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Genesis HR Solutions Review: Benefits, Cost, and Plans

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Genesis HR Solutions Review: Benefits, Cost, and PlansGenesis HR Solutions Review: Benefits, Cost, and Plans

Genesis HR offers a wide range of solutions for small, medium, and large companies to help them manage human resources, control cash flow, and keep track of employees' performance.

The service also helps businesses keep an eye on regulation updates and focus on their consistent growth. MyGenesisHR's online user portal provides industry-leading services available for employees and managers seamlessly.


Excellent customer support options
Plans are flexible and customizable
Fully-featured HR and PEO solutions


Pricier than other PEO services

Quick Stats

Business Size
Starts at $80/month
Customer Experience

With more than 30 years in the field, Genesis HR has proved its excellence and reliability as one of the leading companies that provides all-in-one solutions to manage employees and automate tasks in order to reduce time and effort dedicated to those tasks.


What Makes Genesis HR a Good Pick?


Genesis HR has been first introduced to the world in 1991 as Genesis Employment Services, and so far, the company has been recognized as one of the leaders offering all a business needs to thrive.

Services presented by the company include HR solutions, benefits, payroll, and compliance services. Let's explain its features further:

Dedicated account expert

Genesis HR stands out by offering a dedicated expert in each area of the human resources field. There's always a dedicated account expert working with you across HR, Benefits, and Compliance, to help you focus on your business goals while allowing you to keep track of your business performance.

Employee management tools

The PEO and HR solutions presented by Genesis HR are good for all business sizes with a different number of employees. Whether your business has a small group of workers or multiple departments with various requirements, Genesis HR has what you need.

It supports businesses by offering employee practices liability insurance, employee handbook, employee eligibility compliance, labor law posting by state, working advantage discount program, and worker's compensation administration.

Performance tools

Every business requires the proper tools to measure performance and keep an eye on the major aspects that affect the overall workflow. Genesis HR equips businesses with effective tools to get the work smoothly done by including the following in its plans: HR technology and employee self-service, unemployment administration, reporting, working advantage discount program, and HR technology and employee self-service.


Payroll and Tax processing tools

This is one of the main HR tasks that require both time and effort, and no matter how simple some people might think the process is, processing payrolls and taxes isn't that easy, especially since similar tasks include sensitive information like financial and personal data of the employees.

But you don't have to worry about processing payrolls and taxes with Genesis HR solutions, as it takes care of your employee's payroll processing (multi-state), payroll tax filings, and W-2 processing.


Genesis HR Services

As we mentioned earlier, the company takes care of the automatable tasks that might consume time and effort, and by doing that, it helps you pour all your attention into your business growth. Let's break the services down in detail:

HR Solutions

First of all, Genesis HR dedicates an account expert work to plan and execute a lasting HR strategy that emphasizes the growth of your business. Besides, the company takes care of these tasks: Employee Handbook, HR Technology Tool, HR Support, Navigating Employment Relationships, Custom Employee Onboarding Experience, HR Compliance Audit and Corrective Action Plan, Job Descriptions and Resources, Custom Management Training Programs, Salary Benchmarking, and finally Employee Engagement Tools.


Benefits services

Hiring new employees isn't an easy mission to do and the process has become increasingly competitive, the benefits you offer as a small business matter. This should not be a struggle when your choice falls on Genesis HR, the company finds the best benefits partners and plans for your budget, including access to large group health insurance, and then guides you through your possibilities so you can make an informed decision.

  • Benefit plan administration
  • Health, Dental, and Vision plans
  • Life and Disability plans
  • Tax Preferred plans; FSA Health, DCAP, Commuter, HSA, HRA
  • 401k Plan Adoption (optional)
  • Employee Eligibility compliance
  • HR Technology and Employee Self Service
  • Reporting
  • Working Advantage Discount Program
  • COBRA Administration
  • ACA Reporting


Payroll services

Payroll is the foundation of every other aspect of your business, and your employees' livelihoods, so you want a partner you can rely on. With Genesis HR you get a dedicated team who knows what to look for and can help you get the work done.

Services related to the payrolls presented by Genesis HR include payroll processing (multi-state), payroll tax filings, W-2 processing, paid time off management and workflow, business expense reimbursement, HR and payroll customer support, HR technology, and employee self-service.


Compliance services

When it comes to compliance, an expert should handle the mission. Genesis HR checks off the long list of stressful but necessary tasks you spend too much time doing. Services related to compliance include:

  • Payroll Tax Filings
  • Labor Law Posting by State
  • Custom Employee Handbook
  • COBRA Administration
  • Annual OSHA Logs
  • Form 5500 Filing
  • MA HIRD Filing
  • ACA Reporting

Genesis HR Plans and Cost


Genesis HR offers three different plans that you can choose from, cost for sure varies based on the number of employees and how advanced the features are. The three options are Starter, Essential, and Supercharged:


This plan is good for small businesses with minimal needs and basic requirements. The plan is available for $80/employee per month, which we don't consider very affordable, but the price might be fair when taking into consideration the number of features included.


This plan is good for growing businesses, this plan is supported by a dedicated account expert to lead your way step by step and help you get the ultimate benefits of the PEO services. The plan is available for $100/employee per month.


This plan is a good fit for larger businesses. It helps supplement your HR needs so you can focus on what you do best. The plan is available for $125/employee per month.


Customer support

Genesis HR assists its clients through email, phone calls, and tickets. There is a large number of FAQs that you can refer to if you still want to read more about the service after you have talked to one of the company's representatives, or even before you head to an agent.

Let's also mention that you can find multiple resources including blogs, customer reviews and feedback, and HR guides and templates, and let us tell you that after reviewing many PEO services, we can be confident about saying that Genesis HR offers one of the best PEO services on the market.


With payroll, HR, risk management, tax compliance, and other services provided by Genesis, you can be sure all of your PEO needs are being met by a knowledgeable and friendly staff dedicated to answering any questions or concerns accurately and precisely.

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