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CardConnect: CardPointe Payment Processing Platform Review

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CardConnect: CardPointe Payment Processing Platform Review

CardConnect: CardPointe Payment Processing Platform ReviewCardConnect: CardPointe Payment Processing Platform Review


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CardConnect is payments platform from Fiserv that is focused on helping businesses of all size grow through its seamless integration of secure payment processing. CardConnect offers a number of solutions for businesses, software, small shops, and ecommerce. Continue reading our full CardConnect review to know everything it can offer your business.

About CardConnect

CardConnect launched in 2006 as Financial Transaction Services and later rebranded into CardConnect in 2013. The company offers a variety of merchant services and offerings such as merchant accounts, payment gateways, point of sale systems, and more.

CardConnect earns an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau and average ratings on reviewing sites due to its lengthy contracts and high termination fees. Its products, however, are industry competing. Its primary offering is its payment processor and payment gateway, CardPointe.

CardPointe Features and Solutions

Transaction Management

CardPointe is a payment management software that allows merchant users to review their credit card transactions in real-time and easily from one place.

CardPointe offers an easy-to-use portal for managing all your business credit card transactions with the ability to pull real-time reports and much more. Its advanced payment reporting software allows business owners to focus on the metrics that can help their businesses grow by instantly identifying best-selling products, most loyal customers, and top-performing employees.

The platform also allows you to set up recurring billing plans for your customers to automating their future payments. Its payment reporting software is also a brilliant resource to help you manage your PCI compliance, as it allows you to complete your PCI questionnaire and PCI initiatives right from your account.

CardPointe Credit Card Terminal

CardConnect’s CardPointe Credit Card Terminal is an EMV and NFC-enabled payment machine that is perfectly secure for processing transactions. The machine allows you to take payments, print receipts, and be paid with its card-present payment terminal that is protected by point-to-point encryption (P2PE).

Additionally, every credit card machine comes equipped with an advanced payment that is designed to streamline the sales process for you as a merchant and your customers. Your customers can also take advantage of contactless payments, wave their NFC-enabled cards across your terminal, or use their smart wearable devices like virtual wallets, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Last but not least, CardConnect aggressively optimizes interchange rates of every transaction, so you get the best rates possible and break it down in detail within the business’s monthly statements.

Virtual Terminal

CardConnect offers its virtual terminal in a browser-based point of sale system that comes complimentary with a CardPointe account. The virtual terminal allows you to accept card-present and card-not-present transactions in person or over the phone.

Virtual credit card processing is mostly best suited for businesses that rely on mail order and telephone order payments when the customer is not physically present to make the purchase. The virtual terminal from CardConnect is also secured with its patented tokenization and can be paired with devices protected by its PCI-validated POS encryption.

Virtual terminal’s benefits include the following:

  • Accept payments anywhere. All you need is a mobile or PC browser, plus access to your secure CardPointe account.
  • Simplify payments, especially for those customers who can’t (or won’t) use their credit cards for traditional e-commerce shopping.
  • Store customer data, allowing you to offer recurring billing options, exclusive discounts, or loyalty points.
  • Provide customers with electronic (virtual) receipts, whether for one-off purchases or recurring payments.

Mobile App

CardConnect offers its CardPointe Mobile alongside the CardPointe platform as a credit card reader application. From the mobile app, you are capable of labeling, pricing, and organizing products with the Catalog for a fast and simple checkout process.

The app also packs transaction management features that make it easy to filter and pull reports and drill deeper into each transaction to complete actions like voids or refunds.

Hosted Payment Page

The CardPointe Hosted Payment Page (HPP) is a great e-commerce solution for online stores that allows them to implement a simple, customizable, and secure payment page that fits their branding. The HPP is directly integrated into CardConnect’s Gateway and comes free with any CardPointe account.

Integrations & Add-ons

Integrations and add-ons allow you to expand your business’s toolbox and capabilities. Such integrations include point of sale systems and many software solutions that can help streamline your processes and enhance your business offerings.

Such software solutions include:

  • Simple-setup shopping carts
  • Data validation solutions
  • Reliable payroll and accounting tools
  • Business growth essentials

CardConnect CardPointe Fees and Costs

CardConnect does not advertise its credit card processing costs or CardPointe subscription costs, and you are recommended to call its sales team to get a customized quote for your business.

Customer Support

You can reach CardConnect by phone at 866.604.3286 to get a quote for your business. You can find support on its website under the Support page with videos, guides, and articles on its platform and solutions.

Final Thoughts

CardConnect is a payments platform that offers a unique payments platform CardPointe with a variety of solutions for businesses, software, and ecommerce stores. Its platform is packed with intuitive features such as a hosted payments page and much more to provide businesses and their customers with a seamless payment processing experience.



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