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OnSIP: Reliable Business VoIP Features

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OnSIP: Reliable Business VoIP Features
Can OnSIP's services satisfy all your business communication needs?

Published: January 29th, 2024

OnSIP is a reliable business VoIP solution provider that offers a broad range of products and features. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Manhattan, New York, this telecommunications company's services are designed to be simple, scalable, and functional from anywhere. But do they deliver all the communication solutions that your business needs?

In this review, we aim to provide enough information to help you decide if you should purchase OnSIP's services. We will look at their features, costs, advantages, disadvantages, and user perceptions. Read on to learn more!


Month-to-month contracts
Free trial (no credit card required)
Free phone offer with plan
US-based in-house support


5-user minimum for unlimited plan
No hot-desking or faxing features
Lack of native SMS and team messaging solutions
Limited third-party integrations


Quick Stats

Free Desktop App
Free Video Conferencing
$18.95 per month per user (Free trial available)
Business Size Supported
Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs)
Transparent Pricing
Pricing Model
Per month per user, monthly flat rate
Customer Experience
Trustpilot Score
4.5 out of 5
BBB Rating

OnSIP at a Glance

OnSIP is named after Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), a signaling protocol that controls real-time communication sessions like voice and video calls in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. Basically, it enables two endpoints to communicate with each other. OnSIP strives to connect you as a business user to your team, clients, stakeholders, and other contacts. They provide services to over 100,000 small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and do not limit their services to specific industries.

Their features can be flexibly chosen to suit your needs and involve more than basic VoIP calling perks. They include unified communication tools like softphone apps, remote work tools, website chat, and video conferencing. They provide free desktop and mobile apps and support for all SIP-enabled phones. They are known for their flexible pricing, and allow you to build your own hosted VoIP plan as needed, or save money by bundling all features together--- many of which come with no limits. OnSIP's cloud-hosted PBX aims to be the ideal phone system replacement through their desktop, web, and mobile support, video conferencing features, and access to expert customer service.

OnSIP provides call management and secure communication services, including end-to-end encryption. Their security measures include SDES-SRTP encryption, customizable anti-spam filters, geographically distributed cloud, industry-leading reliability, and call management features such as call routing and recording. OnSIP doesn't state a Service Level Agreement (SLA) on their website. However, they promise to offer 99.999% uptime for their services, which indicates their dedication to ensuring their services are reliable and high-performing for their customers.

They enjoy a stellar reputation in their industry and have been recognized with several awards and accolades. For the years of 2019-2023, they won the Excellence in Customer Service Award from Business Intelligence Group. They were also named a FrontRunner in 2024 by Software Advice. They are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) but receive an A+ rating.

OnSIP Business Phone Features

Your OnSIP account comes with many telecommunications and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) features. Those include:

  • Basic call features: Aside from clear, HD audio calls, these are comprised of 24 telecommunication tools such as auto-attendants, user group calls, recorded messages or announcements, inbound bridge, automatic call distribution (ACD) queues, call recording, call blocking, E911, different phone numbers, and much more
  • Call center features: These are features that go beyond basic telecommunication and are especially fitting for a call center. These include enhanced ACD queues and call recording, Zendesk and Hubspot integration, queue reporting, quick-dial from Chrome, and call monitoring features like whisper and barge
  • Website chat: When searching for answers by topic on the web, the Sayso tool allows your clients to call your call center reps through their browser, by voice, or by video. The basic tool allows you to manage reps, have custom display settings, display and business hour rules, and accept video calls. If you opt to upgrade your Sayso, you would get advanced capabilities like screen-share, analytics, Hubspot and Zendesk integrations, and the ability to remove OnSIP's branding
  • Basic collaboration: They offer such features as free on-network calling with extension-to-extension dialing, simultaneously ringing and receiving calls on all registered devices, external phone numbers, from-anywhere extension dialing, number-porting from previous provider, full-featured team directory page, and professional call links for your staff
  • OnSIP apps: They offer a free app for managing business phones and voicemail, available on desktops, mobile devices (iPhone and Android), and web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The app lets you make HD voice and video calls, view real-time presence information, and review past calls and messages
  • Video calling and conferencing: With their web, desktop, and mobile apps, you can make and receive video calls, as well as host and join video conference calls with up to five participants using their web and desktop apps
  • Admin portal and tools: As an administrator, you can access this portal within the OnSIP web app for user management and billing. All plan and billing information and updated administrator navigation reside in the new portal. Features of the portal include billing contact info, credit card management, plan management, invoices, PSTN management, and transaction history. Other tools available to you as an admin are the ability to see and download filtered call detail records, a knowledgebase with detailed articles, adding users from different locations, and a reporting dashboard that provides you with key data, monthly plan information, and allows you to create support tickets
  • Network and domain: Within their hosted PBX, you have the ability to use your own domain name. Also, for your peace of mind, their up-to-date network status page keeps you apprised of any alerts
  • Developer APIs: If you want to develop your app with better-integrated communications options, they provide robust tools that will help you do so

