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2600Hz VoIP Review: All You Need to Know!

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2600Hz VoIP Review: All You Need to Know!

When it comes to sales numbers, high quality and multiple communication options can guarantee your customers' satisfaction, making it possible to see your sales rates hitting the expectations. 2600Hz is a VoIP service offering all you need to keep connected to your clients, no matter their location.

This VoIP service offers unified communications, secure encryption, call parking, autodialer, and many other features.


A large number of integrations, including HubSpot, Zapier, Slack, AWS
SMS messaging integrates with the security system
Solutions for every business size (Hosted platforms, private cloud, private cloud plus, and global infrastructure)


Prices aren't disclosed on the website

Quick Stats

Free Desktop App
Not Available
Free Video Conferencing
Not Available
Not disclosed

2600Hz VoIP phone system is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices, and it offers more than 300 APIs that enable more customizable solutions to fit every one of your client's requirements. In this review, we'll walk you through 2600Hz VoIP cost, plans, and top perks to know if it has what your business needs.

2600Hz VoIP Features

2600Hz is a communications service with headquarters in the U.S, Portugal, France, and New Zealand. So far, the company has served more than 24,000 companies in more than 60 countries and supports businesses with end-to-end unified communications, collaboration, and call center solutions. Let's explain them further:

Streamlined communications

You can streamline communication tools on any device, making it easy for your teams to stay connected with clients from anywhere and using any compatible device, from desktops to smartphones and tablets. This option adds more flexibility to your teams to get the work done from the home, office, or on the go.

The application is compatible with almost all types of devices and supports different communications, including voice, video, conferencing, and more. You can access voicemails, call history, and transcriptions all from one platform through the application. The application is also suitable for sending, receiving, and viewing taxes, ensuring clients with the best experience they can get.

2600Hz VoIP integrates with a plethora of exceptional services, such as HubSpot, Zapier, Slack, AWS, Google Drive, and many others.

Integrated mobile application

Clients can keep connected from their mobile device using the integrated mobile application, which gives users the freedom to receive and make calls from anywhere and on any device.

Calls can be received on any inbound number with the ability to move calls from one device to another without interruption.

Text messaging

Text messages can be a powerful communicating tool with your clients. It provides the flexibility to create custom notifications, processes, and automation to streamline workflows. In addition, the SMS messages integrate with Zapier, allowing over 2,000 app connections.

SMS messages can be utilized to send a confirmation text of invoices, shipping updates, and orders. In addition, this feature can be used for security purposes. For instance, you can connect it to your security system and receive text notifications when someone enters or stands at your office door.

SMS messages can also be used to monitor performance and make sure that clients are getting the best support by receiving notifications if all agents are offline or if more than two missed calls are on the system in a row.

Multiple tools

2600Hz keeps in mind offering the best experience to your clients and guarantee they're coming back many times after. KAZOO, an advanced telecom solution presented by 2600Hz, is jam-packed with the following features: Video conferencing, webphone, voicemails, faxing, drag and drop call flows, operator console, automatic device provisioning, and many others.

Features included with all plans include access Controls/Permission, Auto-Dialer, Call Center Management, Call Monitoring, Call Recording, Call Routing, Contact Management, IVR / Voice Recognition, Reporting/Analytics, SIP Trunking, Telemarketing Management, Unified Communications, and Voicemail Transcription.

2600Hz VoIP Solutions

2600Hz is a good option for service providers who want flexible VoIP solutions, full access to all their business aspects, and customizable unified communications such as pricing, customer offering, and branding. 2600Hz caters to multiple business sizes and offers the essential features, plus all the bells and whistles that make a business stands out.

KAZOO, 2600Hz UC system, is available to resellers all around the world that want to offer their clients powerful call control and communication features. According to the company's website, there are three different options available to choose from based on the business size and requirements:

Hosted Platform

This VoIP solution is best for small businesses with basic requirements, yet expected to grow fast and requires more advanced features in the long run. This solution is hosted on a 2600Hz shared cloud platform, making it possible to grow fast yet keep the high quality of business communications.

The hosted platform guarantees a 99.99% uptime. It offers a handful of applications and UCaaS features, including audio, video, messaging, and web conferencing, besides the ability to control your hardware as you want in the company's data centers.

Private Cloud

This solution is best for medium and large-sized businesses; it provides greater customization options and exceptional server management. The Private Cloud is a good option for enterprises managing more than 500 devices and requires completely flexible and customizable solutions.

Private Cloud offers the following:

  • Cluster manager: This feature ensures that your system is always up and running well with the ability to view real-time system health alerts, control upgrades, and versions, and view everything on the system with full access to the events queue.
  • Reseller management suite: The reseller management suite enables users to design complex call handling routes via a drag and drop interface, create accounts, connect their own carriers, add devices, users, and configure offices.
  • Office management suite: Tools included with this solution are call center and call queueing, fax management and voicemail, advanced conferencing features, smart and easy-to-use user portal, call recording.

Global Infrastructure

This comprehensive infrastructure package may be the ideal option for businesses in need of extensive control over their communications. Global Infrastructure is a perfect fit for companies with an existing engineering department, and it provides the highest levels of customization and flexibility.

It offers all Private Cloud features plus the following:

  • International deployments
  • The ability to manage your network by your own team
  • It can be a great option for companies with compliance certifications
  • It comes with the highest level of flexibility and customizations

Customer Support


2600Hz supports its customers via email or phone at +1 415 886 7900 to get direct customer support. The website also has a ticket form to fill out whenever you need assistance or want to discuss your business requirements with one of the company's agents. The ticket form requires providing your first and last name, business name, country, phone number, and email address; click on submit and allow one of the representatives to call and assist you.

If more like looking things up by yourself, you can refer to the website's resources tab at the top and choose from a decent number of resources options, including videos, case studies, blogs, podcasts, and many other ways to get more information about the service.

Suppose you want to know more about the company through its presence on social media channels. In that case, you can head to the website, scroll down, and choose any of the company's social media accounts on the following: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Final Verdict

KAZOO is the comprehensive UCaaS solution created to empower service providers in the communication world. With KAZOO, you can access everything you need to impress your customers, from voice to messaging and data services. What’s more, the multi-tenant architecture means that your system will be highly scalable, with call control and flexible deployments wherever you need them most.

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