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Samsara Review: Fleet Efficiency, Safety, & Success

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Samsara Review: Fleet Efficiency, Safety, & Success
Monitor your operations and enhance efficiency with Samsara's fleet management solutions.

Updated: February 22nd, 2024. 

Samsara has been providing cutting-edge technologies since 2015 and is now considered to be a leading provider of fleet management and tracking solutions that offer comprehensive solutions to businesses of all sizes, including telematics, fuel management, essential hardware, custom reporting, and compliance support. These solutions are designed to enhance safety and efficiency and maintain up-to-date records of fleets, equipment, and assets.

Are you curious to know if Samsara is the right partner for all things fleet management? Keep reading as we examine their products and solutions, pricing structure, benefits, drawbacks, customer support options, and the Samsara experience derived from real-life testimonials.


Onboarding and training
Real-time updates and reporting
All-in-one platform


Lack of transparency
Three-year commitment
Lack of a free trial

Quick Stats

Free Trial
Not Available
Mobile Application
Real-Time Tracking
Starting Price
Vehicle Maintenance Alerts
BBB Score
Trustpilot Score
3.8 out of 5

Samsara at a Glance

Samsara, a cloud-based fleet management system provider, serves organizations of varying sizes and in numerous industries around the world. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in San Francisco, they have offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Their solutions are tailored to the requirements of companies across different industries, including transportation, logistics, food and beverage, construction, government, higher education, and more, for large and small business owners.

Samsara's solutions use data from the Internet of Things (IoT), including AI's video safety features, real-time telematics for accurate fleet tracking, all-around tools for managing driver workflows, equipment monitoring features that improve visibility, and easy integrations with other systems. Renowned for their exclusive technologies and solutions, they provide businesses with cutting-edge functionalities that enable them to attain operational excellence and make accurate decisions based on data.

Samsara Products & Solutions

  • Video Safety: Their AI-powered dash cams, which provide fleets with real-time surveillance and analysis to effectively identify and mitigate road risks, are a notable feature. Furthermore, the HD camera connectors provided by Samsara guarantee superior-quality footage, empowering fleet managers to acquire significant insights into their operations. The functionality of Samsara's driver assistance is one of their primary advantages. By establishing connections between drivers and vehicles, fleet managers are given essential resources to enhance driver performance and safety protocols, whether it be via AI-powered voice commands or in-cab guidance and instructions. Moreover, their connected video functionality provides up-to-date information to support proactive safety protocols, promptly addressing potential hazards and implementing preventive measures by providing timely data
  • Telematics: Samsara employs real-time GPS fleet and trailer tracking functionalities to provide fleet managers with precise and current location information, thereby enabling meticulous surveillance of fleet assets. One notable feature of Samsara's vehicle telematics is their helicopter view, which gives a comprehensive overview of the whereabouts and activities of their fleet, offers significant insights into fleet operations, and can aid in identifying potential areas for enhancement and optimization. In addition, their telematics platform is equipped with smart map overlays that allow fleet managers to observe traffic patterns and weather conditions, thereby augmenting its functionality. Fleet managers can make more informed decisions and anticipate and address potential obstacles. Real-time location sharing is another advantageous functionality that Samsara's vehicle telematics platform provides, allowing the transmission of location data to customers, dispatch, or any other relevant parties at any given time
  • Driver workflow: Samsara's driver workflow feature provides a unified platform that streamlines the driver experience beyond the confines of the cabin, enhancing productivity, safety, and efficiency. Organizations can customize driver safety and field productivity with Samsara's mobile app and Mobile Experience Management, which link all operations via an extensive partner ecosystem and an open API. Coaching, digital DVIRs, training and reward programs, and personalized performance scores increase driver safety and reduce hazardous DVIRs. The Samsara Driver App increases efficiency and sustainability by digitizing documentation, providing real-time updates, and automating procedures step-by-step
  • Equipment monitoring: Samsara offers comprehensive solutions for site-wide 360-degree visibility. By utilizing their to-the-second GPS and geofence alerts, one can efficiently speed up equipment transfers between job sites, prevent loss and theft, and eliminate tedious searches to locate where your assets and equipment are. In addition to heavy equipment, their asset tracking capabilities cover powered and unpowered assets. This degree of visibility empowers one to maximize asset utilization, detect underutilized equipment, and strategize procurement processes. Furthermore, one can prevent downtime by proactively identifying potential issues through fault code alerts for heavy equipment. Moreover, these notifications can be responded to remotely, enabling prompt and effective maintenance with minimal interruption to operations
  • Integrations: Users are provided with a seamless experience by Samsara's integration capabilities, which enable them to centralize all of their operations on a single platform. By utilizing an intuitive interface and dashboard, all the information required can be accessed, thereby streamlining their workflow. Their developer APIs enable integration and customization with existing systems, providing businesses of all sizes with adaptability and scalability. Furthermore, Samsara's pre-built application marketplace provides in excess of 70+ operational applications that cater to an extensive array of requirements and capabilities. They also have an expert marketplace that grants customers access to a network of professionals who provide customized guidance and support for technical assistance, integration support, and consulting. In addition, their OEM integrations guarantee compatibility with an extensive range of third-party solutions such as Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, and more, facilitating next-level uninterrupted connectivity and cooperation
  • Fuel management: Businesses can gain authority over their fuel costs by providing detailed usage reports. Samsara empowers organizations to optimize their fuel efficiency and make well-informed decisions by providing an in-depth review of fuel performance, comprising spending patterns, idle time, and usage. An advantage of these solutions is that areas for enhancement can be identified, and strategies can be implemented to minimize fuel waste and reduce expenses. Through the implementation of consumption monitoring and performance metric analysis, organizations have the ability to optimize fuel usage efficiency
  • Compliance: The Samsara system enhances regulatory adherence by facilitating streamlined navigation to organize and automate compliance procedures. Sensors are integrated and provide businesses with instantaneous diagnostic info regarding fuel consumption, engine operation, and additional factors. By adopting this comprehensive approach, record-keeping is simplified and optimized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Fleet managers and drivers can remain connected and informed while on the move by utilizing mobile devices to access data. Additionally, the user-friendly interface keeps tabs on hours of service (HOS), DVIR, IFTA, FSMA, and OSHA regulations
  • Hardware: Samsara provides an extensive selection of hardware solutions that are specifically engineered to improve safety, optimize fleet management, and accelerate telematics. Their hardware is designed with safety in mind and includes, but is not limited to, AI dashcams that offer real-time monitoring and analysis to reduce road hazards. By connecting to HD cameras, these devices guarantee crystal-clear, comprehensive footage that can be utilized for driver instruction and post-incident analysis. Fleet managers can link drivers with specific vehicles using the in-cab driver assistance hardware that Samsara developed, providing tailored guidance and instruction via voice prompts or in-cab displays with artificial intelligence. In addition to GPS trackers and vehicle gateways, Samsara's telematics hardware provides remote management, helpful insights, and accurate location monitoring

