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CardConnect Review: A Closer Look at Payments

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CardConnect Review: A Closer Look at Payments

Edited: December 6th, 2023

CardConnect (CC) is a distinguished player within the Fiserv Credit Card Processing platform, offering reliable services for businesses seeking secure and efficient payment solutions. This review delves into the operational subtleties of CC's services, thoroughly examining its features, challenges, pricing, and user experiences. This review aims to navigate the landscape of efficient payment solutions, spotlighting the distinctive aspects that define CardConnect's role in modern finance.


Transaction monitoring and account management
Online ticketing system
Detailed reports and fast onboarding
Integrated solutions
Chargeback management tools
Surcharge program for revenue enhancement
24/7 customer support


Subpar customer service
Challenging cancellation process
Hardware costs
Non-transparent pricing model


Quick Stats

Transaction Speed
24 to 48 hours
Customer Experience
Business Size Supported
Gift Cards
Real-Time Reports
Transparent Pricing
Pricing Model
Trustpilot Score
2.4 out of 5
BBB Rating


Established in 2006 as Financial Transaction Services and rebranded as CardConnect in 2013, the company has evolved into a key player in the payment processing industry. Headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, CC has become a trusted partner and merchant account provider for companies of all sizes, catering to small businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises like Adobe. Notably, in 2017, CC was acquired by First Data Corporation, which was later acquired by Fiserv, bolstering its industry influence. CardConnect's mission centers on simplifying and enhancing the payment experience for businesses, with a strong emphasis on transparency and the integration of innovative technologies to meet the evolving needs of the industry.


CardConnect presents an array of features that position it as an ideal solution for businesses seeking efficient credit card payment processing. These features include:

Detailed reports and fast onboarding: CardConnect streamlines the merchant onboarding process with a user-friendly digital application and provides in-depth reporting, allowing businesses to track activities seamlessly from application to approval.

Customer support: Round-the-clock customer support ensures businesses receive timely assistance in resolving any issues or concerns they may encounter.

Transaction monitoring and account management: CC empowers businesses to monitor transaction progress and effectively manage their accounts.

Online ticketing system: Facilitating efficient communication, CardConnect offers an online ticketing system for businesses to submit requests and monitor the status of various account aspects, including deposits, batch reports, and transactions.

Integrated solutions: The company's integrated solutions encompass a range of APIs, including the developer-friendly gateway, virtual terminal, and mobile credit processing app- CardPointe. As CardConnect’s primary offering, Cardpointe facilitates secure and versatile payment acceptance across various channels and POS systems.

Chargeback management tools: CardConnect equips businesses with tools to efficiently manage chargebacks, refunds, voids, and returns to safeguard revenue.

Surcharge program for revenue enhancement: Businesses can implement surcharge fees for credit card payments, helping cover processing costs and potentially boosting revenue.

NFC and EMV transaction support: The CardPointe platform ensures compatibility with a wide range of payment methods by supporting both NFC (Near Field Communication) and EMV (Electronic Money Transfer) transactions.

Recurring billing support: The platform facilitates efficient management of subscriptions and regular payments through its robust support for recurring billing.

Invoicing: CardConnect's comprehensive credit card processing platform supports invoicing, allowing businesses to efficiently create and manage customer invoices.

Top Features

CardConnect is a leading merchant service provider of payment processing and technology solutions, offering a range of advanced payment products and services:

Customizable payment gateway: Businesses can tailor their payment processing system to meet specific needs through CC's customizable payment gateway.

Mobile app accessibility: Their dedicated mobile app enables businesses to manage payment processing on the go. It is compatible with iOS and Android and amplifies transaction management and performance monitoring. However, limited information about a free trial can impact businesses' secure satisfaction.

Eco-friendly practices: CardConnect's commitment to electronic payments and ACH transactions aligns seamlessly with environmentally friendly practices. The emphasis on reducing reliance on paper receipts is complemented by the added appeal of customizable online receipts, enhancing the overall eco-friendly approach.

Multi-currency support: Operating in over 150 currencies across 37 countries, CardConnect enables businesses to expand their reach and accept payments in diverse currencies.

Setbacks & Cons

Although they offer a range of beneficial features, CardConnect has encountered criticism in various areas:

Non-transparent pricing model: While the company discloses some fees, its website's transparency is limited. The available information lacks a comprehensive overview of various fees, such as cancellation fees and specific pricing details. This leaves clients uncertain about the complete extent of their payment service costs.

Hardware costs: CC's lack of readily available hardware is a notable aspect that requires careful consideration. Unlike some competitors who offer hardware for free upon subscription, CardConnect may not provide it with their services despite it being key to credit card processing operations.

Subpar customer service: Dissatisfaction with customer service has been a recurring issue, particularly when users seek to close their accounts. Complaints include challenges in reaching management and negative experiences with customer service representatives, described as either rude or unhelpful. Many customers contribute their bad service to their partnered independent sales agents.

