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Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect: Extensive Fleet Tracking Modularity

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Verizon Connect: Extensive Fleet Tracking Modularity
Verizon Connect offers a variety of software solutions. Can you find one that suits your needs?

Updated: February 14th, 2024

Verizon Connect is an Information Technology company that came into being, in its current state, in 2018. They are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and provide industry-leading fleet management software and hardware solutions to companies of many types and sizes. Does their expertise and extensive benefits suit your business's tracking and monitoring needs?

In this review, we will take a closer look at what Verizon Connect may offer you as a client. We'll delve into their features and prices, and how they may relate to your workplace needs. We'll also look at what their customers have to say, and discuss the perks and disadvantages they present. Read on to discover if they fit your requirements.


Free demo available
Industry-specific solutions
A suite of mobile apps for every use case
Many integration possibilities


May require a 36-month contract
Lack of transparent pricing
Tracking refresh rate slower than competitors'

Quick Stats

Free Trial
Not Available
Mobile Application
Real-Time Tracking
Starting Price
$23.50 per vehicle per month
Vehicle Maintenance Alerts

About Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is a leading telematics provider that offers a comprehensive range of fleet management solutions. With many offices worldwide, Verizon Connect has a global presence. Verizon Connect was not founded as a single entity. Instead, it is a combination of several companies that Verizon Communications Inc. acquired over time: Fleetmatics, Telogis, and Networkfleet. In 2018, Verizon merged these three companies and integrated them under the "Verizon Connect" brand. The merger allowed Verizon Connect to provide a service plan that could cater to the diverse needs of any business, making them suitable for companies of various sizes. They cater to many industries, including distribution and delivery, farming, logistics and transportation, utilities, construction and heavy equipment, government and public safety, as well as oil, gas, and mining.

Verizon Connect provides a variety of features, including fleet and asset tracking with GPS, field service management, compliance assistance, and hardwired, plug-and-play hardware and dashcams. They offer comprehensive and reliable fleet management solutions that you can trust will work for your company regardless of the number of vehicles you have. They have various plans and packages tailored to different fleet sizes and needs, including enterprise-level services for larger companies with additional features and more robust tools to serve their needs. Their fleet management software can be accessed online using desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, their solutions guarantee a significant reduction in fuel use of up to 13%, ensuring you stay compliant with associated regulations, increased productivity, and safer driving.

Verizon Connect takes data security seriously, although they do not explicitly state whether they comply with SOC 2 Type II or PCI-DSS Level 1 requirements, for instance. Through their website content, however, they stress safeguarding fleets against cyber threats, implementing cybersecurity training, and having a robust incident response plan to protect against cyber threats. They also emphasize the advantages of using a fleet management SaaS Solution, such as cost-effectiveness, convenience, and improved data security.

They have a fantastic reputation among their peers and have earned numerous awards. In 2022, ABI Research ranked them as the top innovator among such providers. Verizon Connect has also received several awards, including the M2M Vehicle Telematics Solution of the Year at the IoT Breakthrough Awards, as well as being recognized as a top software and technology provider by Food Logistics in 2021. However, they are not currently accredited by the BBB.

Verizon Connect's Key Features

Verizon Connect offers a comprehensive suite of fleet management solutions for businesses of all sizes. These services can be broadly categorized as:

  • GPS fleet tracking: Their fleet tracking software offers real-time and historical tracking of vehicles, route optimization, fuel monitoring, and geofencing. They can provide you with a 360-degree view of your fleet's daily operations, provide accurate ETAs, monitor vehicle diagnostics and maintenance needs, keep tabs on your mobile workforce and equipment, and reduce unauthorized out-of-area use via geofencing
  • Driver management: They help you track and promote safe driving with driver monitoring, wherein you can use GPS vehicle trackers to monitor driver behavior and view video clips of harsh driving events to coach on safe driving practices. This unbiased footage can help mitigate risk and liability. You can even have your drivers compete on a company leaderboard based on safe, efficient, and productive driving
  • Asset tracking: This refers to the tracking of non-vehicle assets like trailers, tools, and equipment. They provide asset tracking hardware that they boast offers long battery life, easy installation, flexible configuration, and weatherproofing. With their GPS asset tracking, you can locate and access your equipment easily. Their software helps you track engine hours, schedule maintenance and part replacement, and protect against unauthorized use. You can also program geofence alerts to create a virtual perimeter around your assets and receive alerts in case of movement or theft
  • Mobile apps: They have multiple mobile apps for software capabilities on the go, catering to different organizational needs. The apps include those for fleet management, fleet tracking, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR), and field service. They also have a Comprehensive Fleet for large organizations and Reveal for SMBs. They offer features such as real-time GPS tracking, job scheduling, and driver behavior alerts. All the apps are available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store
  • Data analytics & reporting: Their global database of vehicle and driving behavior can provide you with the information you need related to logistics, supply chain, traffic management, predictive traffic, insurance, emissions, urban planning, and other areas. With billions of new data points collected monthly, they boast that their Big Data services offer unparalleled size, accuracy, and timeliness. Telematics data can be used for current and historic traffic services, driver risk modeling, emissions reporting/management, supply chain and logistics tracking, vehicle performance research, macroeconomic trends, and more
  • Maintenance management: Their scheduling and tracking tools include features for preventive maintenance, vehicle health monitoring, and parts inventory management
  • Compliance assurance: They provide innovative solutions to help trucking fleets comply with DOT regulations, along with those for meeting legal obligations, maintaining or improving CSA scores, and simplifying systems management. Additionally, their driver compliance solutions are designed to simplify their workday and reduce paperwork, and their partnerships with car and truck makers eliminate the need for additional GPS tracking hardware. Finally, their FMCSA-certified ELD and Hours of Service (HOS) solutions all provide automated data sync to speed up vehicle maintenance scheduling
  • Dashcams: These AI-powered video telematics tools can review vivid HD video footage of incidents within minutes, enabling you to take action quickly. They use advanced technology to enable continuous live scene analysis and object detection, alerting drivers of risks in real time. Additionally, their cloud-based AI quickly distills large amounts of video data into useful video tags and insights
  • App marketplace and API: They have an integration-friendly platform with a robust set of tools that easily connect with other business software solutions, with an app marketplace full of built-in integrations to third-party software. Additionally, their flexible API toolkit lets you build custom connections with software from financial accounting to human resources. Their telematics API is developer-friendly and securely shares data, so your business can benefit from data collected by your mobile workforce
  • Roadside assistance: They offer a fleet roadside assistance program for commercial truck drivers. Services include lockout, tire, towing, jump start, and winching. You can access services via the Reveal mobile app. Eligible vehicles can receive towing up to 25 miles, jump start, three gallons of fuel delivery, flat tire replacement, and winching. The limit is four service calls per vehicle annually

Verizon Connect Plans & Prices

Verizon Connect's pricing and plans for fleet and asset management are not publicly available on their website. You have to fill out a questionnaire on their website when requesting a custom quote, which may arrive via email or phone call. You can also request an online demo before committing.

According to third-party sources, Reveal's plan pricing begins at either $20 per month per vehicle or $23.50 per month per vehicle. Such a plan may include basic features such as GPS hardware, a live map with route replay, speed and location data, geofencing, and access to their mobile manager app. Higher-tiered plans may include more of the previously listed Verizon Connect features. Therefore, your actual pricing will vary based on your specific business needs. However, keep in mind that you may be pushed into a lengthy three-year contract at first, although you might be able to negotiate a shorter term.  

The Perks of Verizon Connect

  • Simplified cost-cutting: They are ideal for fleet owners looking for a simple solution that addresses common pain points such as high fuel costs and low worker productivity, as well as expenses related to driver safety, compliance, and asset security issues. Your profit margins can be higher with their promised 13% reduction in fleet vehicle idling, as well as by being able to make more trips per week
  • Customization options: The platform's flexibility allows users to tailor its output, alerts, and reports to their specific needs. Additionally, with a marketplace for apps and API integrations, businesses can customize the platform according to their unique requirements, ensuring efficient and personalized fleet management
  • EV fleet solutions: They provide specialized solutions for electric vehicle (EV) fleets, catering to the unique needs of businesses in various industries. The EV fleet solutions are designed to improve safety, enhance fuel efficiency, and seamlessly integrate into existing fleet management infrastructure
  • Intrastate compliance handling: Verizon Connect stands out for effectively addressing intrastate compliance issues. This is crucial for growing fleets dealing with evolving regulations, ensuring that businesses stay compliant with ease
  • Robust global solutions: With their global presence and extensive set of in-house and integrated solutions, Verizon Connect offers end-to-end fleet management features. This includes a variety of telematics software platforms, products, and hardware, making them suitable for companies operating in different regions
  • Many mobile apps: They offer a range of mobile apps designed for both drivers and fleet managers, based on your platform, business size, and use cases. These apps cater to various needs, such as tracking driver performance, monitoring fuel consumption, and conducting DVIRs

