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Samsara: Products, Solutions, and Full Review

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Samsara: Products, Solutions, and Full Review

Samsara aims to digitalize the world of operations with its Connected Operation Cloud. It offers market-leading fleet tracking software and various products that are packed with rich solutions and features that help businesses streamline their operations and provide the best services for their customer. Continue reading our full Samsara review to know about all its products and solutions.


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About Samsara

Samsara offers its services and products to over 20,000 customers across a wide range of industries such as construction, field services, healthcare, education, government, manufacturing, food and beverage, and transportation and logistics. Samsara can offer your real-time business visibility across your facilities, fleets, and end-customer services, in addition to AI safety programs, workflow automation, and ultimately one business ecosystem with its integrated platform.

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Samsara Products and Solutions


Samsara’s telematics solutions include real-time GPS tracking for vehicles, trailers, and equipment. You can optimize your field services with real-time vehicle locations, prevent breakdowns by monitoring engine diagnostics and fault code, and cut costs by reducing idle time.

Similarly, you can also improve trailer utilization, detention monitor sensitive loads with door, cargo, temperature, and humidity sensors, and remotely control refrigeration settings. As for equipment, you get to identify what is underutilized and integrate data with your procurement planning process.

Integrated routing and dispatch tools will help you plan, analyze routes and stops and evaluate data on their performance to identify deviations and pinpoint trends. Real-time dispatching will help in efficiently assigning new work orders or unexpected changes to your drivers. Lastly, you can integrate Samsara’s software with third-party route planning integrations and dispatching software to simplify operations into a centralized view.

Samsara’s telematics solutions also provide you with custom reporting over your trip history, speeding, and Time on Site. You can analyze data in your vehicles by identifying driver trends to improve upon and increase driver and trip efficiency.

Moreover, you can also monitor your vehicles’ speeds and harsh driving events to uncover ways to prevent accidents and increase driver safety. Lastly, you get to optimize the time spent on-site at each location with clear visibility over your driver’s activities so that you can flag unauthorized or inefficient activity.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance tools will provide you with real-time vehicle diagnostics where you can proactively spot issues such as failing batteries and engine fault codes. Samsara can help you avoid road breakdowns and quickly identify vehicles needing service to protect their health and extend their lifetime.

Samsara will also gift you with better fuel management tools that provide you with full visibility into fuel trends to help identify inefficient or abnormal activity. You can schedule your fuel activity reports directly to your inbox and monitor vehicle performance and its true idle time.

Furthermore, Samsara will help you optimize your time and maximize uptime with paperless DVIRs and Samsara’s Driver Application, and you can:

  • Streamline your maintenance workflows
  • Perform pre and post-trip vehicle inspections
  • Perform workarounds
  • Automatically upload photos and eSignatures

You can also customize maintenance alerts to ensure mechanics are informed as soon as vehicle faults are detected, or DVIRs are submitted. Lastly, Samsara allows you to customize your driver’s efficiency weighted score for their behaviors such as idling, speed, cruise control, coasting, torque, anticipation, and RPM.

Apps and Driver Workflows

Samsara offers its all-in-one mobile application for Android and iOS devices, which allows you to provide your drivers with real-time updates and information regarding schedules, new jobs, or customer requests. The driver application can provide your drivers with guided workflows and real-time updates so they can minimize the guesswork, reduce manual entry, and stay connected to dispatch. You can also customize your own workflows with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

Most importantly, you can avoid HOS violations before they occur and confidently approach roadside inspections, as you can manage logs more efficiently with real-time visibility into driver HOS and AI-powered annotations.

Every form or document can be digitalized with Samsara’s mobile app to improve efficiency and keep your documents and data synced between your customers, drivers, and back office.


Get Samsara's Fleet Tracking System Now!

Video-Based Safety

Samsara will provide you with a world-class fleet safety program where you get to set up several safety measures to ensure your workforce’s and vehicle’s safety. Samsara will help prevent road accidents with in-cab audio alerts for speeding, tailgating, seatbelt, and more.

Using its industry-leading AI Dash Cams, you can automatically capture high-definition video and send footage of important incidents to the cloud for review within minutes. Dash Cams can be installed in less than 15 minutes with simple mounting and activation and will require low to zero maintenance.

In addition, Samsara’s advanced edge computing analysis live scenes and detects objects on the road in real-time.

Data and Integrations

Samsara will help your turn your data into actionable insights. You can centralize your collected data from all your operations onto a single, consolidated platform, so you can get a clear view of performance and easily connect systems to ensure one source of truth. Moreover, you can automate more than 30 of Samsara’s reports to track efficiency, safety, compliance, maintenance, asset utilization, and more.

Samsara Plans and Prices

Samsara does not advertise any plans or prices for its products. Instead, it will offer you a unique quote depending on your business size, needs, and requirements. To get started with Samsara, press on “Get Started with Samsara” on their website, and go through the short survey, which will ask about your business needs, the number of vehicles you want to monitor, and your industry type, and lastly, your email, and Samsara will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Get Started With Samsara


Customer Support

You can reach Samsara’s team by email at [email protected] for general inquiries and [email protected] for their sales team. If you have a Samsara account, you get 24/7 live support from their team by submitting a ticket after logging in. Samsara also offers a variety of resources on their website that include video guides, blogs, frequently asked questions, and a help center to provide you with help for any common inquiry or question you may have.

Final Thoughts

Samsara is one of the top-rated fleet tracking and business solution providers, as over 20,000 businesses across several industries trust it. It offers its Connected Operations Cloud that streamlines all your operations while improving your fleet management’s efficiency and security. We recommend you contact Samsara to get a unique quote for your business, as no prices are advertised on their website.

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