All this comes with unlimited support within the United States, which can be accessed by phone, support tickets, chat, and email.

Plans & Prices at OnSIP

OnSIP advertises two plans on their website, with transparent pricing and clear feature lists. They are as follows:

  • Basic: This "per-minute" plan costs $49.95 a month per account, and comes with basic capabilities for clients with relatively low call volumes. It enables customers to pay for only the features they use and the calls they make on a monthly basis. Included features per account are one recorded announcement, three auto-attendants, one-user call recording, a dial-by-name directory, three-ring groups, five voicemails and voicemail-to-email capabilities, basic music-on-hold, and a starter Sayso webchat package. The cost of calls is 3.2¢ per minute
  • Unlimited: This plan costs $18.95 a month per user, and may come with a Polycom desk phone for every user. With it, you have an unlimited amount of standard calling minutes as well as announcement recordings for calls, auto-attendants, call-recording users, dial-by-name directories, ring groups, voicemail capabilities, call parking, and busy lamp fields. You also get enhanced music-on-hold, but only the starter Sayso webchat option. Keep in mind that you have to have at least five users to take advantage of this plan
  • Free: This plan, with no apparent time limit, is essentially a free demonstration of their dashboard, wherein you can add phones, set up your E911, check call records, access the admin portal, and so on. You can make unlimited SIP-to-SIP calls, which include voice, video, and Sayso calls, but otherwise, you must load up credit to make regular phone calls and access other features

Keep in mind that many of the previously discussed features, like conference suites and call queues, will incur extra fees, while others come as standard with any plan. All these details and charges are spelled out on their pricing page; but make sure to inquire about all features with your sales representative. However, they include free onboarding services with their plans.

The Perks of OnSIP

There can be many benefits to OnSIP's services, some of which include:

  • Easy VoIP provisioning: They offer a simplified process for IP phone booting, which automates phone registration and bypasses manual configuration
  • Enticing agreements: Not only do they offer you the option of trying their services for free, no credit card necessary, but they also allow you to use their services on a month-to-month basis, requiring no lengthy contracts
  • Free phone offer: If you opt for the Unlimited plan, you may be able to get a free desktop VoIP phone for every user. However, this may be a limited-time offer
  • Dedicated support: Their support team is based in the US and operates in-house, providing you with expert, reliable service via many methods, including real-time voice and video assistance with specific team members
  • Free onboarding services: They include onboarding support as standard with all plans, ensuring you have a seamless transition process
  • Device-agnostic compatibility: You can access their platform and features from your web browser, using your computer with their desktop application, or from your Android or iOS device with their mobile app. They also work with all SIP-enabled hardware phones
  • Scalable services: Their plans allow you to add on enhanced functionality or more features as you need them for your expanding business's purposes
  • Free calls: If you opt for the Unlimited plan, you get free calls to over 20 countries, including the continental US, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Spain, etc. For all other countries, they have special international dialing rates

Why You Might Not Choose OnSIP

  • Five-user minimum: To sign up for their Unlimited plan and use their unlimited calling and features, you have at least five users. Startups or smaller businesses would have to either incur higher costs in add-ons or settle for much more limited offerings
  • Lacks features found at competitors: They do not offer internet faxing or hot desking features, making them less appealing to businesses who need those capabilities in one platform. Also, while their supplied numbers can accommodate SMS messaging, they do not natively provide that as a service, nor do they offer team messaging natively or via integrations
  • Limited integrations: They do not offer in-app compatibility with other applications besides the Zendesk and Hubspot CRM software. Also, it's not clear if you may build such integrations with their API toeols

The OnSIP Customer Experience

OnSIP receives predominantly positive feedback online. They have an excellent review score of 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot. They also get high scores elsewhere, garnering a 4.6 out of 5 score on Capterra and 4.1 out 5 on G2. They receive no reviews or complaints on the BBB.