Samsara Prices & Plans

Samsara do not advertise their prices, nor do they outline how they structure their pricing. However, according to our research and customer feedback, Samsara operates under a per-vehicle, per-month pricing model and charges for early termination and auto-renewal. The upfront cost for the initial three-year contract typically ranges from $1,300 to $6,000. In addition, renewal fees vary between $115 and $900, depending on your contract's remaining period. Furthermore, the average hardware cost can range from $20 to $300, depending on the hardware you purchase. 

For customized pricing from them, we strongly recommend you obtain a quote by filling out the form on their website or contacting their sales team by phone or email.

What Are the Benefits of Working With Samsara?


Samsara has the appropriate solution for managing a small or large fleet. Their services and products are designed to meet the needs of organizations across different industries and sizes. Samsara will grow in line with your future expansion if you purchase their services as a modest business. The ability to scale affords business owners the flexibility to acquire solutions in accordance with their current state.

EV compatibility

Samsara demonstrates a dedication to innovation by means of electric vehicles (EVs). They guarantee smooth integration and peak performance for companies adopting sustainable transportation solutions by providing specialized features and support built specifically for EV fleets. Some of their solutions include sustainability measures, charge monitoring, rerouting to the nearest charging station, and preventative maintenance. 

Solutions for refrigerated assets

Samsara offers specialized reefer monitoring if you manage fleets that include refrigerated and sensitive contents. By implementing real-time temperature monitoring, businesses can guarantee preserving their perishable products across the entire supply chain. In addition to providing alerts for temperature deviations, Samsara's reefer monitoring solutions enable organizations to proactively resolve problems and preserve product quality.

Onboarding and training

Their Customer Success team provides over 30 days of initial training and onboarding, which may consist of workforce training, customized project planning, and on-site support. In addition, they offer abundant virtual tools and resources to assist customers in setting up their systems, onboarding their team members, and getting started immediately.

