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FleetUp: A Complete Fleet Tracking Solution

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FleetUp: A Complete Fleet Tracking Solution
Fleetup takes care of everything to with tracking and monitoring your vehicle fleets, assets, and equipment.

Updated: February 11, 2024

FleetUp is a transportation and logistics solutions company founded in 2013 and based in San Jose, California. Aside from the US, they have offices in China, South Korea, Mexico, and Chile. They offer intuitive fleet tracking and management software platforms to help you manage your fleet, assets, and equipment regardless of your business size and type. FleetUp strives to offer comprehensive fleet tracking software and hardware features, as well as extensive scalability options and end-to-end management services. 

To help you decide if FleetUp can meet your needs, we will discuss their services, features, perks, disadvantages, and client perceptions. Continue reading our FleetUp review to discover what it can offer your business.


Great ELD platform
Leverages real-time insights to improve operations
Proactive support for setup
Robust monitoring and automation features


Lack of transparent pricing
No 24/7 support


Quick Stats

Mobile Application
Real-Time Tracking
Starting Price
About $20 per vehicle per month
Vehicle Maintenance Alerts
BBB Score
Trustpilot Score
4.3 out of 5

About FleetUp

FleetUp is a company dedicated to improving road safety, reducing fuel use and pollution, preventing theft, and optimizing operational efficiency. Their all-in-one platform provides shippers with fleet management and optimization solutions, including live GPS tracking for vehicles, equipment, and assets. Additionally, they offer real-time diagnostics and detailed reports to help clients reduce fuel costs, minimize vehicle downtime, and improve overall efficiency. FleetUp serves a variety of industries, including construction, insurance, field services, fossil fuels and mining, ports, rentals, and logistics. Their solutions are meant to be easy to implement and manage, and are tailored for businesses of all sizes, including large enterprises like Toshiba America.

The company provides cloud-based fleet management software that connects all assets, employees, and worksites, offering real-time fleet monitoring. This helps companies to reduce waste and enhance safety. They can communicate better, reduce costs, streamline workflows, and troubleshoot issues immediately. The company's fleet automation platform automates every job from beginning to end. This includes automatically pairing shipping documents to vehicles, assets, and destinations, and continuously monitoring driver safety, underutilized assets, and engine issues.

FleetUp's global reach and local experience enable the company to deliver innovative solutions to its customers and global service providers. The company is dedicated to continuous innovation and has delivered on the original promise of IoT by automating fleet management tasks and allowing AI to monitor vehicles, assets, equipment, employees, job sites, and more. FleetUp's GPS fleet tracking and management system offers businesses visibility and control over their operations, leading to superior asset protection.

They are not accredited or rated by the Better Business Bureau, nor have they received any industry accolades yet.

FleetUp Solutions & Features

As for its features and solutions, FleetUp offers a cloud-based fleet tracking and management software that allows you to securely store data and access your fleet information from anywhere and anytime. Their cloud-based fleet and asset management platform provides you with many features, among which are the following:

