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Verizon Connect Fleet Tracking Review: Features, Prices, and Alternatives!

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Verizon Connect Fleet Tracking Review: Features, Prices, and Alternatives!Verizon Connect Fleet Tracking Review: Features, Prices, and Alternatives!

Verizon Connect is one of the largest telematics providers in the market. It offers a wide range of fleet management solutions. Verizon Connect has a global presence in more than 24 offices in different cities all around the world.

With features like fleet management system (FMS), field service management (FSM), and many more, Verizon Connect is able to offer solutions to a large number of different-sized companies. However, it can be said that it is most suitable for large companies as it offers many additional features that can serve big-sized companies.


One of the best telematics platforms and solutions in the industry
Flexible and easily scalable plans
Several customization options, such as security levels, workflow scripts, time zones, languages, and alerts


It typically requires 36-month contracts

Quick Stats

Customer support
Phone, email, knowledge base, and FAQs
Free trial
Mobile application
Not Available
Real-time tracking
Starting price
Vehicle maintenance alerts

About Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect is the culmination of three top industry players: Fleetmatics, Verizon Networkfleet, and Telogis. Verizon combined the three companies into one service to provide a service plan that would suit any business needs.

You can use their fleet management software online on both desktop and mobile. You can install the tracking units for free and hardwire them into your engine. Moreover, the mobile app allows each driver to use it in order to read the latest data. Verizon Connect promises reduced fuel use by at least 13%, increased productivity, and safe driving.

Verizon Connect also offers hardwired, plug-and-play hardware and dashcams. It is a comprehensive and reliable fleet management solution that you can trust will work for your company regardless of the number of vehicles you have. The plans that Verizon Connect offers are tailored based on the features and pricing of each one of them.

Verizon Connect Key Features

Verizon Connect is packed with features that will empower your fleet tracking and management. We will mention and explain each feature thoroughly in this section.

Map view of all vehicles

Verizon Connect provides you with an online map that shows tracked vehicles' location, status, and current speed. This way, you can make sure that all of your vehicles are under control.

Near real-time vehicle tracking

With Verizon Connect, you can see near real-time GPS location and speed of vehicles. The data of these GPS is updated every 90 seconds (one and a half minutes).

Route replay

Verizon Connect allows you to review a vehicle's movements and idle time and replay the route taken at any time you choose to.


Verizon Connect alerts you to activity for specific locations and times that you set.

Google Maps traffic data

With this feature, you can see near real-time Google traffic info as part of your map view feature.

Google Street and Satellite view

You will be able to access Google Street or Satellite view when you're in map mode.

Manager app

Verizon Connect also provides you with a mobile app that allows managers to locate assets and organize drivers in near real-time.


You can also receive on-demand data, including things like daily miles, fuel usage, speeding events, and arrival times.


Verizon Connect provides you with an up-to-the-minute, smart dashcam video to help train and protect your drivers from any potential danger. However, it is important to note that this feature may require professional installation.

Field service and scheduling

This is an add-on feature that you can include with your plan to schedule and job dispatch.

Roadside assistance

This feature provides you with quick, cost-effective coverage to get disabled vehicles back on the road as soon as possible.


This is a service that comes with a mobile app that allows you to comply with the DOT's mandate to log hours of service electronically.


Also known as Driver Vehicle Inspection Report. This is an app that helps drivers get vehicle inspections done quickly and thoroughly.

Fuel card integration

This is a service to track fuel card usage and automatically detect any suspicious transactions.

Proof of delivery

You can use GPS-verified vehicle location to confirm delivery or arrival at a job site.


You can choose to get SMS or email alerts for key events such as speeding or excessive idling.

