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Everything Breaks' Deluxe Plan: Compelling Coverage

Everything Breaks' Deluxe Plan: Compelling CoverageEverything Breaks' Deluxe Plan: Compelling Coverage
Need near-comprehensive coverage that's budget-friendly? Look into the Deluxe plan!

Published: June 26th, 2023

Are your car coverage needs numerous, but your budget for these expenses limited? You could be in the market for a full-featured extended auto warranty plan but are unsure if you can afford that kind of protection. Perhaps you should consider the Everything Breaks' Deluxe plan. This comprehensive plan offers wide breakdown coverage and other benefits for high-mileage vehicles and flexible term periods, potentially making it an ideal choice for those who want peace of mind when it comes to their vehicle.

We have told you about Everything Breaks previously in our blog, and you can find out more about them in our review, so you know that they are a reliable and affordable solution with a good reputation. But can it satisfy your needs for more full-featured protection in a more expensive but still budget-friendly plan? In this post, we will explore that by walking you through the features of the Deluxe plan and comparing it to other plans offered by Everything Breaks. We will also compare it with similar plans for comprehensive coverage at other providers and discuss the kind of consumer who could truly benefit from the protection it offers. Is that you? Read on to find out.

The Deluxe Plan: An Overview

There are five auto warranty plan levels to choose from at Everything Breaks, as is clearly laid out and discussed on their website. The Deluxe Plan sits on top of three less expensive, more limited plans: Critical Coverage, Standard Powertrain, and Enhanced Powertrain. The only plan that is positioned higher than Deluxe is the Top-Line plan, which gives you "exclusionary coverage until (your) vehicle reaches 175,000 odometer miles"—basically covering every part if all options are chosen and surcharges paid, though with some exclusions and limitations.

Deluxe will give you more parts coverage than most of the other plans, but the top accepted mileage at the time of plan purchase is less: 175,000 miles instead of 250,000. As with the other plans, you can purchase this one on a monthly, one-year, or three-year basis for $89.88, $1,077.88, and $3,234.88, respectively.

What does it cover?

The Deluxe plan at Everything Breaks offers close to "bumper-to-bumper" coverage for a high number of parts that you might worry about in the event of a breakdown, along with the usual benefits of the lesser plans. You would be covered for parts and labor costs and would pay a deductible of $100 per repair. The part categories covered are the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, A/C, suspension, steering, cooling, fuel system, brake, electrical, seals and gaskets, and hybrid vehicle parts. It's a big list that includes a long list of applicable components, as can be seen in the contract. Make sure to read through it all to see if there are any of your car's important components that are left out.

Everything Breaks offers you two optional coverage packages that you may purchase on top of Deluxe's coverage, although they do not specifically state the prices for them. The first is the Luxury Electronics Package, which covers the failure of the original manufacturer's parts of:

  • The radio and navigation systems
  • LCD screens
  • DVD players
  • Rearview back-up cameras and sensors
  • Voice activation systems
  • Seat heaters
  • Sunroof and convertible top motors

Of course, some limits do apply. The second bonus package they offer is the Emissions Package, which covers a long list of applicable components. These include many components, such as for example:

  • Oxygen sensors
  • Barometric pressure sensors
  • Deceleration valves
  • Purge valves
  • Fuel tank pressure sensors and vent valves
  • Intake air temperature sensors
  • Air injection pumps, and so on

The standard benefits also apply for this policy, including emergency towing and roadside assistance, a trip interruption fund for breakdowns away from home, and limited reimbursement for rental cars. Please note that Everything Breaks does require you to maintain your car regularly, or they may deny coverage, but they do not cover these maintenance visits. This plan is transferable to a new owner if you sell your vehicle.

With the Deluxe Plan, you probably won't have to worry about not being covered while at the mechanic's.
With the Deluxe Plan, you probably won't have to worry about not being covered while at the mechanic's.

Are there any notable exclusions?

As with any plan, there will be exclusions, limitations, and criteria that may deny you coverage, so it is key to be aware of them. Generally, any damage due to "wear and tear", accidents, pre-existing damage, aftermarket modifications, or misuse is not covered. Everything Breaks will not cover "business-use" or commercial-use vehicles, “branded title” vehicles, or those with a revoked or never-issued manufacturer’s warranty. It is also important to note that some parts, like brake pads and batteries, are not covered under any Everything Breaks plan.

If you do not purchase either of the Emissions or Luxury Electronics packages, the associated components will not be covered. However, there are no extra packages that will cover such items as batteries (including for hybrid cars), exhaust system components, shock absorbers, and wiper blades, among others you can find listed in the "What Is Not Covered" section of the contract. You should be aware of all these exclusions and limitations, as they are spelled out in the contract, before making your purchase decision.

How does it differ from the Top-Line plan?