  • Cloud-based platform: They offer a comprehensive cloud-based platform that allows you to access your fleet data remotely, with features such as real-time GPS locations, engine health info, and driver working status. Their platform includes a virtual workspace for document uploads and direct messaging features to facilitate seamless communication within your team. Additionally, FleetUp's cloud-based solution incorporates robust compliance management tools, ensuring your adherence to vital regulations such as Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR), and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). The platform also integrates Electronic Logging Device (ELD) functionality for simplified documentation and secure storage on the cloud
  • Fleet automation: Their fleet automation solutions leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically collect and analyze data from all your vehicles, assets, and equipment. This feature aids in understanding the nuances of your business and identifies areas requiring strategic interventions. FleetUp goes beyond the automation of repetitive tasks, offering a sophisticated AI-driven approach to organizational structure analysis, thus providing you valuable insights and strategies for revenue maximization
  • Fleet telematics: With their GPS tracking and telematics devices, you gain accurate and real-time insights into the location and engine health of your vehicles and assets. The 10-second refresh rate of FleetUp's GPS devices ensures continuous updates on your fleet's whereabouts. They say their software interprets your data intelligently, offering strategic insights to reduce expenses and enhance profitability. FleetUp's telematics solution is meant to empower you to optimize fleet operations and increase overall efficiency
  • Mobile apps: They have two dedicated mobile applications for drivers and administrators on both iOS and Android. The FleetUp Driver app serves as a 24/7 virtual office for drivers, enhancing connectivity, compliance, and productivity. It allows your drivers to focus on driving while staying in touch with dispatchers and fleet managers. The FleetUp Admin app provides managers and administrators with comprehensive fleet management capabilities, including real-time map interfaces, direct communication with drivers, live-streamed dashcam videos, and real-time data monitoring
  • Route optimization: Their software provides automatic route optimization services tailored to your specific fleet needs. The platform considers factors such as vehicle weight, cargo type, anticipated traffic, road restrictions, fuel costs, and toll roads to suggest the most cost-efficient routes. Those route optimization features allow users to set routes quickly with an interactive map editor, upload, download, or paste routes, reduce average drive time by 35%, and adjust routes dynamically during rush hours
  • Dynamic geofencing: FleetUp's dynamic geofencing capabilities enable you to create virtual borders around crucial business areas. This feature provides real-time notifications when a vehicle or shipment enters or leaves your designated boundaries. It allows the creation of flexible borders with unique rules for each site, facilitating easy identification of your sites, business warehouses, and other essential areas. Additionally, the accurate billable job hours obtained through geofencing contribute to precise payroll calculations for hourly employees
  • Workforce management: They streamline the management of your workforce with automated task management, which is meant to promote teamwork, prevent fraud, and reduce costly mistakes. The platform allows open lines of communication among your admins, managers, dispatchers, and drivers through features like mobile chat. Their payroll reporting technologies can help your staff improve efficiency by automatically collecting data from GPS trackers and mobile applications. With accurate estimation of arrival times, detention time tracking within specific areas, and immediate correction suggestions for non-compliant records, FleetUp's tools can contribute to better workforce management
  • Compliance solutions: Their solutions help you stay compliant with critical regulations like HOS, DVIR, and IFTA. Their platform offers electronic reporting that seamlessly transfers data to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). FleetUp also provides up-to-date information on federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Moreover, with their ELD integration, all HOS documentation is simplified and securely stored in the cloud, ensuring a hassle-free compliance experience
  • Driver safety: With their Driver Safety Scorecards, you can automatically assess your drivers' performances. Their system tracks driving behaviors, identifying unsafe practices or traffic violations. The Driver Safety Scorecards also contribute to increased driver accountability, aiding negotiations for lower insurance premiums and ultimately enhancing vehicle health and lifespan
  • Hardware tools: They provide a range of hardware tools essential for effective fleet management and tracking over long distances. These tools include AI Dashcams for safety and monitoring, Asset Tracking Devices for enhanced security, Temperature Sensors for cargo monitoring, Equipment Monitors for asset tracking, and ELDs for compliance and documentation. FleetUp promises that their hardware devices offer fast and fool-proof installation, remote management, anti-theft alerts, and long-lasting battery life, ensuring reliable and efficient operation
  • Open API: FleetUp offers real-time data access via its cloud platform and apps, and their open API allows users to import their data onto other platforms, maximizing the benefits of real-time monitoring. The API integrates with various third-party platforms, including supply chain management, inventory management, safety and security systems, and more. It can also be integrated with in-house platforms such as customer portals and rental tracking systems

FleetUp Plans & Pricing

FleetUp does not advertise their prices online, nor do they have any clear pricing methodologies outlined. You are required to request a unique quote geared towards your specific needs, but you may also request a demo to explore their system before deciding.

However, FleetUp does list many software plans on their website, with four plans for fleet management, three for asset management, and two for equipment management. While prices are not spelled out, online reports indicate that fleet management costs range between $20 to $40 monthly per vehicle. Their plans are as follows:

  • Fleet management:
    • Standard: This basic plan includes GPS vehicle tracking, geofencing, and trip reporting features
    • Compliance: This plan adds to the above with electronic driver monitoring of ELD and HOS for compliance adherence
    • Advanced: This plan adds to Standard by including the features of remote maintenance monitoring, fuel analysis, and engine diagnostics. It does not include Compliance features, however
    • Professional: This comprehensive plan includes all the above features in one package
  • Asset management:
    • Asset Container: This plan provides inventory management tools that help monitor and secure your container in real time, preventing any cases of theft
    • Asset Reefer: This plan handles your cargo's environmental control monitoring for temperature and humidity
    • Portable: If you have shipping pallets or other high-value portable assets, this plan will cover their tracking and help prevent their theft
  • Equipment management:
    • Equipment Standard: This is a GPS tracking solution for small and heavy job site vehicles, in real-time. It ensures efficient utilization and complete protection against theft and misuse
    • Equipment Advanced: This plan adds to the above by including features like remote maintenance monitoring, fuel analysis, and engine diagnostics

