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Antivirus Black Friday

Best Antivirus Black Friday Deals

Best Antivirus Black Friday DealsBest Antivirus Black Friday Deals


Black Friday is just around the corner, which means this is the perfect time to grab the cheapest deals out there. Antivirus Black Friday is joining in the excitement, and they are giving you the best prices they can offer. 

This is great for all you people out there because, in this day and age, we all need a decent Antivirus to help our PCs stay protected! 

It is important to note while all Antiviruses have basic functions, they all have different features. Therefore, we compiled a list of our five most recommended Antiviruses out there and highlighted their features to help you figure which one suits you best.

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Short on time, go straight to your favorite Antivirus software.
1. Intego.
2. TotalAV.
3. Bitdefender.
4. Mackeeper.
5. McAfee.

Why do you need an Antivirus software?

This software is necessary for a number of reasons:

1. Once you install an Antivirus and get it running, it should protect you from Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Rootkits, adware, and Keyloggers.
2. You’ll get a Firewall protection feature; this will block any unauthorized connections coming through to your computer and network, preventing hackers from accessing your personal info.
3. It can also protect you from identity theft and spyware. Spyware is a type of software that does exactly what the name says it does, and it infects your computer and spies on you. It does this to steal all your info saved on your computer, everything like your credit cards, passwords, SSN, and anything else deemed important.

 Best Antivirus Black Friday Deals!

1. Intego

The Mac operating system can be considered safer than Windows because of its design. However, this doesn’t mean they are not vulnerable to the same threats Windows users face.

That being said; unfortunately, this isn’t the best option on the market for Windows users. 

Before we get into prices, let’s go through the most important feature: privacy and security. They offer two different macOS malware protection engines; the first one is VirusBarrier, their antivirus scanner. And NetBarrier, the firewall.

VirusBarrier is user-friendly with an easy interface that can get up and running in a matter of minutes. However, it still has all the virus protection you need including, antivirus scans, malware detection and removal, real-time protection, and scheduled scans.

If you are looking for more evidence on this software’s effectiveness, then it has been tested on the AV-test labs, a third-party testing lab, and scored a nearly perfect score when it comes to protection.

They also have a number of different security features:

1. ContentBarrier: This offers you parental control and filters inappropriate websites.

2. Safe Browsing: This protects you from malicious emails and websites and even warns you if you are being phished.

3. Personal Backup: This lets you load all your content from your external drive to another device without reinstalling any other software, which is useful when the operating system becomes faulty.

Apart from all these great security features, they also have excellent customer care as they have email support, phone support, live chat, and a FAQ section.

Now let’s get into the best part of their antivirus Black Friday deals; they are running a 75% off their original price deal. The original price for a 1-year subscription per PC was $79.99, is now being sold for $19.99

Want to know more? Read our comprehensive Intego full review. 

2. TotalAV

If you decide to get this antivirus, then you are opening your world to a number of great tools and features. Not only do they have antivirus software, but they also have a password manager and a VPN.

TotalAV offers their subscribers three different plans:

Antivirus Pro Plan: this gives you protection on up to three devices in real-time. It also gives you a disk cleanser, cloud scanning, anti-phishing, adware, spyware protection, browser cleaner and manager, and supportive help by the customer support staff.

Internet Security Plan: All the previous features are available in the plan as well as protection for up to 5 devices. With this plan, you could get a discounted price on their VPN.

Total Security Plan: This plan protects up to five devices and includes all the previous features. This plan just adds an ad blocker and secure password vault.

In addition, they have several other added security features like a Malware Scan, Real-time protection, Anti-phishing protection, and a System tune-up.

Customer support can be reached in several ways via email, live chat, or phone if you have any issues. Unfortunately, Live chat is blocked in some countries. 

Their biggest advantage right now is their antivirus Black Friday deals, as they are currently offering $80 off the original price. So the regular $99 plan is now $19.


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Looking for more features? Go through our TotalAV full review. 

3. Bitdefender

Bitdefender is an award-winning Antivirus that has the title “Product of The Year Award” from AV-Comparatives. This comes as no surprise as it was developed by a pioneering security company known in the tech world.

They have three different plans to accommodate all their users:

1. Antivirus Plus Plan: This plan protects one device per year and provides multi-layer security, leaving no possibility your PC will fall for malware, ransomware, and fraud. A few extra features are included in this plan like real-time protection, anti-phishing, anti-fraud, ransomware protection, auto-pilot, batter saver, safe online banking, password manager, a VPN, and a microphone monitor.

2. Internet Security Plan: Protects three devices per year, including all the previous features plus webcam protection and parental control.

3. Total Security Plan: The plan supports five devices per year plus the above features with an extra level of security through their anti-theft feature.

Bitdefender works well on multiple operating systems, and if you run into any issue or have questions you need to be answered, you can contact them through their phone support, live chat, email, ticketing, community threads, and a knowledge base with videos.

All these security measures can now be achieved with a small fee as all their prices are now 60% off because of their antivirus Black Friday. Purchasing a subscription now will save you $54 on the Total Security Plan; the same is true for the other plans.

4. MacKeeper

When you first read this name, you might be skeptical about how it made this list due to its past reputation, but Clairo Tech, the company that developed this antivirus, has been working on improving their previous shortcomings. While there hasn't been enough AV-test scores, they highly passed their ability to detect malicious malware, not hurt the performance of the computer, and they have a low false-positive rate.

They offer two different plans:

1. MacKeeper Free Plan: It has the standard it has the standard malware, virus, and spyware protection. As well as limited features you can only use once.

2. MacKeeper Full Plan: With this, you can either get the one-month or the 12-month plan; you also get to choose between connecting it to one Mac or three. The features included are malware, spyware virus protection, and the added features of an on-demand antivirus scanner, adware, pop-up blocker, and a VPN.

There are also many other features in store like the ID theft guard, stop ad, adware cleaner, parental control, password manager, and an update tracker. Plus, their customer support gives you various ways to reach them via email, ticketing, live chat, phone support, FAQ, and knowledge base.

For their Antivirus Black Friday deals, they have 58% off their 12-month plan bringing its price down to $119.40 per year.

To get into more details on this software read our MacKeeper Full Review.

5. McAfee

McAfee Total protection 2021 is now available on the market. You might recognize the name since it is a well-known antivirus software in the market that is known for their security features and extra add-ons.

This antivirus software offers three plans:

The Single Device Plan: This is made for a single device and only has a one-year or two-year subscription. Your plan will include the antivirus, VPN, performance optimizer that blocks auto-play videos on websites, minimize bandwidth usage, a password manager, anti-phishing protection, McAfee shredder, Encrypted Storage, identity Protection Service.

The Multiple Device Plan: It supports up to five devices and includes all the previous features, plus it is compatible with multiple devices.

The family Plan: This plan can support ten devices that all have the features mentioned above with the addition of a parental control feature that helps protect families with young children.

A few extra add-ons make this antivirus interesting, like a password manager and one of the safest encryptions out there, the AES 256-bit encryption. They also have all support bases covered, from phone support to live chat and community forum. Phone support and live chat are available around the clock.

Now to this antivirus Black Friday deal, you get 70% off the family plan; this means what was once $124.99 is now $70. Similar deals are available for the multi-device plan as it is currently 50% off.


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Read more in our McAfee Full Review.

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