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POSitouch POS Review: Extensive Services and Features

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POSitouch POS Review: Extensive Services and Features

POSitouch POS is a premium point-of-sale solution for premium customers. POSitouch POS has been installed on more than 50,000 locations since its establishment in 1985. It’s a tremendous point-of-sale system for bars and fast service restaurants; continue reading our full review to know why.


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POSitouch POS offers premium functionalities and services that make managing your restaurant a piece of cake. Such services include table and labor management, advanced reporting, and businesses management system.

The customer feedback system is a great feature that will help you connect with your customers and make their opinions matter, so if one has faced any issues, management will be able to solve them and keep good reviews online.

POSitouch provides powerful technology and hardware that meets your this age’s standards, and years of customer input and feedback have also shaped its point-of-sale system to be the state-of-the-art POS it is now.

POSitouch POS Features

Table Management

Table management is one of the most vital points of sale feature a restaurant should have; it allows you to have a birds-eye view of your restaurant’s seating in order to:

  • Manage table turns
  • Oversee order status
  • Color code tables according to order status
  • View seat map by server, time, or section

Inventory Tracking

The next vital feature is inventory management. It can be a hassle to manually track which ingredients are being used and how much you have in stock of every item. POSitouch point-of-sale system gives you ingredient level tracking details, regular item counts, in addition to automatic inventory updating when new purchases are made.

You can also create recipes for every menu order, which allows you to track ingredients used as the POS system will automatically deduct used ingredients with every order.

Labor Management

Labor management, also known as employee management, allows you to track your staff’s working times, productivity, and attendance. You can build your staff schedules and generate payroll reports depending on hours worked.

Moreover, you can also manage new hires, transfers, and terminations to make your hiring process easier.

Meal Pacing

POSitouch point-of-sale system is smart enough to route orders to kitchen stations that are not too busy to speed up meal prep times. Meal items with longer prep times will appear first than those with shorter prep time, and each kitchen station can be assigned to be responsible for certain meal items.


POSitouch POS offers great delivery services that optimize and simplify your delivery processes. Such services include caller ID integration to identify the caller from your customer database automatically. You can also access a customer’s order history to make a reorder with a push of a button.

Moreover, you can group customer accounts to the same delivery address and customize delivery zones. Finally, driver management and dispatch tools let you monitor order timings, cash accountability, and delivery time estimates.

Customer Relationships

POSitouch POS offers an additional fee feature, POSeReserve, which would provide your business with online reservations and wait-list management. You can also build relationships with your customers by sending them emails or texts and selling them gift cards.

Your customers can also text to join the loyalty program, which allows them to earn redeemable points with every order.

The eReserve feature is only available for full-service restaurants.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting is one of POSitouch POS premium features, which packs about 50 standard report templates that can be customized and configured depending on the data you are looking for.

Types of reports include:

  • Sales reports: Lets you know what was sold and when including servers’ productivity.
  • Efficiency reports: Gives you a detailed view of your kitchen’s efficiency and the top salespeople.
  • Auditing reports: This allows you to see your discounts and coupons on a regular basis of your choice.
  • Time & attendance: Lets you manage payroll and sales-related data and statistics.

Reports can be filtered to your needs, exported, printed, emailed, and named.

Quick-Service Functionality

POSitouch offers an excellent point-of-sale system for quick-service restaurants and bars. Its capabilities are suited for its needs, which include conversational ordering options and broad coupon features. Coupon features allow you to group meals in combos and detect present meal deals.

Quick service functionalities also support single and dual drive-thru setups, in addition to product ready/preparation projections. It also skims and banks for cash accountability and alerts.

Lighthouse Business Management System

Third-party integrations provide extra business solutions to your point-of-sale system, and POSitouch utilizes these integrations to give you and your customers the experience you deserve.

Lighthouse business management system is available on computers and mobile devices to give you remote access to your restaurant management. More features provide social media and marketing management that allow you to schedule posts and track your content’s performance.

With these tools, you can also set up welcome emails and promotional offers to boost customer loyalty. Finally, you can view your businesses’ ratings and reviews from multiple websites and respond to customer complaints to maintain your online reputation.

More third-party integrations include apps for online ordering, online reservations, accounting, payroll, capital, payroll, and more.

Cloud Connectivity

Cloud connectivity allows you to stay connected to your business from anywhere. You can manage your different sites and monitor them from one location. Reports are also available on the cloud, and you can set up real-time notification alerts for management to oversee certain situations like break violations or overtime.

POSitouch POS Hardware

POSitouch offers a mix of fixed and mobile hardware for their point-of-sale system. Such hardware include:

1. SkyTab

SkyTab is a handheld terminal for tableside ordering and payments. It has a built-in magnetic stripe, EMV, and NFC card reader. It also packs the following features:

  • Check-splitting
  • Order management
  • Customer payment interface
  • Email/text receipts
  • Save customer data
  • Tipping suggestions

2. POSitouch Terminal

The terminal is the classic hardware that comes with point-of-sale systems; it can be used for businesses of any size and has all the functionalities you need.

3. Kitchen Display

Kitchen displays have flexible mounting options; they allow your staff to view and manage orders easily with color-coding. For example, when an order is ready, it will turn green on the screen.


POSitouch POS prices are quote-based; you will need to contact them either by phone or by filling the form on their website. Some online reviews suggest the average price for POSitouch POS is about $1,000, but you will have to contact them for full details on prices.

Customer Support

Customer support is available 24/7 to assist you through the phone, and full-service restaurants get on-site system installation and configuration.

Phone: 800-778-5700

A free no-obligation demo is also available for you to test out the POSitouch point-of-sale system.

Final Thoughts

POSitouch POS is an excellent point-of-sale system for full-service, quick-service restaurants and bars that do not need much trouble with setup and assistance. Its features and services provide great automation for manual processes and grow your revenue.

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