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PaymentCloud Credit Card Processor Review

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PaymentCloud Credit Card Processor Review

Updated: December 10, 2023

In the fast-paced business world, efficient credit card processing services are pivotal in shaping the success of enterprises of all sizes. These services facilitate smooth transactions and contribute to customer satisfaction and trust. In this review, we'll look closer at PaymentCloud, a key player in this domain, providing potential customers with valuable insights and enabling them to make better decisions that align with their unique business needs.


Working with high-risk businesses
Tailored solutions
Innovative technology
Diverse industry support


Transaction volume restrictions
Lack of transparency


Quick Stats

Based on the industry and business size
Transaction Speed
Customer Experience
Transparent Pricing
Pricing Model
Trustpilot Score
4.3 out of 5
BBB Rating

Company Overview

PaymentCloud stands out as a prominent merchant services provider in the bustling credit card processing landscape. Founded in 2015 with a vision to revolutionize payment solutions, PaymentCloud has carved their niche by providing innovative and tailored services to businesses across various industries. The company's history, size, market position, and excellent reputation collectively contribute to their standing in the market.

They're a payment processing company that serves low-, medium-, and high-risk businesses in the United States. The company has concentrated their efforts, in particular, on servicing enterprises in high-risk industries. The company offers bespoke solutions that address the specific problems that small businesses encounter, providing merchants who would not otherwise qualify for regular access to dependable payment processing services.

Due to the increased financial risks associated with consumer chargebacks, fraudulent transactions, litigation, or government regulation, high-risk industries sometimes struggle to get payment processing services. Health supplements, money services, adult entertainment, CBD, and alcohol sales are all examples of high-risk sectors that they work with. PaymentCloud collaborates with a network of banks and processors that accept various high-risk company types and then supports such firms in merchant accounts through these partners, functioning as the middleman.

This company's journey is rooted in a commitment to understanding the evolving needs of businesses and adapting to technological advancements. Their growth and market position showcases a dedication to service delivery and customer satisfaction excellence.
They have a B+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but they aren't accredited by the BBB.

Service Offerings

PaymentCloud's service offerings encompass a range of solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of companies and merchants. From traditional point-of-sale (POS) systems to cutting-edge e-commerce solutions, the company caters to a broad spectrum of industries.

Some of the services offered include the following:

  • 24/7 merchant support: Recognizing the round-the-clock nature of modern business, PaymentCloud provides unwavering 24/7 merchant support. This commitment ensures that businesses have a reliable lifeline, ready to address queries, troubleshoot issues, and provide assistance whenever needed
  • Chargeback protection: Understanding the challenges associated with chargebacks, PaymentCloud offers a comprehensive program to assist businesses in managing and mitigating these issues. This proactive approach safeguards businesses and underscores the company's commitment to fostering healthy and secure financial transactions
  • Hardware: In a world where technological advancements drive efficiency, PaymentCloud provides state-of-the-art hardware solutions, such as a point-of-sale system and mobile card reader. Whether it's upgrading existing systems or integrating cutting-edge technology, businesses can rely on them to offer hardware solutions that align with their unique requirements
  • POS system: PaymentCloud's POS system is a cornerstone of its service offerings. Designed for seamless transactions and enhanced customer experiences, the POS system caters to businesses of all sizes, providing a user-friendly interface and robust functionality
  • Various payment methods: Recognizing the diversity in consumer preferences, PaymentCloud supports many payment methods, such as virtual terminals, invoices, contactless payments, and QR codes. From credit and debit cards to emerging digital payment solutions, businesses partnering with PaymentCloud can ensure that they cater to the broad spectrum of customer payment preferences 
  • Payment gateways: Facilitating the smooth flow of transactions, PaymentCloud's payment gateways provide a secure and efficient channel for processing payments. This enhances the overall customer experience and ensures that businesses can rely on a seamless integration of payment processes
  • Zero-cost processing: The company offers zero-cost processing options as a surcharge program in a strategic move that sets PaymentCloud apart. Businesses can maximize their revenue without worrying about hidden costs thanks to this transparent fee approach
  • Funding program: PaymentCloud is a full-service provider with all a business needs to thrive; companies can have access to funds for startup expenses, inventory, marketing campaigns, and other requirements that a business might need
  • Integrations: In addition to their core services, PaymentCloud further distinguishes themselves by offering seamless integrations that enhance the capabilities of businesses across various industries. These services, which include online store, API integrations, shopping carts, and eCommerce merchants, contribute to the overall efficiency, functionality, and adaptability of the company's services

Advantages & Potential Drawbacks

Like any service provider, PaymentCloud comes with their own set of strengths and considerations. It's essential to provide a balanced view to potential customers, addressing both the advantages and potential drawbacks of opting for PaymentCloud's credit card processing services.


