Bitdefender Full Review: Data Safety Matters

Bitdefender Full Review: Data Safety Matters

Last Updated by Kholod M. on February 23, 2021

You never feel safe when online?

Always tensed when an unknown link or message pops up to you? 

No worries! Please leave it to Bitdefender, a Universal pioneer security company in the world of technology, with outstanding Internet security mechanisms that won the Product of The Year Award from AV-Comparatives. Let us get straight to the point. What can Bitdefender offer to keep you relaxed when it comes to your information security? 

30-days trial is available for all products
Money-refund guarantee in 30 days
Bitdefender Antivirus uses a multi-layer internet security technology that leaves zero chance to intruders
Easily installed and takes little IT effort to adapt to the software and hardware
Cyberattacks are caught and solved from the first step
The free VPN is limited to encrypt 200 megabits of data per day
Bitdefender features for windows offer a more comprehensive range of options than those it provides for MacOS, Android, and iOS

Quick Stats

Security Level
Free Version
Money-back guarantee
30 days
Included VPN
Price (1-year subscription)

Avoid Any Possible threats


Comprehensively, Bitdefender is an efficient antivirus; it devotes all possible defending mechanisms for the sake of both your device safety and your information privacy. Initiating with your online activity and how it affects your general data, being online makes a user more exposed to various threats. Why taking the risk? secure photos, documents and videos from cyber-attacks, including threats targeting hardware; printers, smartphones, point of sale devices like Locky and WannaCry and many others.

Moving to what appears as trusted entities, emails, links, instant or text messages, all of the previously mentioned can represent a threat. A user might share personal or financial information with what appears as trusted parties. By doing so, a user exposes his data, credit card passwords, login credentials, or bank account information. Bitdefender says it is all under control; with its Anti-Phishing protection, none of your information is accessible. 

Recently, online shopping has broken into the field of technology as a flexible and desirable option for those who like to go online, finish it all there, and enjoy the vast range of options. However, many shoppers feel it is not totally safe and get anxious when sharing passwords and credit card information. No need to worry about that anymore; it ensures secure transactions and never lets you experience fraud. 

Bitdefender cares about your comfort when play games, watch videos, or work. No pop-ups are bothering your enjoyment and no unnecessary background activities. 

Get Your Device Protected NOW

 We in would gladly lead your way to discover Bitdefender three products with all their details; from prices to features. 

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The price might matter, but the features say it all. We put between your hands all that a user needs to make up his mind; here are the prices for the per product followed by what you need to know about each product's features and qualities. Because we believe that your personal information safety deserves Bitdefender's high proficiency internet security system, we made sure to let you know all about it. 

  Antivirus Plus Total Security Internet Security
Number of Devices Three devices Five devices Three devices
Price for the first year $23.99 $36 $32

Bitdefender Internet Security

Bitdefender internet security is distinguishable, relying on three aspects; protection, performance, and privacy how each of the factors makes it the best security solution. Here comes our mission to introduce you to the mechanisms and tools related to each.


Your online activities are protected from all e-threats; worms, ransomware and Trojans, and many viruses. Bitdefender also provides Bitdefender Plus to stop any attacks before they even begin, using cyber intelligence technologies that detect suspected URLs, block malware, and any untrusted activities on the network. After witnessing and blocking, it takes action to prevents infections. 

Among all security technologies, Bitdefender follows the most effective and reliable one among all, multi-layer protection. And what is multi-layer protection importance? Each defense mechanism has its own gaps, but when having multi-layer security protection, all the gaps are filled; one more way to work is that each security component focuses on a specific area and keeps a back-up in the case of losing data or missing a gap. 

Can Bitdefender manage your passwords? The answer is YUP! A user can get very smooth and easy access to his passwords or credit card information, knowing all is secured in a cyber- vault. 

The best for the last regarding protection is that it is important to have a keen eye on children's activities and what appears to them online. It is also essential to put constraints and restricted access to online content and ensure that a child's online activity is secure. 


With Bitdefender's autopilot technology, a little IT effort is needed to reconfigure, or setup windows and much-wasted work is saved on PC lifecycle operations. Thanks to Photon, it also raises the sufficiency and performance that ensures better adaptation for internet security to the system's hardware and software. Another smart feature worth mentioning here is how it saves battery consumption by cooling the system, constant updates, and other techniques.



As said before, Bitdefender's internet security is one of the best and earned a reward for its excellence and sufficiency. Privacy is a priority to all antivirus. Then, what makes Bitdefender stands out? Let us go through VPN first, which encrypts up to 200MB per day, protecting the user's online activity and any other shared information. Moving the second feature, the Anti-tracker keeps user's browsing information private and blocks tracking attempts. Control access to your device's microphone and webcam by monitoring which Apps can have access and which are unauthorized to do so. 


