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Enhanced Powertrain Plan
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Everything Breaks' Enhanced Powertrain: An Upgraded Essential Plan

Everything Breaks' Enhanced Powertrain: An Upgraded Essential PlanEverything Breaks' Enhanced Powertrain: An Upgraded Essential Plan
What coverage for a bit more than your car's powertrain? Consider Enhanced Powertrain!

Published July 8th, 2023

Let’s say you want to purchase auto warranty coverage that is affordable but also covers more than most basic plans. If your car's coverage needs go somewhat beyond those of a powertrain warranty, and you want to make sure that a high percentage of the parts’ components are included, what are you to do? Perhaps Everything Breaks' Enhanced Powertrain plan is just what you’re looking for. This high mileage plan comes with some useful benefits and offers coverage for your vehicle's powertrain parts, plus quite a bit more. Will it suit your budget and practical requirements better than the standard plan or the other plans at Everything Breaks? Let’s find out.

In this post, we will go over everything you need to know about Everything Breaks' Enhanced Powertrain plan. From what it covers to what is excluded, we will cover all the details so that you can make an informed decision about whether this plan is right for you. We'll also compare it to similar vehicle service contracts on the market and discuss its costs and exclusions.

The Enhanced Powertrain Plan: What You Need to Know

Everything Breaks provides extended auto warranty options for vehicles, among a large number of other products. Their affordable plan prices are clearly laid out on their website, which allows you to see if a plan can fit within your budget at a glance. They have an excellent reputation for customer service and claim processing, as per the Better Business Bureau. Check out our review for a better overall look at what they offer.

They have five tiers of auto warranty plans: Critical Coverage, Standard Powertrain, Enhanced Powertrain, Deluxe, and Top-Line. Their Standard Powertrain plan offers cheaper powertrain coverage on repairs and other services, and Critical Coverage is their least expensive plan, though we feel that it acts more like an assistance package than a warranty. However, if your needs extend a bit further than what a bare-bones policy would offer, we think that the protection Enhanced Powertrain provides you with might hold the best value for you.

This plan provides coverage for many components for vehicles with up to 250,000 miles. It can be purchased at a monthly rate of $69.88. If you prefer a full-year term, the price is $837.88, or $2,514.88 for three years.

What parts does Enhanced Powertrain cover?

Everything Breaks' Enhanced Powertrain plan primarily covers the major components of a vehicle’s powertrain, which are often quite expensive to service without protection. The included powertrain parts are the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, and their components. Outside of that, this policy will also provide limited coverage for A/C, cooling, fuel system, electrical, and some hybrid vehicle components. You may even be covered for leaking seals and gaskets if you opt to pay an extra surcharge.

To what extent will your car warranty protect you? Every plan is different, and we will help you navigate and find the important information to you.
To what extent will your car warranty protect you? Every plan is different, and we will help you navigate and find the most important information to you.

With this plan, you would be covered for parts and labor costs and would pay a deductible of $100 per repair. The other benefits include 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, towing assistance, limited reimbursement for rental cars, and a trip interruption fund for breakdowns far away from home. Please note that while there are no oil changes or maintenance benefits included with this plan, Everything Breaks does require you to maintain your car regularly, or they may deny coverage. As with Standard Powertrain, this plan can also be transferred to a new owner.

Keep in mind that the service contract excludes any “pre-existing” conditions, such as components that were malfunctioning before the start of coverage, as well as normal wear and tear damage. It will also not cover “branded title” vehicles that were previously deemed a total loss by an insurance company or those that have had their manufacturer’s warranty revoked or never issued. You will find these and many other exclusions and limitations laid out in the contract, which we recommend you read carefully before making your purchase decision.

Still, with a good amount of your car's components covered in the event of a breakdown, you can feel more at ease using your car.

How does this differ from the Standard plan?

The Enhanced Powertrain plan serves as an upgraded version of the Standard Powertrain coverage at Everything Breaks and, as such, covers more components within the powertrain. You will also gain coverage for other parts such as the transfer case, some A/C, cooling, fuel system, electrical, and hybrid vehicle components like hybrid transaxles, electronic transmissions, inverters, generators, and electronic display monitors. The contract even mentions that seals and gaskets may be included if your vehicle has less than 125,000 miles on it and you pay an extra surcharge. We don’t list all the included components here, but rest assured they are significantly more than what you’ll find in the Standard plan. 