On the provider's website, it can appear that their two top plans have the same coverage, despite the fact that one is marginally more expensive than the other. In fact, you will find that they have the same exclusions and limitations that apply, and you still have to pay for the Luxury Electronics or Emissions packages separately to get covered for those specific parts. However, Everything Breaks maintains that the Top-Line plan should otherwise cover you for all of the mechanical and electrical parts of your vehicle. Where Deluxe lists the specific components it covers in the contract, Top-Line has them as examples of what you can expect.

In other words, the top plan at Everything Breaks is their true bumper-to-bumper policy, but its protection is limited to mileage at the time of breakdown. It offers full coverage protection until your vehicle's odometer reaches 175,000 miles, whereas Deluxe doesn't explicitly state that limitation. So, with that distinction in mind, it's up to you to decide if that plan is a better fit for your car.

Who Is the Deluxe Plan For?

Because of the extensive list of covered parts and the high mileage allowance at the start of the plan, the ideal customer for this plan can be virtually anyone. This reasonably priced plan might appeal to you if you have a newer or somewhat older vehicle, up to 20 years old in fact, and you are worried about any of your car's mechanical or electrical parts breaking down. Whether you have a high mileage used hybrid or conventional vehicle, this plan would cover the great majority of the components that might need to be serviced, such as your engine, transmission, suspension, steering, electrical, axles, and more. It might also appeal to you if you appreciate being able to upgrade for luxury or emissions items by purchasing those separate packages on top of this policy. However, you will not be eligible for this plan if you use your vehicle for work purposes, as you would if you drove an Uber or a construction vehicle, for example.

Would you benefit from the additional peace of mind that Top-Line provides? Perhaps, but maybe the extensive component list covered here is enough for you, especially if it means saving $10 monthly to $360 for a 3-year plan by choosing Deluxe instead. And with the relatively comprehensive parts coverage it gives you, you may actually save several thousand dollars in repairs with this vehicle protection plan policy.

How Does It Measure up Against Comprehensive Warranties?

We discussed above how Deluxe compares against Top-Line, which offers Everything Breaks' "exclusionary" protection level up to a certain mileage limit. We also think Deluxe represents a unique value product as a comprehensive warranty that sits between Top-Line and the middle-of-the-road Enhanced Powertrain plan because it is fairly affordable, includes protection for suspension, steering, seals and gaskets, and brake parts, and generally covers a wide list of components. But are there plans at other extended auto warranty companies that compare well for you?

There are so many parts that can go wrong in your car, many of which are covered by the Deluxe plan.

You will find that different warranty providers will portion out their coverage differently. Companies like autopom!, Ox Car Care, and Protect My Car have fewer plans to choose from, and you might find that the coverage that Everything Breaks' Deluxe imparts lies in the middle between some of those other providers' plans. For example, although Protect My Car actually has a Deluxe plan, its protection level is less than that of Everything Breaks' and is for a lower mileage vehicle (>150,000). Everything Breaks' plan may resemble the low-mileage Ultimate plan more, though it is hard to gauge because Protect My Car does not share specific details on that or costs on their website.

Other warranty providers, like Endurance, CarShield, or Olive, do offer comprehensive plans similar to Deluxe, though some will go above and beyond what Everything Breaks offers there. For example, CarShield has a Platinum plan that covers a greater number of component categories, such as high-tech electronics, and it covers the audio system and emissions components as standard, while Everything Breaks requires you to buy two optional packages for those. CarShield's plan even covers a greater number of components within the categories it shares with Everything Breaks, such as transmission, cooling system, and steering. However, CarShield's Platinum plan does not cover hybrid vehicle components, and while they have a specialty Electric Vehicle Coverage plan that is similar, it may have some exclusions that Deluxe does not. The Platinum plan could cost between $99 and $129 to start, depending on the quote, so the Deluxe plan might represent a better value for you if your requirements are slightly less.

Other providers, like Endurance, will offer similar protection at comparable prices, depending on your quote. At the same time, some of those companies might not offer as much protection to hybrid components or offer the optional coverage packages that Deluxe and Top-Line do. It truly is necessary to do thorough research, taking into consideration your unique criteria, so that you make the best purchase decision for your case.

Deluxe: Compellingly Comprehensive Coverage

Everything Breaks' Deluxe plan offers comprehensive coverage for your vehicle, and does so at fairly affordable and competitive costs for monthly, one-year, and three-year terms. It stands out from other Everything Breaks plans because it offers the greatest number of listed components, although Top-Line supersedes it with claims of covering all mechanical and electrical parts. It offers some flexibility to you by making luxury entertainment and emission parts extra purchase options, where other providers may not offer them coverage or do so at significantly higher costs.

In comparison to such policies from competitors, we think Deluxe holds its own. It may not include as many components in the contract as a few other providers, such as CARCHEX and CarShield, but it generally offers the same coverage as the majority of plans at this tier level. If you are looking for wider coverage, you might consider Everything Breaks' exclusionary coverage plan, Top-Line, at $10 more per month. And of course, there are many comparable and higher-featured policies on the market from other providers, and we recommend you do your research to discover the one that's best for you. Your journey starts by comparing the various auto warranty providers. Good luck!

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