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Ways GPS Tracking & Video Telematics Benefit Employees

Ways GPS Tracking & Video Telematics Benefit EmployeesWays GPS Tracking & Video Telematics Benefit Employees
How do GPS tracking and video telematics have positive impacts on employees?

Updated: March 17th, 2024

For businesses in logistics and transportation, you know that manually managing your fleet is a daunting job. This is why adopting GPS (Global Positioning System) streamlines operations for the manager and employee, improves communication, and reduces manual labor.

GPS tracking uses a device to track the location of vehicles, equipment, or other assets. The tracking device is fitted with a receiver so that the operator can view the footage of the current location in real-time. Some of the benefits of this service are spelled out, such as tracking driver behavior and minimizing costs stemming from aimless driving or idling. Other benefits, though indirect, can positively impact your business in different ways. 

While the benefits are numerous for managers and employers, this article focuses on the direct and indirect benefits of GPS tracking for employees.


Safety & Security

How GPS tracking and telematics enhance safety and security for employees.
How GPS tracking and telematics enhance safety and security for employees.

Ensuring employee safety

GPS and video telematics are advanced devices that help keep track of fleet drivers. While some may speed up at one point and bypass some red zones, such devices will help you get back on track. Video telematics have smart AI cameras and smart detectors that can send alerts whenever you go off track or miss a mark. So, you can keep track of your speed level and response toward stop signs and traffic lights.

With GPS tracking and smart cameras, you can record your driving on the go and provide solid evidence in case of an accident. Your employer or manager can also track you on the move and respond quickly in case of an accident.

Reducing occupational hazards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that every business have an established and proactive system that identifies and monitors risks, and video telematics and GPS tracking can easily achieve this. Mixed with AI, such data can help you detect real-time risks and mitigate them quickly. Employees can optimize their “occupant safety” settings with a good provider and receive alerts during emergencies or accidents.

As such, they can save the business premises from hazards like fire, offer life-saving minutes to your operators, and receive immediate help after a collision.

Preventing unauthorized use of company vehicles

It’s tempting to drive around and about once you drive off the business premises. This can lead you to give pedestrians lifts. However, with a GPS integrated with video telematics, you can record your driver’s ID and let your boss know you’re behind the wheel.

Since video telematics come with smart AI cameras, your manager can see the details of the ID and notice any changes as they happen in real-time. Such information will help you reduce the cases of unauthorized driving in your fleet vehicles, improving the driver’s overall safety.

Improving Fleet Management

Like a GPS device, video telematics uses sensors and dashcams to track a driver’s behavior. The sensors are designed to detect such key things as speeding, idle time, aggressive acceleration, and vigorous braking. Your check-in and check-out times can also be detected, reducing laxity and creating a sense of responsibility.

Businesses like agriculture and construction are likely to lose assets from theft and robbery, and even with a solid security system, robbers have always invented ways to break in. However, with a real-time surveillance system, you get live footage of the business premises and respond on the minute.

This surveillance system can improve employee and asset safety, particularly when transporting delicate goods. Additionally, it provides solid evidence in the event of an accident, which may result in charges. If you were not at fault during the accident, the dashcam footage can prove your innocence and ensure you receive proper compensation.

Streamlining Field Operations

How to streamline field operations with GPs tracking and telematics
How to streamline field operations with GPs tracking and telematics

Video telematics and GPS have greatly aided field operations employees, especially in transportation, construction, healthcare, and surveying. If the company offers construction services, you have a solid means of communication with other colleagues, like masons and foremen. For instance, after installing video telematics on all angles of the construction site, you can keep track of the quality of work without actually going to those areas.

This enhances productivity by tracking work in real-time and correcting any mistakes that arise. Also, this system allows you to deploy machines and other equipment without confusion. Overall, you clearly understand where each machine goes and how it is used.

Improving Employee Training

Having a way of tracking your operations in real-time will help reveal areas where you thrive and lag. You can also easily identify the most repeated mistakes without confusion or blaming others. This enables you to find immediate ways to avoid these mistakes and find quick solutions for emergencies.

Under normal circumstances, making grave mistakes can lead you to make second guesses. This way, you may waste resources trying to solve problems without a clear picture of what to focus on. However, video telematics allows you to uncover the root cause of the problem and deal with it as soon as possible. The sooner you fix a mistake, the fewer the chances of disrupting workflow.

Enhancing Employee Accountability

Employees who know they’re in the full glare of their manager or employer will do what it takes to avoid mistakes. As such, they will feel obliged to deliver the best services. In the event of misconduct, you, as an employee, know that you will be held accountable.

This gives you an obligation to take full control of your operation and commit yourself to avoiding missing the mark.

Reducing Stress & Anxiety

Employee stress comes in different forms, including the fear of other employees tampering with your work if you miss a few days. You may not be at peace outside the business premises because you’ll lose track of everything. However, video telematics keeps you in the loop even when you travel to another state or country. You can always keep track of daily events and work remotely to reduce backlogs.

Enhancing Work-Life Balance

Work-life equilibrium can be hard to achieve, especially when you have much to do daily. If you’re operating a fleet vehicle, it can be tempting to lax when driving outside your manager’s eye. However, with GPS tracking, your operation is still under their full surveillance. Besides, you can achieve so much with this surveillance because it facilitates route optimization and shrinks the workload. As such, you can manage your working hours properly and hit your daily targets without backlog.

Think of not having to call your boss when fuel depletes since video telematics keeps track of your fuel or gas usage and how you handle the company’s assets. As such, you have productive work days and instill important virtues like time management and integrity in your colleagues. 

Providing Data for Performance Recognition

Recognizing performance with GPS tracking and telematics
Recognizing performance with GPS tracking and telematics

Surveillance tracking has come a long way, from black-and-white videos with pixelation to high-quality AI cameras with sharp object focus. As such, you can rest assured that your performance is on record without bias.

You’ll also be free from other colleagues' conspiracies because all data is recorded raw and can be used to build solid information about your performance. This way, employees can enjoy a friendly and fair working environment.

Boosting Employee Productivity

Your manager gets a clear performance overview with video telematics and GPS tracking. This not only helps you to allocate resources mindfully, but it also reduces downtime. If you’re out of gas or fuel, the manager can receive notifications and facilitate refueling, eliminating workflow disruptions. All this can happen without the need for calls or expensive communication because the biggest aim of any business is to reduce turnaround time.

Facilitating Remote Work

Remote work with GPS tracking and telematics.
Remote work with GPS tracking and telematics.

At its core, telematics involves transmitting information remotely across different geographic locations. Thus, this technology allows collaboration between you and other employees working in different geolocations. Apart from tracking your performance, it helps build trust and strengthens the relationship between you and your employer.

This surveillance software also streamlines workflow and eliminates errors. You can optimize your settings to detect and respond immediately when you make huge or delicate errors, and your manager or employer can also identify your challenges and offer the required support.


Video telematics and GPS tracking are the new go-tos for any business’s overall well-being. Your manager can use data from this surveillance system to reward integral employees, support them, and provide any needed resources. This happens for both on-premise employees and remote ones.

It is not uncommon to feel unnoticed if you're a new employee. However, video telematics keeps you in the full glare of your manager, allowing them to notice areas where you need support, training, and help in general. With such a system, you enjoy a safe working environment while avoiding grave mistakes. You also build important virtues like integrity, self-control, time management, and responsibility.

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