  • Tailored solutions: PaymentCloud's commitment to understanding the specific needs of businesses allows for the provision of customized solutions, ensuring that clients receive services that align with their unique requirements
  • Innovative technology: The company's emphasis on staying at the forefront of technological advancements ensures that clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions that enhance the efficiency of their payment processing
  • Diverse industry support: PaymentCloud's services extend across various industries, making them a versatile choice for businesses in retail, e-commerce, hospitality, and a lot of high-risk industries
  • Working with high-risk businesses: A standout feature of PaymentCloud is their capability to effectively partner with high-risk businesses. While many merchant account providers may shy away from industries deemed high-risk, this company embraces the challenge and provides specialized expertise to navigate the unique demands of such sectors

Potential drawbacks

  • Transaction volume restrictions: While PaymentCloud offers a range of services, businesses may encounter a limitation in terms of transaction volume. This restriction can pose challenges for rapidly growing enterprises or those with fluctuating transaction patterns. The imposition of volume limits may hinder scalability and prompt businesses to seek alternative solutions that align better with their evolving needs. It's essential for companies to carefully assess their transaction volume projections and growth trajectories before committing to PaymentCloud to ensure compatibility with their long-term objectives
  • Lack of transparency: This can create uncertainty for businesses, making it difficult to assess the actual cost of services and plan their financial strategies effectively. Clear and transparent communication is paramount in fostering trust, and addressing this concern could significantly enhance the overall user experience. Potential users should approach PaymentCloud with a cautious eye and seek detailed clarification on all aspects of the agreement they have with the provider

Pricing Structure

Their website doesn't share much information about the cost, contract terms, or subscriptions, but you can ask for a quote by filling out the online application or calling one of the company's agents. On the website, you can view the number of agents available to provide support and the anticipated wait time before one of the available agents can assist you. 

Generally speaking, high-risk businesses are more likely to pay higher costs than other businesses; this is expected when operating in an industry associated with higher risk. Once you contact their sales team, ask all the appropriate questions and compare the companies you are considering working with to each other before making a final decision.

Security & Compliance

Security is paramount when it comes to credit card processing. Businesses and consumers rely on ensuring that their financial information is handled securely. PaymentCloud employs robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information during transactions. From encryption protocols to secure data storage, the company prioritizes the protection of both businesses and their customers. Implementing advanced fraud prevention technologies adds an extra layer of security, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.

Their commitment to compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is evident in their operations. Adhering to these standards ensures that businesses using PaymentCloud's services meet the regulatory requirements, instilling customer confidence and minimizing the risk of data breaches.

User Experiences & Feedback

Real-world experiences provide invaluable insights into the efficacy of credit card processing services. This section will compile user reviews, testimonials, and feedback to present a comprehensive view of how customers have benefited from Payment Cloud's services. They have gained a 4.3 rating on Trustpilot and a 1 out of 5 rating on the BBB.

Positive user reviews highlight PaymentCloud's reliability, efficiency, and customer-centric approach. Customers across different industries commend the company for their customized solutions, responsive support, and helpful account managers. 

However, it's important to acknowledge that no service is without its challenges, and constructive criticism from users provides an opportunity for improvement. Some customers have reported issues with fund holds, customer service, and long approval times. Furthermore, there have been reports of potential rate and charge misrepresentation by the company's sales representatives, although this is referenced in only one complaint. Despite these issues, PaymentCloud responds directly to each new complaint, displaying a dedication to addressing consumer problems and what might be the reason behind them.

Customer Service

A dedicated customer support number on the website is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So when you head to the website, you can also know how many agents are available and the estimated waiting time. You can contact them by phone at (800) 988-2215, by filling out the form on their website, or through their social media platforms.

You can refer to their blogs and FAQs to learn more about the service, articles on almost every possible issue, and a complete guide on credit card processing. 


In conclusion, PaymentCloud emerges as a noteworthy player in the credit card processing industry, offering a range of services that cater to the diverse needs of businesses. The company's commitment to customization, innovative technology, and security positions them as a reliable partner for business owners seeking seamless payment solutions.

While the review has provided a comprehensive overview of PaymentCloud's strengths, potential considerations, and user experiences, it’s essential for businesses to conduct further research and, if necessary, engage in direct communication with the company. Every business is unique, and aligning the services of a credit card processing provider with specific requirements is crucial for long-term success. Get the most out of your decision-making process by perusing our CCP reviews, blogs, and comparison pages.

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