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ReversePOS Review: Low Fixed Monthly Payments

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ReversePOS Review: Low Fixed Monthly Payments

ReversePOS is a registered trademark of Versatile Merchant Solutions offering POS hardware and software solutions for small and medium businesses. ReversePOS comes with the essential features a business needs to keep growing, besides many other features that you can discuss when reaching out to one of the company’s representatives.


Cloud-based POS system
Multiple hardware solutions to choose from
Offline payment processing when the internet connection goes down


Doesn't suit a variety of businesses
Pricing criteria isn't transparently stated on the website

Quick Stats

Business size supported
Small to Medium
Customer support
Via chat, email, and phone
Real-time reports
Not Available
Starting price

At first glance, features won’t be easy to find on their official website, but after taking the time to discuss your business needs and reading their clients’ feedback and reviews, you’ll be able to make the right decision. We also enjoy the untraditional way the website states what you’ll get. In other words, instead of listing ReversePOS features out, you can click on the “featured plans” tab and watch the features video to get insights on what a business can get with this POS system.

ReversePOS System Features

The reason why businesses opt for POS system providers is to manage their business in the easiest way possible by taking advantage of the marketing, customers’ retaining, and selling tools. In this section, we’ll be reviewing ReversePOS features and how they boost your business performance and growth:

Customers management

A POS system with this feature makes it simple to automatically track employees' working hours and shifts and calculate their tips or deductions. Owners can also compare multiple accounts and data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Inventory management

View available products, and the exact quantity of each category, add new products, and set up an automatic reordering for the out-of-stock products all from one dashboard.

Marketing features

You can always bring your customer back with the email marketing campaign, text messages, and physical cards and coupons to their doorstep. Similar marketing tools aim to keep the customer engaged with the latest news, discounts, and new products. This feature personalizes your customer's experience and builds brand recognition.

Offline payment processing

Most POS systems require an internet connection to process payments, but what if the internet connection goes down? ReversePOS keeps the process going offline what maintains your business flow.

Multiple payment options

Cash and credit/debit cards. ReversePOS knows that different people feel comfortable using different payment types, making your business a very convenient option for a broader range of customers.

Real-time reporting

Without knowing how your business performs, you won't be able to work towards competitive services and better reachability. The reports and analytics show your sales rates, exact business performance numbers on a specific period and compare results to know where your business excels. Reports have a core value for business development and management.

Online ordering

Offering online ordering is an added advantage to a POS system; it puts less pressure on the shop and reduces the waiting time customers spend in a line. In the current circumstances, this sounds like a good option to reduce human interaction to avoid any COVID-19 infection. Fortunately, this option drives more customers for being accessible from any device and any location.

Hardware features and options

ReversePOS offers multiple hardware options to fit every business's needs. You'll have the following options:

  • Smart Terminal: NFC contactless and magstripe reader, front and back cameras for easy barcode scanning, 5 inches touchscreen with Android software, EMV chip card reader, and built-in printer.
  • Smart Pin Pad Pro: Built-in receipt printer, NFC contactless reader, magstripe reader, keypad, 4 inches merchant touchscreen, WiFi and ethernet connectivity, and EMV chip card reader.
  • Smart Flex: EMV chip card reader, NFC contactless, magstripe reader, 4G, WiFi connectivity, Built-in receipt printer, 8 inches touchscreen with Android software, front and back cameras for easy barcode scanning, and customer-facing touchscreen.
  • Smart POS Plus: Built-in thermal receipt printer, EMV chip card reader, NFC contactless, magstripe reader12.5 inches touchscreen display, front and back cameras for easy barcode scanning, and customer-facing touchscreen, 4G and WiFi connectivity, and multiple accessory ports.

ReversePOS System Cost

ReversePOS has a different credit card processing than other POS providers. It doesn't have a fixed price for its services. Instead, there is a fee rate calculator on the website that requires your monthly volume, current processing fees, average ticket amount to get the results of the program value and the annual value.


All transactions are processed through the ReversePOS platform. How does it work? There is a 4% of all sales added as a non-cash adjustment, which is waived when customers pay in cash. This option increases profits on each sale and makes it possible to receive all funds within one business day.

For a fully detailed pricing quote, head to the website and click on "get a free quote" to talk to a consultant and discuss what features your business requires. You can also pick an appointment to test all your POS system features ahead, set your preferred time and day, and get your free demo.

Hardware cost

There are a lot of options when it comes to the Hardware provided by ReversePOS, including Smart Terminal, Smart Pin Pad Pro, Smart Flex, and Smart POS Plus. The website doesn't state how much each hardware costs, but ReversePOS utilizes the PayAnyWhere Smart Flex option, which is listed on the PayAnyWhere website for $549.95 and a $49.95 set up fee.

But the purchase through ReversePOS might cost you less or more; you'll need to reach out and ask more about the price.

ReversePOS Customer Support


Whether a demo session appointment or a consultation to choose what fits your business, ReversePOS has a customer support staff available through email, phone calls, and tickets.

Before you make up your mind، you can head to the reviews available on the website and see what people think of their experience with ReversePOS and how it contributed to making their business management easier.

There is a testimonials page on the official website, but it isn't ready yet. They will be adding reviews to that section very soon. To set up an online ordering with curbside pick up in under 72 hours, you'll need to complete the form on the official website with the following information:

  • Business contact name
  • Best phone and email
  • Website
  • Business address
  • request details

The Final Say

ReversePOS system isn't just another POS provider. The company offers a multitude of options for different types of business and flexible pricing plans. It excels in providing offline payment processing and online ordering, along with many other features, making it a very convenient POS system.

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