Bitdefender Total Security


Get full protection with zero flaws for all your devices; Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Total Security never takes it easy when it is about your information security. All essential protection and much more find their way to your devices to ensure that you sleep, work, enjoy your leisure time, shop, and do banking operations 100% privately and in total safety. 

Doubtlessly, Total Security has many features in common with Bitdefender's other products, including  VPN, password manager, Autopilot, Anti-fraud, and Phishing, and we do not want to forget mentioning the intelligent security technology, the multi-layer Security. But wait! What makes it totally secure? We are here to cheer you up with total security groundbreaking features. Are you ready to dig deeper? Here we go!

Malware, ransomware, and fraud are real threats with high levels of danger. However, cyberattacks get more sophisticated and smarter every day, regarding that, Total Security detects common malware and newly emerged and sophisticated malware with its invincible detection system. That is absolutely not all we have! Children spend considerable durations online, watching YouTube videos, play online games, or just search for a toy or a cartoon series; this calls for taking wise action to make sure that our children will not see any inappropriate content. Total Security guarantees that won't happen to your kids; they are free to be online with a hundred percent security. 

Does it provoke your anger when your phone is stolen, and nothing can be done? Problem solved with Total Security's anti-theft feature that blocks any operating attempts and launches the alarm once a thief tried to open it. 


You deserve it, and it's time to get it, only for $36 for the first year, and launch it on six different devices all at the same time. Never better, right?

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Antivirus Plus


You can get Bitdefender Antivirus Plus only for $29.99 for the first year and enjoy its standard features with all other products. The price is affordable, considering the intelligent technologies it uses to prevent intruders. Antivirus Plus provides multi-layer Security, which leaves zero possibility for malware, ransomware, and fraud. 

No need to freak out every time you receive suspected messages or emails. Relax! Bitdefender has got your back with its anti Phishing feature; all suspected files are caught and solved in no time. 

Besides other features, Bitdefender believes they are essential for your information privacy; password management, autopilot, microphone protection, ultimately enjoyable gaming, VPN, and safe online banking. 

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Comparing Features of Bitdefender Products 

Windows Protection 

  Antivirus Plus Total Security Internet Security
Complete real-time data Protection Included Included Included
Anti Phishing
Anti Fraud
Included Included Included
Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection Included Included Included
Autopilot Included Included Included
Game, Movie, and work modes Included Included Included
Battery mode Included Included Included
Bitdefender VPN Included Included Included
Safe Online Banking Included Included Included
Password Manager Included Included Included
Microphone monitor Included Included Included
Webcam Protection Not- included Included Included
Parental Control Not- included Included Included
Anti-Theft Not- included Included Not- included

MacOS Protection

  Antivirus Plus Total Security Internet Security
Safe Files Not-Included Included Not-Included
Time Machine Protection Not-Included Included Not-Included
Adware Blocker Not-Included Included Not-Included
Anti Phishing Not-Included Included Not-Included
Auto Pilot Not-Included Included Not-Included
Bitdefender VPN Not-Included Included Not-Included
Anti Tracker Not-Included Included Not-Included

Android Protection

  Antivirus Plus Total Security Internet Security
Anti Theft Not-Included Included Not-Included
Performance Saver
Not-Included Included Not-Included
Auto Pilot Not-Included Included Not-Included
Bitdefender VPN Not-Included Included Not-Included
App Lock Not-Included Included Not-Included
Account Privacy Not-Included Included Not-Included
Web Protection Not-Included Included Not-Included


iOS Protection 

  Antivirus Plus Total Security Internet Security
Web Protection Not-Included Included Not-Included
Bitdefender VPN Not-Included Included Not-Included
Account Privacy Not-Included Included Not-Included

Go For It! Keep it All Secured

Final Verdict 

We understand how worrying it is to be online, as we also know that many intruders try to find a way into your personal and financial information. That is why Bitdefender Antivirus is our solution for you because we trust its high standards and sufficiency over the years. Since 2001 till the moment, Bitdefender has been trusted by a vast range of users worldwide. 



A free version is available there as a 30 days trial to all products. During the limited trial duration, a user can choose what works best and enjoy each product's full free features.
Many people feel worried about their privacy when antivirus programs scan their data to check malware and other threats. Bitdefender cloud servers check only suspected data and define each with a file fingerprint and a unique abstract signature, so actually, the data stays in its place on the device and what is saved on Bitdefender cloud is only the file fingerprint and signature, without exposing the real data
A highly reputable and recognized cybersecurity company has been known since 2001 for its security solutions and sufficient products, which, by the way, are available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
To answer that, Bitdefender antivirus uses Catapult Hydra by Hotspot Shield, which is both the fastest and the most reliable VPN, considering that it uses 256- bits encryption.
Let us remember that Bitdefender antivirus has the Autopilot feature that pushes the device performance forward by providing better adaptation to the software and hardware. It also saves the effort of any IT assistance needed because the autopilot reconfigures and set up windows.