Positive feedback

Among many of their client reviewers, OnSIP is well-liked for their user-friendly interface and extensive array of features. Many users appreciate the ability to answer calls directly on their cell phones from the office and the various other functionalities the service provides. One of the most common themes in user feedback is their exceptional customer service, with quick response times, efficient issue resolution, and helpful support staff, which are highlighted by a lot of reviews.

They have also been praised for their platform's reliability, ease of setup, and their straightforward administration processes through the web interface. Several users have found the pricing reasonable and a significant factor in choosing the service, with their affordability often being compared favorably to competitors. The flexibility OnSIP provides is another highlight for users, especially for businesses with varying communication needs. Reviewers have stated that their service can be used for multiple businesses, varied office setups, and is cost-effective.

Critical feedback

On the other hand, a few users have given critical feedback on the company, mentioning various issues with the service. For instance, they report issues with the mobile app, such as obnoxious ringtones, problems with call transfers, and occasional clunkiness. Additionally, reviewers desire some features that OnSIP lacks, such as a hot desking feature or better reporting on the admin dashboard of the softphone. Some users have experienced difficulties adapting to changes in the user interface, and they find it hard to locate specific features. They prefer a previous layout and express frustration with the learning curve.

The integration of OnSIP's platform with specific devices, like those running iOS, has been reported to be problematic. Users also express a desire for better integration with other platforms like Microsoft Teams. There were also concerns about phone functionality during internet outages, with users noting that the phones stop working if the internet is down. While OnSIP was often praised for affordability, some users find the cost relatively high compared to competitors, expressing dissatisfaction with the pricing structure. There have also been instances where promised features were not delivered or unavailable as initially presented during the sales pitch. Finally, there are complaints about voicemail-related issues, such as frequent voicemail losses. These issues, in particular, have negatively impacted customer satisfaction.

OnSIP Customer Support

There are various ways to access their support. You may call them at 1-800-801-3381, email them at, or connect with specific team members via their real-time assistance page powered by Sayso. You may also submit a request or live chat by signing in to their customer success portal.

Finally, you can find many helpful topics and articles on their online knowledge base and support page.

Final Thoughts

OnSIP is a reputable VoIP service provider that connects businesses with communication tools like unified communication, video conferencing, and secure communication services. Their cloud-hosted PBX is a complete phone system replacement that prioritizes security with end-to-end encryption, SDES-SRTP encryption, and customizable anti-spam filters. OnSIP's transparent pricing model allows businesses to create custom-hosted VoIP plans or opt for bundled features. They have also received recognition for excellence in customer service and industry leadership.

OnSIP offers easy VoIP provisioning, dedicated US-based support, free onboarding services, and device-agnostic compatibility. The platform is scalable and allows businesses to add enhanced functionality as needed. However, there are a few potential drawbacks, such as a five-user minimum requirement for the Unlimited plan, the absence of certain features, and limited integrations with other applications. Critical feedback highlights issues with the mobile app, challenges with the user interface, integration challenges, and occasional dissatisfaction with pricing. Overall, OnSIP's customer experience is positive, with users appreciating the user-friendly interface, extensive feature set, exceptional customer service, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

It helps that OnSIP allows you to try their services freely, but we always suggest you explore multiple options before finalizing a deal with a provider. You may want to look at our constantly updated company reviews page or compare different providers based on the features they offer for phone calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, and other communication services. If you want to broaden your knowledge about VoIP networks and related topics, you can do so through our enlightening blog articles. However far along you are in your purchase decision, we hope to make the process less burdensome.

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