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C Flex By Cortel

C-Flex By Cortel VoIP: Features, Cost & Plans

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C-Flex By Cortel VoIP: Features, Cost & Plans

C-Flex By Cortel is a straightforward and reliable VoIP provider offering all a business needs to maintain high-quality communications with clients, besides a wide range of add-on upgrades to choose from, including contact center agents, business texting, professional recording, and transcription of recorded calls.


30-day free trial and satisfaction guarantee
VoIP solutions for all business sizes
A handful of add-on upgrades
45 minutes free demo with one of the company's representatives


Prices aren't disclosed on the website

Quick Stats

Free Desktop App
Not Available
Free Video Conferencing
Not Available
Not disclosed

Our role is to help potential clients decide which provider makes the perfect fit for their businesses and to achieve our goal, we'll walk you through C-Flex by Cortel VoIP solutions, features, and customer support. Let's head to the details right away.


Features You'll Get With C-Flex by Cortel VoIP

Communication is a strong medium for success, it can be the first impression a client has of your services and if your business doesn't offer high-quality communication options, this can be a deal-breaker and result in losing both clients and money.

With that said, here is a list of C-Flex VoIP top perks:

Serves all business sizes

The company serves multiple business sizes offering four different plans based on the number of users. Small businesses with 1-10 users can make use of the basic features, and the more users a business has, the more advanced the features get. C-Flex plans cover small, medium, and large businesses with more than 1000 users.

Good to use on multiple devices

C-Flex VoIP system is good to use on your computer desk phone, tablet, and mobile devices. The service also helps businesses thrive and remain connected with clients offering multiple communication options, including texts, voice, and calls.

Comprehensive VoIP solutions

All C-Flex VoIP plans come with a decent number of features that make your business run smoothly from anywhere. In order to avoid any missed calls, C-Flex VoIP offers virtual receptionists to take calls and automatically direct them to the right person, this should guarantee that your clients are always welcomed and assisted quickly.

Teams that run their tasks remotely should also be comfortable using C-Flex VoIP on their mobile device, and whenever they want to go traditional, they can get back to working on the desk phone.

Managing teams is possible with the ability to know who in your team is available to help. The company offers other management tools to manage all calls, transfers, and voicemails inside your browser or mobile application.

Add-on features

Whenever your business requires more advanced features, you can upgrade to the following features: 

  • Contact center employees
  • Business texting
  • Transcription of recorded calls
  • Soft fax
  • Affordable professional recordings

Free demo call

In order to feel confident about your choice, the company allows its potential customers to schedule a free demo with one of its agents to discuss their business needs and which solutions work best for them. The best-suited plan is picked based on the number of users and requirements. To schedule a free demo, visit the company's official website, click on "schedule demo", and choose the time that fits you to talk.

The demo call duration is 45 minutes, during this time it's recommended to discuss all you have in mind, including the cost, features, and type of VoIP you're business requires.

C-Flex VoIP Plans

The company doesn't disclose much about the plans and their details on its official website, which made it hard to know a lot about the service. However, we could get an idea about the business sizes and the number of users C-Flex VoIP is best for.

Generally, the company offers four plans as follows:

  • The basic plan serves small groups with 1-10 users with the minimal requirements
  • Small business: This solution is good for small businesses with 11-100 users
  • Mid Market: This solution is good for medium-sized businesses with 101-1000 users
  • Enterprise: Large businesses can benefit from this plan and the advanced features it comes with, more specifically, large enterprises with more than 1000 users will find it a good fit

All C-Flex VoIP plans come with the following features:

  • Calls, texts, and voice calls can be received from your desk phone, computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • Work remote or onsite
  • V‍iew your agents status and know who is available to help
  • Supports video calls for better communication with team members
  • ‍Have a friendly greeting that transfers customers quickly
  • Transcripts of voicemails
  • Use your desk phone or go remote on a mobile device
  • Manage all calls, transfers, and voicemails inside your browser or mobile app
  • You can have trainers work with salespeople to coach and enhance your customer service

Satisfaction guarantee

C-Flex VoIP allows you to terminate your contract during the first 45 days after the effective date, and a cancellation refund will be the customer’s exclusive remedy for any and all claims under the agreement, and under no circumstances will the company charge the customer any third-party charges or set-up charges. Upon the customer's termination request, the company will immediately disconnect all customer services and cancel any orders.

Free trial

If you're not confident about your choice yet, C-Flex VoIP offers a 30-day free trial to test the service and make sure that it serves your business and helps it thrive. As we mentioned earlier, you can also terminate your contract and no extra charges are required.

Customer Support

C-Flex by Cortel VoIP assists its clients through the majority of customer support options, including email, phone calls, and tickets. You can reach out to one of the company's representatives by filling out the contact form with your basic information, including first and last name, company name, address, city, zip code, phone number, email address, and your message, then click on the "submit" button to complete the form.

Additionally, you can find what updates the company has by visiting their LinkedIn or Facebook account, making it possible to know more about it and see what other clients think of the service. Unfortunately, the website doesn't have many resources, FAQs, or help center pages to get more details, but you can request a demo or fill out a ticket form to get the right assistance.


C-Flex is good for all business sizes with any number of employees and supports finishing the tasks and receiving calls from anywhere including desk phone and remote. The only thing we're not sure about is the company's average cost, but you can get an idea about the service by reaching out to one of the company's representatives via email, phone, or tickets.

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