Challenging cancellation process: Many customer reviews have described the process of canceling CC services as challenging. Reports highlight difficulties, including high termination fees and obstacles businesses face when attempting to terminate their accounts.

Long contract duration: External sources indicate that CardConnect contracts may extend up to five years, with a potential early termination fee (ETF) of as high as $750 if a client ends the partnership before the contract's completion. This extended commitment and the associated costs may pose a significant consideration for businesses seeking flexibility in their payment processing arrangements.


CardConnect operates on an interchange-plus pricing model, where businesses are charged based on the actual cost of processing a credit or debit card transaction set by card networks like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, plus a fixed markup or fee set by the payment processor. While the company doesn't disclose service prices, it does provide insight into some of their expenses. Notably, the international processing fee is 0.55 USD, reflecting their commitment to transparent pricing for businesses engaging in global transactions.

Additionally, for credit and debit transactions, CC employs a tiered approach. For sales under $1000, there is a credit/debit assessment at the rate of 0.1275% of the card volume and a nominal 0.0195 USD per transfer fee. In contrast, for sales exceeding $1000, the credit/debit assessment increases to 0.1475% of the card volume, accompanied by a 0.1095% per transfer fee. While these details offer a glimpse into CardConnect's fee structure, businesses are encouraged to contact the company directly or consult their representatives for a comprehensive understanding of their pricing model and any potential additional costs from in-person processing fees to online payments.

Security & Compliance

CardConnect emphasizes security and compliance within its payment processing solutions, implementing robust measures to safeguard sensitive data and facilitate PCI compliance for businesses.

PCI compliance focus

CardConnect actively promotes PCI compliance as a fundamental aspect for software companies and offers valuable resources to assist businesses in effectively managing it. Recognizing the significance of adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), CardConnect strives to guide businesses through the complexities of compliance.

Tokenization for data protection

The company employs a complex approach to data protection by utilizing payment processing tokenization. This technique involves replacing sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, with unique tokens. By doing so, CardConnect shields customers from potential data breaches and significantly alleviates the challenges associated with PCI compliance. Tokenization serves as a powerful tool in ensuring the confidentiality and security of payment information.

CardSecure suite

CardConnect's comprehensive security suite, CardSecure, incorporates advanced features like tokenization and Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE). The implementation of P2PE ensures that credit card data is encrypted right at the point of sale and remains protected throughout its entire lifecycle. This robust security framework is a proactive measure against payment fraud and simplifies business PCI compliance management. The CardSecure suite stands as a testament to CardConnect's commitment to providing end-to-end security solutions.

User Experience & Testimonials

CardConnect has amassed diverse user experiences and testimonials, showcasing a spectrum of positive and negative feedback. On the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it holds a 1/5-star rating and a B grade. G2 rates it slightly higher at 2.5/5, and TrustRadius gives it a 2/5-star rating. Notably, on TrustPilot, CardConnect has received a rating of 2.4/5. 

Positive reviews consistently highlight customer satisfaction with the company's services and products. For instance, a G2 reviewer praised the company for exceptional service and assistance over a four-year period. Users also compliment the platform's user-friendly interface, response time, good deals, and impressive integration capabilities, particularly in payment security and enterprise integration.

On the flip side, negative feedback reveals challenges related to service quality, communication issues, inadequate documentation, and problems with transactions or financial handling. Numerous negative reviews express concerns about poor customer service, high rates, hidden fees, and a perceived lack of transparency in critical contract terms. One review stands out, mentioning that $20,000 was withheld from a customer without explanation.

CardConnect has acknowledged most complaints on the BBB and is making efforts to resolve them. While customer reviews are essential in decision-making, it's crucial not to rely solely on them. It's wise to approach reviews cautiously, considering that people are likelier to leave negative feedback to address issues than positive ones.

How Do I Reach Out to CardConnect?

There are several convenient methods available to contact CardConnect. You can join the CardConnect partner program by filling out the contact form on their official website and providing essential details for a prompt response. Alternatively, reach out to their sales team at (212) 804-7140 for new merchant accounts or Clover product purchases and (877) 828-0720 for CardConnect support. Lastly, you can reach them digitally through their email [email protected] or their social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, for more information.

Concluding Remarks

Headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, CardConnect is a credit card processor with a mission focused on simplifying payment experiences. Established in 2006, they offer features like transparent fees and customizable payment gateways. However, their customer service still falls short, and they lack transparency. Although a significant portion of pricing information is not available, the disclosed pricing includes an international processing fee and tiered credit/debit assessment rates. Security measures, such as PCI compliance and tokenization, highlight their commitment to data protection. User experiences vary, with positives in ease of use and negatives in customer service. You can directly contact them for more up-to-date information.

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