually think it's a pro rather than a con. Yes, that's right; in dating sites, especially the free dating apps and low-cost ones, you'll find many bots and users that aren't looking for something serious.

However, when dealing with a premium service that offers top-class features for such a price, automatic filtering at the stage of signing up is achieved, further ensuring you'll find a serious partner.

If you're looking for a serious relationship, try eHarmony, you won't regret it, and if you don't find a good relationship within 3 months, you can be eligible for a match guarantee extension.   



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