Make sure to read the “What Is Covered” section of the contract to see if there are any components left out that you need coverage for. If that is the case, there are two higher-tiered plans at Everything Breaks that may suit your needs more comprehensively, and other auto warranty providers have similar plans as well. You should understand the differences between your car’s requirements and your plan’s provisions so that you are not caught unprepared in the event of a breakdown, expecting to be covered for all repairs. Enhanced Powertrain is not a basic policy, but it is also not a high-end one either.

Who Is Enhanced Powertrain For?

This plan goes above and beyond a regular powertrain plan in the amount of components it protects. In contrast to the standard version of the plan, this one can be a good choice for both newer and older vehicles with significant coverage requirements but for customers who still need to stick to a strict budget. You would consider this plan if you own a sedan, SUV, or compact car that is less than 20 years old and has less than 250,000 miles on the odometer and want to be covered for repairs of your A/C, electrical, transfer case, engine, transmission, and axles, among other parts. You would also consider this plan if you own a used hybrid car and want to protect it without resorting to paying the higher premiums of other warranty companies. Keep in mind that if you own a business-use vehicle, like an Uber, Lyft, or taxi, or if you use your vehicle for work purposes such as towing or construction, you may be denied coverage.

The components covered in this policy, both those within the powertrain and those outside of it, represent the majority of parts that a warranty may cover; and many of them are quite expensive to replace. The inclusion of some electrical and hybrid components makes this a compelling choice if you own a newer, higher technology vehicle with those parts. We believe this plan can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. As with other plans at Everything Breaks, this plan is transferable to a new owner, which may increase the resale value of your vehicle.

How Does It Compare?

This plan may be the best value available at Everything Breaks because of its low cost per term and considerable coverage level. It is slightly more expensive than the Standard policy but offers coverage for much more parts and components. But what do the Deluxe or Top-Line plans offer that may make them more compelling?

For one thing, while they cover the same hybrid components, the top two plans will cover a much greater number of electrical components, such as original radio or speaker systems, driver information gauges, cruise control assemblies, headlight switches, ignition modules, and others. Surprisingly, they also cover a greater number of powertrain components in the engine, transmission, and drive axle, as well as those of the A/C. Seals and gaskets are covered without surcharge in those plans, as are all brake, steering, and suspension components. While the mileage limit for the higher policies drops to 175,000, you might find that you need the comprehensive protection that they offer you, especially if you have a newer, more demanding vehicle. Take your time to look through the plan specifics to find out which one works best for you.

There are so many parts in your car that may break down. Which to get coverage for?
There are so many parts in your car that may break down. Which to get coverage for?

Many other warranty providers offer similar premium or ‘Plus’ level powertrain plans, although the costs are not always disclosed on the website and may be higher than for this plan. When you compare the Secure Plus plan at Endurance, for example, you will find similar coverage for engine, transmission, electrical, hybrid, and A/C components, although Endurance has a somewhat longer list for those parts. Endurance’s plan also covers some brake and steering components, which Enhanced Powertrain does not, though Everything Breaks’ plan does better in covering some of your fuel and cooling system components. Neither of these service contracts include suspension component protection, and you normally would not find it at this plan tier, although Olive’s Powertrain Plus does have some front suspension coverage.

The Enhanced Powertrain plan offers comparable warranty coverage to other extended auto warranty providers. Its coverage is neither comprehensive nor basic, but it may be missing some component coverage you might feel you need. At this policy tier level, you have to ask yourself whether a plan fits your budget and benefits requirements well enough, and that’s something that will require you to do your comparison research to find out.

A Good Mix of Coverage, With Little Compromise

The Everything Breaks Enhanced Powertrain plan is a persuasive coverage plan for those with moderate requirements that extend beyond basic powertrain components, and who are looking to have peace of mind about their yearly budgets and possible vehicle costs. It is not a service plan that offers bumper-to-bumper protection, but we think that it is priced well for something that is positioned right down the middle, coverage-wise. It compares well to plans from other providers that cover powertrain parts as well as some A/C, electrical, and hybrid components, among others. Also keep in mind that Everything Breaks allows you the flexibility to buy at variable term lengths while covering cars with high mileage, and they allow you to cancel at any time if you decide the plan no longer works for you.

It is true that you may find that some of the covered parts in the powertrain and other categories do not include all the components that could potentially need service in your vehicle. You could find that other auto warranty companies will satisfy your requirements more with their mid-tier plans, but will they fit within your financial means better than a higher tier plan at Everything Breaks, like the Deluxe plan, for example? We want to help you find that out, and the first step is to compare the general offerings at other companies. The right fit is out there for you.

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