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Zoosk Full Review: Get to Learn What You Like

Zoosk Full Review: Get to Learn What You Like

Zoosk is a leading online dating service that uses algorithms to learn your preferences as you click to pair you with those you’re more likely to discover mutual attraction towards.

As a market leader in online dating services, Zoosk is available in 80+ countries, with more than 40 million, and is available in 25 languages, making Zoosk a global online dating platform.


Behavioral analysis algorithms
Easy and fast sign-up process
Same-sex relation support
Video dating service


No match guarantee
Not all users seek long relationships


Quick Stats

Device Compatibility
Free Registration
Yes, but with limited features
Match Guarantee
Not Available
Messaging Restriction
Restricted on free accounts
Starting Price
Supports Same-Sex Relations
Not Available
Supports Video Calls
Not Available

Zoosk uses behavioral matchmaking technology, which constantly learns from the actions you take while using the app, further adjusting match results to your preferences. Hence, as you use it more and more, you'll find results more tailored toward your preferences automatically based on your previous match results.



Is Zoosk the online dating service for you? Keep reading to find out...


User Experience

The ultimate goal of online dating services is to match users and provide them the tools required in the most simple manner possible. If it is too complicated, it might drive people away. On the other hand, it might not be up to the task if it is too simple. Finding that perfect balance is of the essence.

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In this section, we check Zoosk regarding:

1. Ease of use and sign-up process

Signing up to Zoosk is fairly easy and simple and barely takes 2-3 minutes. Rather than using a complex quiz to analyze your personality and preferences, Zoosk allows users to create their accounts within a couple of minutes. However, that doesn't mean they don't have methods of perfect matching.

Zoosk studies your interests to provide you a few suggestions to start with. Afterward, it starts personalizing the results more and more based on which accounts you liked and which you didn't.

This means the process starts slow and is relatively less customized. However, with further use and more data for Zoosk to study your behavior, the results will keep improving with time, helping you find those more compatible with you as time goes on.

To help Zoosk understand your preferences actively, you can use the Carousel section from the side menu and pick what you like and don't like.

2. Filters and customizability

Zoosk allows users to customize their search results to better filter their preferences in searching. The two main filters are age and distance from the current location.

As for the advanced filters, you'll be able to search for specific features, including height, religion, relationship status, children, education level, ethnicity, smoking habits, and even blood type. [Read about Best Christian Dating Services], [Jewish Dating Services].


3. Making contact

Getting in contact with members requires users to be verified by phone number. While some might find this a hassle, it is actually very useful to filter out many of the bots you might find in an online date service.

Zoosk provides a video dating service for individuals who are either in a long-distance relationship or for those who want to enjoy each other's company in times of social distancing.


We suggest reading these tips before taking your online dating further: Safe Dating Tips: Beware The Following!

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Zoosk Features

Different online dating services provide users with different features that make them stand out compared to one another. In this section, we will check Zoosk in regards to:

1. Free vs. premium

Using the free version vs. the premium version of Zoosk can make a big difference. For one, it shows many users that you are an authentic user serious in seeking a relationship rather than a fake time-wasting bot. [Read more about Free Online Dating vs. Paid Online Dating]

In addition, it unlocks many extra features you can use, not only to find your significant other but also to learn more about yourself and how others are compatible with you.

Features unlocked by upgrading to the premium plan on Zoosk include:

Type Free Premium
Access to Zoosk's Database Included Included
Unlimited Matches Included Included
Access to Communication Tools Included Included
Messaging Limited Premium messaging
Instant Crush N/A Included
Hide and Seek N/A Included
Go Invisible N/A Included

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To further elaborate on the extra features you get from the premium plan:

  • Premium messaging: This allows non subscribed members to respond to your messages which increases the amount of available pool of contact by 7 times more.
  • Instant crush: This allows users to give a status about a simple ok, which acts as a flirting tool.
  • Hide & Seek: This allows you to customize your account so that no one you're not messaging can see your account (hide). On the other hand, seek makes your device visible to all users.
  • Invisible mode: This allows you to view other accounts without getting detected.


2. Same-sex relationship support

Zoosk supports same-sex relationships in its app. So whether you're a man seeking another man or a woman seeking another woman, you'll find what you're looking for.

3. Device compatibility


Providing a service on different devices is becoming important, as different users have different preferences for how they approach online dating. Therefore, having the possibility to pick and choose as you like is important.

Zoosk provides its online dating services on the following platforms:

  • Desktop
    • Available on Zoosk website
  • Mobile
    • Available on Google Play Store
    • Available on Apple Store

Pricing and Payment

The best services must offer the most versatile plans, methods of payment, and guarantees of services. Accordingly, we check how does  fare in these sections:

1. Pricing

When it comes to online dating services, many companies and users prefer to avoid fake spam accounts, and rather only serious users are involved.

That is why more often than not, you'll find the dating services on the higher price spectrum often have a higher success rate because no one is willing to pay cash if they aren't serious.

Premium plans by Zoosk include:

Type 1-month plan 3-month plan 6-month plan 12-month plan
Monthly Price $29.95 $19.98 $12.49 $12.49
Single payment Price $29.95 $59.95 $74.95 $149.88


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2. Payment methods

Zoosk provides multiple different payment methods for users to pay their premium subscriptions.

Payment methods provided by  include:

  • Major credit cards
  • PayPal

3. Match guarantee

Zoosk doesn't provide a match guarantee service for users. 

Final Verdict

Is Zoosk any good? In general, yes, Zoosk is a good choice to find someone to spend time with.

While Zoosk doesn't provide some of the advanced features other services provide, but then again, it isn't as expensive as these other services as well.

While a small percentage of users aren't looking for serious relationships, many Zoosks users are. With somewhere between 40 and 50 million users, Zoosk has a large database of users, many of which are looking for a serious relationship with whom you can get in touch.

Zoosk also includes same-sex individuals looking to find their significant others as well.

All in all, Zoosk is a good choice that combines a good price and good features. Using Zoosk, you can find different types of individuals online to enrich your matching experience.    

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