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Malwarebytes is headquartered in the U.S, California, with offices in Europe and Asia. Malwarebytes founder and CEO Marcin Kleczynski started the company to create the best protection solutions against the world's most harmful Internet threats.

Malwarebytes specializes in protecting people and businesses against dangerous threats such as malware, ransomware, and exploits that escape detection by traditional antivirus solutions. Malwarebytes completely replaces antivirus with artificial intelligence-powered technology that stops cyberattacks before they can compromise home computers and business endpoints.


Light on device resources
60-day money-back guarantee


Lack of diverse third-party testing
Lacks a firewall service


Quick Stats

Security Level
Free Version
Money-Back Guarantee
60 Days
Included VPN
Price (1-year subscription)

More than 60,000 businesses and millions of people worldwide trust and recommend Malwarebytes solutions. Should you be the next in line? 

This article will discuss the features, prices, plans, pros and cons of this antivirus to help you decide on whether it's the one for you or not.



Security and Protection

In regards to antivirus security, how should an Antivirus protection assessment be measured? Do we simply take the words of the AV creators for their own devices? The best way to assess an antivirus on its functionality is by using a third-party antivirus testing lab.

Third-party testing labs are experts with well-constructed criteria and testing methods on testing AV-products, providing an unbiased opinion on product security.


1. Third-party lab test results

In this section, we checked how Malwarebytes performed according to different third-party test labs, which gives us a standardized assessment with more than just a few sample viruses, and malware.

  • AV-Test lab

    • Malwarebytes scores high on protection according to two different third-party testing labs. It gets a 4.5/6 score on its ability to detect malicious ware.
    • Malwarebytes antivirus scores 6/6 in the impact on device performance department, which means it won't take up your device's resources.
    • Malwarebytes antivirus has a low false-positive rate with a 5.5/6 usability score. This means it's unlikely to mistake regular files for harmful ones.

This adds up to provide a total score of 16/18.


Unfortunately, Malwarebytes lacks multiple third-party testing lab reviews, with only AV-Test lab being available.

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  • AV-Comparatives

According to AV-Comparatives, Malwarebytes wasn't included in their latest tests. Therefore, no results regarding Malwarebytes were found.

  • SE Labs

    • Malwarebytes Premium scored (B) overall with a total accuracy rating of 81%.
    • Malwarebytes Premium had a 98% legitimate accuracy score, meaning it could accurately differentiate the legitimacy of the products, applications, and URLs.
    • In terms of protection, Malwarebytes Premium detected 88 out of 100, blocked 73, and neutralized 3. Earning a protection score of 76/100.
    • Malwarebytes Premium antivirus had a protection accuracy rating of 195/399 (49%).


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2. Firewall and IDS Protection

Malwarebytes lacks firewall protection. It utilizes Windows Firewall instead in tandem with its antimalware protection service.

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Plans and Features

Malwarebytes has two main paid options: Personal plans and Business plans.

1. Personal

This plan includes three subscriptions; one device, three devices, and five devices

The Personal 1 and 3 devices plan includes the following features:

  • Real-time protection allows automatic malware detection 24/7, stopping malware in real-time before it can be a danger to your device.
  • Stopping exploit attacks by Shielding vulnerable systems and software.
  • Blocking ransomware attacks and stops ransomware attacks before your data is held hostage.
  • Shielding against malicious websites by preventing access to and from known malicious websites.

These plans are available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

The Personal + Privacy plan allows up to 5 devices and includes all of the Personal 1 device and 3 devices' features in addition to the following:

  • Improves your online privacy.
  • Encrypts your WiFi connection.
  • Creates a virtual IP address.
  • Lets you choose geolocation.

These plans are available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

2. Business

There are three business plans available; Malwarebytes For Teams, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection, Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection, and Response.

Malwarebytes For Teams

This plan provides essential cybersecurity for small businesses that are just starting. It includes the following features:

  • Independently managed software.
  • Includes next-gen antivirus software.
  • Real-time protection against malware and other threats.
  • Ransomware, zero-day exploits, phishing protection.
  • Best-in-class threat remediation.
  • Automated monthly reports.
  • Brute Force Attack prevention.
  • Tamper prevention.

  • Priority phone support.

The plan is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

This plan provides threat prevention and malware remediation for small to medium businesses. It includes all the features of the Malwarebytes For Teams plan in addition to the following features:

  • Cloud management console.
  • Brute force RDP, file-less protection.
  • Single, lightweight agent.
  • Automated, on-demand reports.
  • Optional server security.
  • Optional premium support.

The plan is available for Windows, macOS only.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response

This plan provides threat prevention, remediation, and recovery for medium to large businesses. It includes all the features of the Malwarebytes For Teams and Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection in addition to the following features:

  • Threat hunting, isolation, recovery.
  • Windows ransomware rollback.

Malwarebytes VPN

The VPN provided by Malwarebytes has 256-bit encryption. While it offers a strict no-logs policy, it is still based in the US, a member of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance. Public Wi-Fi and hotspot protection are also available. Malwarebytes VPN lacks a kill switch feature, which is very important when considering safety and anonymity. It offers users more than 300 servers spread across 30 countries.

Privacy VPN utilizes WireGuard, one of the advanced protocols in speed and security in terms of protocols.

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User Experience

Let's find out how supportive and easy Malwarebytes can be, whether for beginners or pros.

1. User-friendly interface

Malwarebytes user interface is simple and relatively easy to use, making it very user-friendly. With a button on the center of the interface for scanning and real-time protection options on the side.


2. Customer support

Malwarebytes provides support via:

1. Live chat
2. Knowledge base
3. Forum

Plans and Prices

In terms of prices, the plans provided by Malwarebytes allow for customization and choices in terms of the number of devices but are a bit more restrictive when it comes to the number of years.

Plan Personal  Business
One device

$3.33/month - Premium (billed annually)

Two devices N/A N/A
Three devices N/A $119.97/year
Four devices N/A N/A
Five devices

$6.67/month - Premium (billed annually)

$8.33/month - Premium + Privacy (billed annually)


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Money-back guarantee

Malwarebytes provides a 60-day money-back guarantee for users to try their product out so you can decide if it's worth it or not.

Payment options

  • Main credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover).
  • PayPal.
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Is Malwarebytes worth it?

Malwarebytes Premium feels a lot like many of the basic bundles of other antivirus competitors. It lacks many of the features provided by the top competitors. And even when it comes to security, according to third-party testing labs, other competitors have better results and from multiple sources.

In terms of VPN, while the VPN isn't bad, however, the lack of a kill switch is a serious issue and is based in the USA, a 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance member. All in all, there are better premium VPN services with less price you can go for, such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

You can do better!
For a price lower than the one device premium plan, you can get the standard Norton 360, better protection and extra features, and even a one device VPN protection.
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