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PaymentCloud Credit Card processor Review

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PaymentCloud Credit Card processor ReviewPaymentCloud Credit Card processor Review

PaymentCloud is a payment processing solution with plentiful integrations, dedicated account managers, and PCI-compliant credit card processors.


No fees for early termination
Solutions for low, medium, and high risk businesses
Specialized account managers
Fraud prevention tools


Prices aren't disclosed on the website

Quick Stats

Customer Support
Fair and transparent rate structure
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Based on the industry and business size
Strong uptime record
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Transaction speed
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The best part of all is that PaymentCloud serves businesses with different degrees of risk, so if you run a high-risk business, PaymentCloud will always have something to offer.

Everyone wants to test the water before making the last decision. PaymentCloud offers free trials and won't charge you if you choose to terminate your subscription.

PaymentCloud Top Perks

Let's get right to the points that put PaymentCloud on the best credit card processor list:
1. Fraud prevention tools
2. No fees for early termination
3. Good for small, mid, and large businesses
4. Specialized account managers
5. PCI compliant solutions

PaymentCloud has payment card industry-compliant solutions that guarantee to keep all payments secured and protected against fraudsters. The service beefs up your sales, offering hundreds of integrations and enabling connecting your POS or eCommerce cart with the payment processor.

Merchants can accept payment from anywhere and at any time, via credit cards, online, or mobile and all are secured and easily processed. Businesses of different sizes can seamlessly benefit from PaymentCloud solutions, making it a good option even for high-risk industries, such as insurance companies.

Credit card processors presented by PaymentCloud are customizable to fit almost every industry. Overall, businesses in the following fields can make good use of the service: Pet supplies, moving services, parking garages, beauty products, auto parts, home goods, and many other industries.

Industries PaymentCloud Is Good For

After reviewing a handful of merchant services, we can be confident about PaymentCloud fast and easy dashboard, affordable rates, and extensive in-person and online payment processing options.

Particularly, PaymentCloud is a good fit for:

High-risk businesses

PaymentCloud equips businesses of every type with essential features, plus the bells and whistles that can take a business to the next level.

You must be wondering what businesses are deemed to be highly risky ones. Here are some good examples of high-risk businesses:

  • Credit repair
  • Dating sites
  • Cigars and tobacco
  • Guns and firearmsTech support

Medium-risk businesses

PaymentCloud has credit card processing solutions for medium-risk businesses and guarantees that your business is up and running fast. The service provides the latest shopping cart integrations, recurring billing functionality, and security measures you need to protect your customers' payments.

For businesses in medium-risk industries, PaymentCloud reduces the amount of declined transactions and dedicates a team of specialists to answer all your questions.

Here are some examples of medium-risk businesses:

  • eCommerce
  • Accounting
  • Dropshipping
  • Web design and SEO services

Low-risk businesses

As a low-risk business, you'll find a handful of retail and credit card processing options, but where to begin? PaymentCloud helps customers choose from a broad selection of POS systems, countertop terminals, and online credit card processing solutions. It also makes a thorough side-by-side comparison to choose what fits your business the best.

There are a lot of low-risk industries, from which we mention:

  • Pet supplies
  • Auto parts
  • Parking garages
  • Home goods

PaymentCloud Features


We have briefly mentioned some of the best functionalities the service offers, and in this section, we'll discuss them in detail:

PCI compliance

In general, all businesses that accept credit card payments must be PCI compliant. If a credit card processor isn't secure enough, it can't be a trustworthy one, that's simply because payments need to be protected and secured to earn customer trust and encourage others to use the service.

The company offers training and tools to guarantee that your business is running smoothly and can be handled securely to prevent data breach attempts and fraudulent transactions.


PaymentCloud is a full-service credit card provider with all a business needs to thrive; businesses can have access to funds for startup expenses, inventory, marketing campaigns, and other requirements that a small business might need.

Hundreds of integrations

The solutions are integrated with a handful of other services, including WooCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop, ZenCart, WordPress, and many others. A business that integrates with other services can serve a broader range of industries and different business needs.

PaymentCloud is also suitable for all types of businesses, including small, medium, and large companies. Supported industries include pet supplies, firearms, credit repair, insurance companies, auto parts services, and dropshipping.

Accepts all credit card types

PaymentCloud credit card solutions are compatible with all types of credit card types, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Apple Pay. Besides, the features support payments from anywhere, including in-store, online, eChecks, ACH, cryptocurrency, and mobile payments.

PaymentCloud Pricing

The website doesn't share a lot of information about the cost and subscriptions, but you can ask for a quote by filling out the online application or calling one of the company's agents. On the website, you can see the number of agents available for support and the estimated waiting time before you get the help needed by one of the available agents.

Generally speaking, high-risk businesses are more likely to pay higher costs than other businesses, it's expected when operating in an industry associated with higher risk. PaymentCloud provides custom quotes to get an idea about the estimated costs.

PaymentCloud serves other industries with low or medium risk, and for those businesses, the company offers starting rates of 0.39% for swiped transactions. However, merchants need to know that this is not the total rate a user will pay. It's good to know that the company doesn't require any startup or gateway fees for online businesses.

Customer Support

A dedicated customer support number on the website is available 24 hours and throughout the whole week. So when you head to the website, you can also know how many agents are available and the estimated waiting time.

You can refer to the blogs and FAQs to find more about the service, articles on almost every possible issue, and a complete guide on credit card processing. The blog is comprehensive, and we think every new merchant can make use of it.

Final Verdict

Credit card processing services don't usually support high-risk industries, but PaymentCloud supports all business sizes and industries, including low, medium, and high-risk businesses. In addition, the company has excellent customer support via email, phone, and tickets.

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