Other features

Verizon Connect offers its users many more features, including:

  • Driver assignment to vehicles: This allows you to use driver ID to report on vehicle activity and performance by the driver.
  • Plug & play GPS tracking devices: This is a tool that is easy and simple to activate for vehicles model year 1996 or newer with an OBD-II port.
  • Hard wired GPS trackers: This feature can be installed in the vehicle in a hidden location.
  • Driver mobile app: This mobile app can help keep drivers productive, alert them to critical events, and stay connected with the office.
  • Vehicle sensor data: Verizon Connect allows you to get alerts for diagnostic trouble codes to help improve your vehicle's health and performance.
  • Vehicle maintenance schedule: You will be able to set reminders for vehicles based on either calendar or mileage intervals.
  • Fleet dashboard: You can view fleet performance metrics to help identify money-saving opportunities.
  • Automated/scheduled reports: You will be able to easily set up reports like IFTA to streamline business operations.
  • Vehicle and driver groups: You can organize your fleet to match your company structure for easier management.
  • Posted speed limits: Verizon Connect allows you to access the posted speed limits for the routes your drivers take.
  • Commercial navigation: This feature will help you reduce driver stress with turn-by-turn navigation software that is specially tailored for commercial drivers.
  • Driver permissions: With Verizon Connect, you get to secure confidential info with custom employee access levels.

Industries Supported by Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect supports a number of industries, including the following:

  • Distribution: This includes food and beverage, retail, private fleets, delivery, and for-hire carriers.
  • Government and public safety: This includes law enforcement, municipal agencies, fire fleet, road repair and maintenance, and the public sector.
  • Construction and heavy equipment: This includes general construction, highway engineering, domestic contractors, renovators, and marine construction.
  • Transportation and logistics: This includes ITR, owner/operator, long hair, for-hire carriers, and distributors.
  • Oil, gas, and mining: This includes oil and gas, mining, OGM services, pipeline construction and maintenance, and surveying.
  • Services and specialty trades: This includes airline services, electricians, roofing constructors, landscaping, HVAC, plumbing, and pest control.
  • Utilities: This includes utilities, utility coops, cable and telecom services, utility mutual aids.
  • Farming: This includes helping agriculture and farming fleets improve operations with vehicle and asset GPS tracking, route software, and maintenance solutions.

Verizon Connect Solutions

Verizon Connect offers versatile solutions to help you manage your business or personal fleets to the fullest. Some of the solutions that Verizon Connect offers include:

Fleet tracking

This solution includes GPS fleet tracking, maintenance alerts, performance reporting, and asset monitoring.

Fleet dashcam

This solution provides you with HD video, AI, and driver data join forces to help you train drivers and mitigate risk.

Field service and scheduling

This is an up-to-the-minute job progress, rapid dispatch, mobile forms, and work order scheduling tool that helps you keep everything in control.

Compliance management

You can now simplify and automate your compliance work, including driving hours and inspections.

Asset tracking

Skip all the tiring and time-draining tasks that you perform to keep track of your assets. With Verizon Connect, you can now easily and remotely monitor equipment and on-site assets to enhance security, utilization, and uptime.


The great thing about Verizon Connect is that it allows you to integrate with other applications to extend the functionality of your telematics software. Especially with their industry-specific solutions, you will be able to seamlessly direct and manage your job and assets.

Verizon Connect Plans and Prices

Verizon Connect does not have separate plans for its fleet tracking software. If you would like a price for your software, you will need to go to their website, fill out a quick web form, and request a quote or get one immediately after you fill out your business needs and contact info.

Their sales reps will contact you shortly to present to you your specifically tailored, unique plan with its quote.

Verizon Connect Customer Support

You can contact Verizon Connect by phone or email. They are available 24/7, 365 days per year, so you never have to worry about needing support and not finding it. They also offer help sections like resources, blogs, webinars, eBooks, case studies, and a glossary of fleet terms.

You can contact Verizon Connect Fleet via phone at +1 (877) 943 7306 or via email at [email protected]. If you wish to contact their sales team, you can do that via their phone number at +1 (844) 617 1100.

Verizon Connect Alternatives

Although Verizon Connect is one of the best fleet tracking service providers on the market, you might find that it does not fit your business need for some reason. If this is the case, you can try reading one of our other comprehensive reviews that contain detailed info about other vendors on the market. Some of the best Verizon Connect alternatives on the market include:

Bottom Line

Overall, Verizon Connect is a great service to use for businesses of all sizes. It has been reported by customers that it is an excellent and reliable service. If you need to know the price it will cost you to subscribe to their software; you will need to contact their sales team or fill out a web form with your business needs and contact information. You can always explore their website or read our review to find out more about their plans, features, solutions, services, and the industries they support.

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