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FleetUp: Complete Fleet Tracking Solution Review

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FleetUp: Complete Fleet Tracking Solution Review

FleetUp is an intuitive fleet tracking and management software that offers game-changing platforms that can help you manage your fleet, assets, and equipment no matter your business size and kind. FleetUp offers a complete set of fleet tracking software features and hardware to provide you with unlimited scalability and end-to-end management. Continue reading our FleetUp review to know everything it can offer your business.


Great ELD platform
Excellent customer service
Intuitive features and technology
Easy to set-up and install


Spotty internet may disrupt GPS signals
Software could be difficult to use

Quick Stats

Customer support
Phone, Email, and Ticket
Free trial
Mobile application
Not Available
Real-time tracking
Starting price
Vehicle maintenance alerts

About FleetUp

FleetUp is an all-in-one inclusive platform that offers the ultimate fleet management and optimization solutions. It provides you with live GPS tracking for your vehicles, equipment, and assets while delivering real-time diagnostics and in-depth reports that can help you reduce your fuel costs and vehicle downtime and boost your operations' efficiency.

FleetUp lacks many customer reviews in comparison to its competitors in the market, but from the present ones, it earns high 4.5/5 and 4.8/5 stars ratings and positive praise.

FleetUp Products & Solutions

FleetUp services several industries, including the following:

  • Construction
  • Insurance
  • Field Service
  • Oil, Gas & Mining
  • Ports
  • Rentals
  • Logistics

As for its features and solutions, FleetUp offers a cloud-based fleet tracking and management software that allows you to securely store data and access your fleet information from anywhere and anytime.

The cloud-based fleet and asset management platform provides you with:

Fleet Telematics

FleetUp allows you to accurately monitor and live track your vehicles and assets with its high-precision GPS tracking and telematics device. A live map view showcases all your active vehicles, and you can easily track their locations and engine health and receive real-time alerts over needed maintenance services.

FleetUp's GPS devices have a refresh rate of 10 seconds, which provides you with continuous updates on your vehicle's whereabouts. In addition, the software will monitor and interpret valuable data to provide you with smart strategies to cut waste expenses and increase profits.

Fleet Automation

FleetUp provides your fleet business with the ultimate automation. Data from all your vehicles, assets, and equipment are automatically collected and analyzed by an AI to help you understand your business and identify areas where actions need to be taken.

Moreover, the software provides automated task management, where repetitive and administrative tasks can be automated without human intervention. Additionally, its AI will examine your organizational structure and suggest big-picture strategies that you can adopt to maximize your revenue.

Examples of automated operations include:

  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Job sites
  • Back office

Asset Management

FleetUp's all-in-one asset management software can provide you with enhanced security as you will know within 10 seconds if a break-in or theft occurs, thanks to real-time alerts. The tracking device's battery life lasts up to 90-days, and you can be extended its durability with solar recharges.

FleetUp will also provide your assets with temperature sensors that can help you prevent spoilage and cargo damage as you monitor the temperature and humidity of your shipments.

FleetUp Platform Features

FleetUp's platform packs many intuitive features, some of which include:

Route Optimization

FleetUp's software will automatically optimize the routes of your vehicles to guide you to the most cost-efficient road based on your fleet's specific needs, such as:

  • Vehicle weight
  • Cargo type
  • Anticipated traffic
  • Road restrictions
  • Fuel costs
  • Toll roads

FleetUp provides you with many route customization features and benefits that allow you to:

  • Set routes in seconds with its interactive map editor
  • Upload, download, or paste routes you know
  • Reduce average drive time by 35%
  • Adjust routes during rush hours
  • Disable routes as needed

Dynamic Geo-fencing

Geo-fencing allows you to create virtual borders around areas that are vital to your business. This feature allows you to receive real-time notifications when a vehicle or shipment enters or leaves those boundaries.

You can create endless flexible borders and set up unique rules for each site. Color-coding helps you identify client sites, business warehouses, shipyards, and other areas more conveniently.

To set up geo-fencing, you need only enter any address into the platform, draw a fence of any dimension around that address, and then assign vehicles or shipments to that area. You can choose between real-time text or email alerts when your vehicles or assets enter or leave those boundaries.

Geo-fencing grants you accurate billable job hours to provide you with an even more accurate payroll for your hourly employees.

