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FluentStream VoIP Review: Small Businesses First Choice

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FluentStream VoIP Review: Small Businesses First Choice

FluentStream is a cloud-based VoIP communications system that is jam-packed with valuable features and tools. The service provides its users with a user portal to manage all their communications, which vary based on the business requirements to include voice calling, conferencing, chat, and SMS messages.


Affordable prices that starts at $25/month per user
Easy setup and implementation
Excellent 24/7 customer support options


Isn't the best option for large businesses


Quick Stats

Free Desktop App
Not Available
Free Video Conferencing
Not Available
Starting at $20/month per user

FluentStream has a built-in conference calling service, which is included for no extra fees. Users can make their own conference call and add up to 10 participants. However, the Complete plan allows an unlimited number of attendants. Let's go right to the details.

FluentStream VoIP Features


FluentStream bears in mind all that a business needs to thrive. Most importantly, all a small business requires to manage communications and provide customers high-quality calling services with top-notch security. In a nutshell, here's what a FluentStream VoIP has to offer:

Security tools

One of the main concerns, especially for industries with sensitive information, such as financial services and the healthcare sector. FluentStream sends automatic alerts, and it switches to emergency routing when your phones at a location are down.

You'll also receive a notification when servers are down and work with the company's client experience team to avoid interfering with business hours. Should an emergency happen, 911 associates your device with a physical location to guarantee that emergency calls are directed to the necessary emergency service.

Analytics and Reports

Make the needed staffing and standards changes by viewing and analyzing the state of each queue. FuentStream allows full access to a detailed call history on your web portal to get information such as call type, call direction, and which user was on the call. Besides, admins can build a daily, weekly, or monthly report on particular account extensions.


FulentStream educates a phone number to access as many conference rooms as the company requires. Users can set up custom greetings and adjust their conference features through the web portal.

Audio conference calling lets you host meetings with team members or clients no matter their location. Access can be restricted or granted for the participants your want by setting up a PIN.

Mobile app

FulentStream allows users to access voice calls, SMS, and voicemail management from their Android or iOS device by offering a mobile application. The service allows sending and receiving messages through your SMS-enabled business phone number using FulentCloud, Webphone, or mobile application.

Voicemail recording

Keep connected with your clients by sending pre-recorded voicemails with a single button. FluentStream empowers your sales team with the ability to record a personalized introduction to each voicemail. One more feature we like about FluentStream is the automated callbacks. Using automatic callbacks means that all callers will receive a response without losing their position in the queue.

Supporting multiple industries

Every business needs to keep their communications up and available whenever clients want to reach out. FluentStream caters to a large number of industries and offers customizable plans to fit almost every possible field.

On the website, you can see that the service offers VoIP solutions for multiple industries, including education, healthcare, insurance, and legal sectors. If your business falls under a different category, it's recommended to call one of the company's agents and ask about the possible solutions based on your business requirements.

FluentStream VoIP Pricing

FluentStream offers three different phone system service plans: Essential, Advanced, and Complete. Each plan varies in features and price.

The cost is as low as $20/month per user for the Essential plan, and it can go up to $45/month per user for the Advanced plan. Some VoIP services offer phone business phone systems and call center packages, but FluentStream offers each service separately.

Compare FluentStream VoIP plans:

  Essential Advanced Complete
Unlimited U.S. Calls Included Included Included
HD Video and Voice Quality Included Included Included
Internet Fax Included Included Included
Multiple Office Support Included Included Included
Browser Dialing Included Included Included
SMS / Text Messaging Not included Included Included
Unlimited Conferencing Not included Included Included
Auto-Attendant Not included Included Included
Analytics Not included Included Included
1,000 Free Toll-Free Minutes Not included Not included Included
CRM Integrations Not included Not included Included
Return Call Routing Not included Not included Included
99.999% Uptime Guarantee Included Included Included
Personal Onboarding Included Included Included
27/4 Customer Support Included Included Included
Price/month per month $20 $30 $45

The company dedicates a virtual phone number for your business directly forwarded to your mobile device for an additional $5/month per user.

The call center solutions presented by FulentStream are customized for each business, and for the detailed plans, it's better to reach out to one of the company's representatives.

Many users find it overwhelming to sign a long-term contract, but if you choose FluentStream to be your provider, you don't have to worry about that. The service doesn't require any long commitments and allows canceling the service with a 30-day notice.

To feel more confident with your choice, FluentStream allows testing the service by offering a 14-day free trial to find whether or not this is the best option you have for your business.

Ease of Use

The fact that the FluentStream system is cloud-hosted means no wiring or special equipment is required. The communications system is simple. All the service requires to maintain high quality is sufficient bandwidth and a reliable router.

The system can be fully managed via the FluentStream web portal, besides having a handful of tools to manage access, set up call routing, and create extensions. Users can create call groups, view call detail, and build reports through the same platform.

However, the management level you have depends on your service plan. For instance, the Essential plan includes voicemail transcription, voicemail, call detail records, call groups, call forwarding, and online fax. While the upgraded plans have more advanced features, such as internet fax, virtual extension, scheduled reports, call queues, SMS messaging, call recording, presence indicators, and many other features.

The mobile application adds more flexibility to the service available on Android and iOS devices. Using this application, you can receive calls from your business line and review contacts, faxes, and call history.

Customer Support

FluentStream dedicates a phone number for billing, support, sales, and careers. If you want to get in touch with one of the company's representatives, you can call 303-462-5683 for support. The website has a resources page where you can find testimonials, blogs, and more information about the company and its customers' feedback.

Final Verdict

FluentStream empowers businesses to manage high-quality communications securely and keep connected to customers no matter their location. The prices are average with the ability to upgrade to more advanced features.

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