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Malware Removal Software: Top 5 in 2024

Malware Removal Software: Top 5 in [y]Malware Removal Software: Top 5 in [y]


No matter what device you're using, you never know when you'll be exposed to malware that can impact your device. It can be from a hacked website, spam emails, or anything else; it doesn't actually matter. What matters is knowing what the best malware removal software that will protect your device is. That's when we come in; we're here to tell you the best malware removal software to use in 2021. 


How can I Avoid Malware?

Well, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the internet privately. However, VPNs can decrease the chances of getting malware, but that doesn't mean your device is malware-free, especially if you're not using a reliable VPN. That's why we think it's better to download malware removal software, whether free or purchasing one. It doesn't matter as long as it's going to protect your device. 

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Why Purchase an Anti-malware Software When you Can Get One for Free? 

You're probably wondering why I should buy a paid version when I can get one free. The answer is simple; paid versions will give you extra features to protect your device more than what's offered by free versions. But it all depends on your preference and what you're looking for.


The Best Malware Removal Software

Whether you're looking for free or a paid malware removal software, we've got you covered with our top 5 malware removal software. Let's take a look:

1. Malwarebytes Anti-malware


Pros Cons
  • Easy to use
  • Free version available
  • Light on device
  • Generous money-back guarantee
  • No firewall
  • Lack of diverse third-party testing

The best malware removal software that ranks number 1 on our site is Malwarebytes anti-malware. Malwarebytes is our go-to software with its daily updates. It'll be tracking any malware instantly on all devices. 

You can either download the free version or the paid ones. Either way, at first, you get a 14-day free trial. Yay! This way, you'll get access to all the premium features like real-time scanning, malware removal, ransomware scanner, and more. 

After two weeks, it'll turn into the basic free version that requires manual activation. Still, it has plenty of security tools, but of course, it's better if you purchase the premium version. Plans start from $39.99/year with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind. 

To know more about Malwarebytes, read our full review. 

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2. Bitdefender


Pros Cons
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • User-friendly interface
  • Light on system
  • Expensive
  • Limited support for IOS

Bitdefender is a light, fast, strong, and user-friendly antivirus. Obviously, it's one of the best; it has over 500 million users worldwide. If you don't want to purchase it, you can use its free version that gets the job done. 

The free version provides good security features like malware and spyware scanning and protects you from anti-phishing websites. The best part is it's ad-free and scans in the background without giving you a headache. It offers the perfect tools for malware removal. 

On the other hand, the paid version has VPN, Parental Control, and more security features that will be handy for you. All that, and it won't affect your device. It's a bit pricey, but there's a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

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3. McAfee


Pros Cons
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Excellent security features
  • Great customer support
  • Reliable protection
  • Poor browser extension
  • McAfee Web Boost only supports chrome
  • Limited Password Manager

McAfee is another one of our top 10 antivirus vendors. McAfee Total Protection security feature protects against viruses, spyware, malware, and ransomware attacks, and it also keeps you protected from suspicious and shady websites. Some of the security features offered by McAfee include:

  • Safe browsing 
  • VPN 
  • Encrypted Storage (128-bit encryption) 
  • Malware removal
  • Ransomware & spyware protection
  • Home Network Security (firewall) 
  • PC performance optimization
  • Password Manager 
  • Multi-device compatibility 

Setting up is like taking a walk in the park; anyone can do it. If you face any problems, you can contact customer support on live chat, phone or refer to their multilingual community forum. If you want to give it a try, there's a 30-day free trial. Afterward, you can register for their plans if you're happy with their offers. 

Read our full review to know more about McAfee.

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4. Kaspersky


Pros Cons
  • Advanced features
  • Highly customizable plan
  • Excellent malware protection
  • Light on system
  • No IOS version
  • Limited VPN access unless purchased separately 
  • Limited password manager on lower plans

If you're an Android, Windows, or Mac user, you'll benefit from Kaspersky's excellent malware removal software. It can detect any virus and block any threat. Like other antiviruses, it has other features like blocking phishing sites, anti-webcam hijack, a VPN, but most importantly, you'll get all of this, and it won't impact your system. 

It's one of our top 10 for a reason. To make it even better, setting it up is easy with their guided procedure. So, anyone can use it, except for iPhone users. And in case you face a problem, you can contact their customer support via live chat, email, phone, and even through social media. 

Plans start from $19.99 for a whole year, with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind. 

Visit Kaspersky Now!

5. Trend Micro


Pros Cons
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reliable ID protection
  • Light on System
  • Great anti-phishing
  • No free VPN
  • Rigid number of devices license policy

Our fifth and last recommendation would be Trend Micro, another powerful Antivirus service with high security, a low impact on performance, and high usability. It includes many excellent security features that will help you browse the internet without worrying about security.

It includes above-average anti-spam and privacy options with their 'Folder Shield' module that blocks ransomware, email scam, and Pay Guard features. There's a 30-day free trial for you to decide then prices start from $29.95/year. 

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To Conclude

Overall, we think it's essential to purchase an antivirus. This way, you won't only get malware protection, but you'll get the best of both worlds of malware protection, password managers, parental control feature, and a VPN. It all depends on the antivirus you choose and whether you want to use the free or paid plans. 

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