Workforce Management

FleetUp's platform will provide you with automated workforce management that can help you organize your entire team using a single platform that's accessible anytime. Workforce management offers a variety of benefits and features, including:

Promoting teamwork

You can promote teamwork by keeping open lines of communications to admins, managers, dispatchers, and others and help solo drivers feel like a part of the team with FleetUp's mobile chat feature.

Preven fraud

The software allows you to monitor an employee's overtime claim accurately and prevent any false claims.

Streamline reporting

Payroll reporting technologies can help your staff work faster and more efficiently by automatically collecting data from GPS trackers and mobile applications.

Reduce rendition time

The platform allows you to accurately send estimated arrival times to your customers and partners, so recipients can prepare accordingly. You can keep track of detention time within each space using geo-fencing.

Reduce costly mistakes

Workforce management can help you reduce any costly mistakes due to driver fatigue, paperwork, or faulty memories. The platform also allows you to flag non-compliant records and suggest corrections immediately and accordingly.

Fleet Maintenance

FleetUp will be an investment in your fleet's vehicles as it provides you with beneficial fleet maintenance features such as:

  • Vehicle e-maintenance scheduling
  • Real-time engine diagnostics
  • Patented fuel management
  • Centralized digital platform

Fleet maintenance can help you avoid surprise repairs as you keep track of every working hour and mile, so you never miss a scheduled check-up. The software allows you to set customizable maintenance metrics so you decide whether to base maintenance schedules on hours of usage, odometer, or calendar days.

Driver Safety Scorecards

FleetUp allows you to assess your driver's performances automatically with scorecards. Driving behavior tracking keeps you informed about how often your drivers engage in unsafe behaviors or traffic violations.

The scorecards can help you increase your drivers' accountability and identify which drivers need coaching to reduce at-risk behaviors. Additionally, increased driver safety can help you negotiate lower insurance premiums and ultimately increase your vehicle's health and lifespan.

Documents and Messaging

FleetUp's cloud-based software allows you to access your fleet data from anywhere using its mobile applications. In addition, it provides you with a virtual workspace where you can easily upload any document.

The mobile application also provides you and your team with direct messaging, so you can easily reach drivers, dispatchers, and in-field employees.

FleetUp Devices and Equipment

FleetUp provides you with all the devices and equipment you need, such as:

  • AI Dashcams
  • Asset Tracking Devices
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Equipment Monitors
  • ELDs

All of FleetUp's devices have fast and fool-proof installation. They can all be managed and controlled remotely and will provide you with anti-theft alerts. Additionally, you get to enjoy their long-lasting battery life and solar charging capabilities to extend their battery life further.

FleetUp Mobile Applications

FleetUp Driver

The FleetUp driver mobile application offers a 24/7 virtual office that allows you, drivers, to spend less time on paperwork and more time moving freight. The app offers connected tools to your drivers so they can focus on driving while staying in touch with dispatchers and managers.

Its top features and benefits include:

  • Staying connected and compliant
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Improving safety and preventing violations
  • Spending less time on coaching
  • Optimizing delivery routes
  • Locating assets instantly

The mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

FleetUp Admin

The FleetUp admin mobile application will provide your managers and admins with complete fleet management. You get:

  • Real-time map interface
  • Easy communication with drivers
  • Facilitated customer support
  • Asset security maintenance
  • Live-streamed dashcam videos
  • Real-time data monitoring

The mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

FleetUp Compliance

FleetUp will ensure your business stays compliant with HOS, DVIR, and IFTA regulations. Electronic reporting will automatically transfer data to the FMCSA. The platform will also keep you up to date with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

All of your HOS documentation will be simplified and stored in the cloud as HOS is directly integrated with FleetUp's ELD.

Customer Support

You can reach FleetUp by phone or email at (833) 66-FLEET and [email protected] to request a quote. You can also use its website to request a quote for your fleet business by requesting a live demo to see its software in action and then get a customized price depending on your business's size and needs.

Final Thoughts

FleetUp offers an all-in-one complete fleet management and tracking software that provides you with all the solutions and capabilities you need to reduce your fuel costs, optimize your fleet operations, and increase its efficiency. Get started by requesting a demo from FleetUp's website.

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