Real-time reporting tools

Using a single interface, Samsara's real-time reporting tools combine information from all operations on one dashboard, allowing you to generate customized reports as well. They also have AI-powered real-time alerts that notify you of any fault codes or inspection reports, and these notifications can be sent via SMS or email and can be stored. With these real-time data notifications, you can check temperatures across fleets, get updates on fuel levels, and get geofence alerts. Additionally, their proactive safety alerts facilitate swift reaction by drivers and scorecard management, while compliance insights for ELD, IFTA, and HOS guarantee adherence to regulatory requirements.

All-inclusive cloud-based solution

By integrating data from all hardware in a seamless manner, businesses are able to oversee their fleet through a centralized interface. In addition, Samsara's platform facilitates the integration of existing software such as maintenance monitoring, tax reporting, and HR software, providing a comprehensive overview of fleet operations. 

Money-back guarantee

Another advantage of Samsara is that customers who are not satisfied with their purchase get access to a 30-day money-back guarantee, provided the hardware they bought is eligible for a refund.

What Are Some of the Drawbacks of Partnering With Samsara?

Lack of transparent pricing

Since Samsara does not disclose their prices in an open manner, prospective clients may encounter difficulties in accurately determining the upfront cost of their services. You must either contact their sales team or fill out a form on their website to get customized pricing information.

Three-year contract period

When purchasing their services and products, customers must sign a three-year contract beforehand, which can be a barrier for businesses looking for more flexible arrangements.

No free trial

Unlike some other providers, Samsara does not offer potential customers a free trial period to assess the quality of the services and hardware before committing to an agreement. This lack of a trial period could dissuade businesses from looking at the benefits of their offerings.

Customer reports of issues with billing

Customer complaints have brought to light discrepancies in Samsara's billing methods, specifically auto-renewals. Some customers provided accounts of contract renewals that occurred automatically beyond the initial three-year duration without their awareness or explicit consent. As a result, they were billed for services that they had no intention of using.

The Customer Experience With Samsara

Samsara's Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation and A+ rating are examples of their dedication to service excellence and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Samsara maintains a respectable 3.8 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot and a 4.7 out of 5 rating on G2

Positive reviews

Positive reviews emphasize a number of crucial features of their solutions. Customers praise the usability of Samsara's solutions, mainly the interface's ease of use, and they acknowledge the efficacy of the onboarding and training programs. Customers also highly value the positive effects of Samsara's solutions on driver behavior and fleet maintenance, and they admire the inclusion of dash cam options and compliance reporting. In addition, customers are satisfied with the promptness and assistance that Samsara's customer service department provides.

Critical feedback

Some negative reviews, nevertheless, are due to concerns surrounding the three-year contractual commitment. Although Samsara's website displays this information, many customers reported that their sales representatives not only conveyed the option to cancel prior to the end of the three years but also neglected to mention the early termination fee. Another significant complaint is that Samsara has automatically renewed contracts after customers communicated their intention to terminate with customer support, yet they continue to be charged. However, this information is contained in the fine print, and customers must notify Samsara in writing at least 30 days before the contract's expiration if they do not wish to renew. 

How Can I Get in Touch With Samsara?

Samsara provides a diverse range of channels through which customers can access its support services, guaranteeing prompt assistance whenever required. Customers may initiate communication with the sales team through electronic mail at [email protected] or by calling (415) 985-2400. Furthermore, account holders get access to 24/7 customer service through their accounts.

Moreover, Samsara equips their customers with a variety of educational resources. The resources include an extensive blog, webinars, product tours, intuitive guides, and a help center. Samsara ensures that customers are well-informed to make the most of their hardware and software and effectively resolve any issues they might face. 

Final Thoughts

Since the company's founding in 2015, Samsara has positioned themselves as a market leader in fleet management solutions. Their selection of products and services accommodates businesses across multiple industries and borders, offering innovative tools to optimize fleet effectiveness, security, and success.

By incorporating functionalities like AI-driven dash cameras, real-time telematics, and comprehensive equipment monitoring, these systems enable institutions to optimize processes and guarantee adherence to regulatory standards. Although there are certain limitations, such as unclear pricing and a three-year contractual obligation, Samsara's commitment to ensuring customer contentment is apparent from their stellar ratings on G2 and their BBB accreditation.

Thankfully, if you believe that Samsara may not fit your company's requirements, we have reviewed the best providers for you. We also suggest using our comparison tool to assess the primary distinctions of each provider for additional assurance. Likewise, we offer an assortment of fleet management blogs that expand on the most crucial elements of the industry.

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