The Advantages of FleetUp

  • Scalability for growing companies: FleetUp caters to fleets of all sizes, allowing your organization to make initial investments right away while planning for future growth. This scalability affords you the flexibility of adopting solutions tailored to your current needs with the ability to expand seamlessly
  • User-friendly interface: They offer a user-friendly interface across both desktop and mobile platforms. Its ease of use enhances user experience, making it simpler for your managers and drivers to access and utilize the platform efficiently
  • Insights into fleet efficiency: Their system provides robust insights into fleet efficiency, helping you optimize your fleet operations. These insights empower your managers to make informed decisions, reduce costs, and enhance overall productivity
  • Cost-cutting abilities: The platform enables cost reduction through efficient route optimization, fuel analysis, and engine diagnostics. Their solutions contribute to streamlining your operations, ultimately leading you to save money for your business
  • Proactive support and service: FleetUp emphasizes "proactive support," guiding users through setup and offering ongoing assistance. Additionally, the company strives to provide excellent customer service, ensuring that you receive timely and effective support
  • Customizable solutions: Their benefits are compounded when you stack their various solutions, and you, as a business leader, can choose the combination of services that best aligns with your company’s needs

The Disadvantages of FleetUp

  • Lack of transparent pricing: FleetUp does not advertise their prices online, and there is no clear pricing methodology outlined. You are required to request a unique quote that is geared toward your specific needs. The lack of upfront pricing information can hinder decision-making and budget planning
  • No free trial: They do not offer a free trial, so you can't test the service before committing to a contract
  • Limited integrations: While FleetUp offers API access for integration, the process may require engineering time and attention. This limitation in seamless integration with various partners and platforms could pose challenges if you're seeking a more straightforward interoperability experience
  • Limited support hours: They don't offer their support on a 24/7 basis like other companies. This may be a drawback if your business operates around the clock and can impact the immediate resolution of issues that arise outside regular business hours

The FleetUp Customer Experience

FleetUp does not receive as many customer reviews as some of their competitors, but based on available online feedback, they do seem to foster a generally positive customer experience. They earn a 4.3 out of 5 review score on Trustpilot and a 4.4 out of 5 score on Capterra, but get a somewhat lower 3.9 out of 5 on G2.

FleetUp has garnered positive feedback from its users, particularly in the areas of customer service and product functionality. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the ELD platform and the support provided by the customer service representatives. The company's responsiveness to customer concerns and the provision of corrective actions have been highlighted as positive aspects. Additionally, users have praised the effectiveness of FleetUp's asset tracking, citing instances where the system facilitated the recovery of stolen units.

However, some users have reported issues with in-network fueling and the automatic system, as well as challenges with customer service and equipment reliability. Despite these concerns, many customers have found FleetUp to be a valuable investment, particularly for asset tracking and fleet management. The company's competitive pricing and the adaptability of its software to the needs of small fleets have also been noted as positive attributes. While there are areas for improvement, such as customer service and equipment reliability, FleetUp's overall performance has been positively evaluated by its users.

Because they lack a BBB page, we cannot comment on the quality of their replies to customer complaints. However, they do sometimes respond to some critical reviews, and their responses are short but indicate that they will reach out privately to correct the issue at hand. These follow-ups sometimes prompt the reviewer to amend their review to reflect their satisfaction.

Customer Support

You can reach their customer service by phone at (833) 663-5338 or by email at Keep in mind that their support hours are weekdays between 5 AM and 4 PM Pacific Time (PT).

You can also submit a support ticket and have them get back to you. They also have many helpful topics and an FAQs section on their support page if you prefer to troubleshoot your issue yourself.

Final Thoughts

FleetUp position themselves as a comprehensive solution dedicated to improving your fleet's road safety, reducing fuel consumption, preventing theft, and optimizing the operational efficiency of your business, regardless of its size. The company's commitment to innovation, as evidenced by their use of AI-driven fleet automation and telematics solutions, reflects their dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology to their clients. The platform's extensive features, ranging from real-time GPS tracking and dynamic geofencing to workforce management and compliance solutions, contribute to enhanced visibility, control, and overall efficiency in your fleet operations.

Despite the company's strong points, such as a user-friendly interface, proactive support, and customizable solutions, there are notable drawbacks, including the lack of transparent pricing, the absence of a free trial, and limited support hours. These limitations may impact your decision to employ their services. However, FleetUp's positive customer feedback, particularly in areas of customer service and product functionality, suggests that for many users, the platform's benefits, such as accurate fleet monitoring, automation excellence, and efficient route optimization, outweigh these drawbacks. As with any solution, you should carefully evaluate your specific needs and weigh the advantages against the limitations to determine the suitability of FleetUp for your fleet management requirements.

Many fleet management companies on the market can be well-suited for your needs. We have compiled a list of the top options for you to consider on our reviews page. To find the one that is a perfect match for you, we advise you to do your research and compare between solutions providers. Also, our collection of fleet management blog articles covers various insightful topics in this domain, which serves as a helpful starting point for your research. We aim to help you discover the optimal solution tailored to your operational requirements.

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