The Disadvantages of Verizon Connect

  • Slower refresh rate: Verizon Connect boasts about their tracking being refreshed as often as every 30 seconds. However, this is slower than competitors like Samsara or Motive with their one-to-two-second refresh rate, or FleetUp with their 10-second rate
  • Unclear pricing: They don't display their pricing publicly, and you have to fill out a questionnaire and wait for an email to find out how much the software will cost you
  • Long contract terms: You may be presented with a minimum three-year contract as required if Verizon Connect supplies and installs tracking equipment. This lengthy commitment may pose challenges for your business if you prefer more flexibility in contract terms

The Verizon Connect Customer Experience

Verizon Connect garners mixed reviews from users and clients online. They receive an average review score of 3.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot, and a similar score of 3.2 out of 5 on Capterra. They get a somewhat higher 3.8 out of 5 on G2. They receive a fair amount of complaints on the BBB, where they have two pages dedicated to them, both with an F rating.

Positive feedback

Customers seem to appreciate the comprehensive tracking features of Verizon Connect, lauding them for their speed and the practicality of their utilization in day-to-day operations. Some reviewers state that Verizon's system has helped them accurately track vehicles, vehicle speeds, and traffic violations, generally contributing to improved fleet management. Additionally, some customers have praised the professionalism and helpfulness of customer service team members in addressing their issues and providing excellent support. The company's solutions have been commended for their ease of use, and the installation process was found to be efficient by some users. The geofencing and alert features were also highlighted as beneficial for business operations.

Negative feedback

On the other hand, several customers have expressed dissatisfaction with various aspects of Verizon Connect's services. Common issues include difficulties utilizing certain features, such as generating reports for lateness and start times, and challenges in understanding and effectively using the system. Clients also raised hardware-related concerns, including Verizon's requirement to use their installers at their own convenience, significant wait times for parts, and limitations of camera functionality. Some customers have also reported problems with the product's performance, such as trackers freezing and not providing real-time updates.

Another significant pain point was customer support, with users complaining about unresponsive or unhelpful support, billing issues, and challenges in canceling or modifying services. Generally speaking, communication issues, frequent changes to account managers, and challenges in reaching support were cited as areas of concern.

Verizon Connect sometimes replies to complaints on the BBB, as well as occasional critical reviews. When they do reply, their responses are prompt, professional, but short. They indicate that they will contact the client privately, and seem to resolve issues quickly and satisfactorily.

Verizon Connect Customer Support

You can contact their support by phone, email, or live chat. For some of their products, their customer service is available anytime and day, 24/7 all year. They have specific contact methods or numbers depending on your category of service:

They have an online resource center full of useful resources and documentation for most of their product, with a separate page dedicated to Fleetmatics support. You can also submit a ticket request for generalized support.

The Bottom Line

Verizon Connect is a leading telematics and fleet management player. Their comprehensive suite of solutions caters to businesses of all sizes and industries. The platform's key features include GPS fleet tracking, driver management, asset tracking, mobile apps, data analytics, and more. The ability to customize their platform through an applications marketplace and API integrations provides you with tailored and efficient fleet management. Moreover, they stand out with their specialized solutions for EV fleets and intrastate compliance handling.

However, challenges such as unclear pricing, long contract terms, and concerns about customer service, as highlighted by some negative user experiences, bring attention to areas where improvements could enhance your overall customer experience. Despite mixed reviews, their positive aspects, including their robust global solutions and customization options, position them as a viable choice for your business if you seek comprehensive and scalable fleet management solutions. The company's commitment to data security, emphasis on innovation, and recognition in industry awards further strengthen its standing in the competitive landscape.

There are plenty of reputable fleet management companies in the market, and we've compiled a list of the top ones for you. To find the one that suits you best, it's advisable to delve into more reading and engage in some comparison shopping. You can also learn more by exploring our blog articles, covering various pertinent topics in this field. Conducting thorough research can be both insightful and instrumental in identifying the optimal solution for your operations.

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