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RSI’s POSitouch: Custom & Scalable POS System for Retailers

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RSI’s POSitouch: Custom & Scalable POS System for Retailers
POSitouch POS Review

Updated: May 1, 2024

While over a dozen Point of Sale (POS) systems are customized for quick-service restaurants, POSitouch seems to top the list of the best. This POS system is renowned for their unlimited flexibility, ease of use, scalability, and speed. Designed by industry experts, this provider is tailor-made for quick-service restaurants. The results are faster service, reduced labor costs, and an improved customer experience for QSRs.

This review will explore all crucial aspects of POSitouch point-of-sale solutions to help you determine if they are right for you. We'll discuss features, plans, pricing, customer support, and user experience, among other aspects. Take a closer look at their services to determine if they are the right solution for your food and beverage business.


User-friendly interface
Scalable and customizable systems
24/7 support
On-site training and support


Prices not transparent
Heavy restaurant focus, not broader hospitality industry
Training may be needed


Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Small and large businesses
Customer Experience
Phone call

POSitouch POS Overview

POSitouch is one of many Shift4 POS system solutions managed by Retail System Inc. (RSI). Bill and Ted Fuller, founders of Gregg's Restaurants and Taverns, established this POS system in 1985, in the United States. Since then, the company has expanded their client base, serving over 50,000 locations across the globe.

Their Point of Sale software includes inventory, time and attendance management, order routing, order duplications in different prep areas, and table management features. It integrates well with various web-based scheduling systems for work preference optimization.

As the world’s largest money-processing company, Shift4 enables POSitouch to offer one of the best, most highly secure, and fastest payment processing services. The company is renowned for their fast money processing speed and fair processing fee, which makes POSitouch suitable for small, mid-size, and established restaurants. They’re EMV and PCI-compliant and accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Retail System Inc., on the other hand, ensures the operations of the POS system are easy. They provide some of the best user-friendly, most efficient, and most effective POS hardware. Additionally, they offer installation, training, and continued 24/7 software and hardware support.

POSitouch Features & Services

One of the key selling points of the POSitouch POS system is their compatibility with various kinds of food businesses. It features elements suitable for various establishments, including table service restaurants, quick service restaurants, cafés, bars, and nightclubs. More interestingly, it is highly customizable and offers unlimited integration. Their system can help you build and integrate your databases, set up credit card software, and customize your menus, enabling the system to fit your business’s unique needs.

Some of their other powerful features include:

POS software: Their software is cloud-based, making it compatible with nearly all devices, including mobile gadgets. This eliminates the need for additional hardware and enables you to monitor operations in your eatery in real time on the go.
Hardware: The company provides various hardware tools, from self-checkout systems to printers, display systems, scanners, and scales. You'll also find a variety of payment devices, including table systems, cash drawers, and tills.
Order routing: The POSitouch POS system offers a module for complete order routing and duplications in various prep areas, enabling speedy and efficient fulfillment of customer orders. Notably, they feature a Kitchen Display System (KDS) that enables easy communication between the front and back end of the restaurant. This helps the restaurant management provide fast and efficient services.
Online orders and delivery: This POS also enables online ordering and delivery services. It offers functionalities for integrating caller IDs, enabling customer account segmentation, and facilitating delivery processes. Additionally, the POS provides delivery drivers with dispatch and cash accountability.
Table management: For table service restaurants, POSitouch users can efficiently monitor and manage the settings of your restaurant. It helps you know the status of your entire dining space. This feature enables you to manage table turns, visualize, and follow up on order status for different tables. The feature also works alongside the POS’s online reservation functionality to enable you to assign tables while monitoring queues and table turns.
Analytics and reports: POSitouch POS also offers advanced analytics and reporting. They integrate data from the business’s daily operations and offer various reports, enabling owners, managers, and CEOs to determine the business's progress and make informed decisions. The functionality delivers weekly and daily sales reports, cash reconciliation reports, service times reports, deposits, and accounts reports.
Security features: POSitouch also comes with a data security feature, Navigator 2, that protects a restaurant's data and customer information. With this feature, restaurant managers can set logins and privileges for individual users. They can regulate how and when an individual(s) or group of staff interact with the system. Besides the data security feature, POSitouch offers other physical location security systems, such as cameras, that can be integrated with the client's systems for enhanced security and staff management.
The highlighted features, they offer additional, highly valuable services that significantly enhance POSitouch’s efficiency and suitability. More precisely, they provide free installation, on-site training, and support. They can help you customize the POS to fit your business and assist in building and integrating the business’ dedicated database with the POS system.

POSitouch Plans & Pricing

This POS system's prices are quote-based. While the POS is customized to fit the individual business’s needs, its price may vary depending on the business’s requirements. Generally, the price quote is based on business size, the specific features and modules required, and additional services or customization. Also, the hardware required (plus the preferred types of hardware) influences the POS system’s price significantly. Additional services and systems, like security features that need integration with the POS system, can dramatically impact the cost.

To get a quote for your business, contact RSI by filling out the contact form on the pricing page. The company also offers unique financing options to their new and existing customers. So be sure to reach out or contact their sales team for more information and price quotes.

POSitouch System Advantages & Disadvantages


Whether you are a startup or running a small, mid-size, or established QSR business, you will benefit substantially from POSitouch. Below are some of the advantages you get from using POSitouch.

There are many quick-service and table-service restaurant-specific features: The POSitouch system is entirely built for the food and beverage industry. It was (and still is) made to serve all aspects of a food and beverage business, regardless of its kind or size. It contains a wide range of useful features for all types of restaurants, including quick-service establishments, table-service restaurants, clubs, and bars.
24/7 hardware and software support: Using RSI as your POSitouch POS provider comes with 24/7 hardware and software support, ensuring your POS system is always up and running. The company offers both virtual and on-site support. Still, you can quickly receive free POS analysis with the company's support. You can also get free installation and server training when up-scaling the business or upgrading the hardware.
Unlimited customization and third-party integration: The key selling point of POSitouch is their adaptability to their users’ needs. The POS is complex yet simple enough to integrate various third-party systems, software, and hardware efficiently. They also offer unlimited customization, allowing users to set it up per their preferences and business requirements.
Flexible payment methods: POSitouch POS supports nearly all payment methods, from credit and debit cards to digital wallets and QR codes. Their customization and integration capabilities allow users to set up their preferred payment method. Still, being a subsidiary of Shift4 Payment adds to their support for various payment options. Additionally, the processing company gives them a competitive edge regarding payment processing fees and efficiency.
Scalability: Besides helping you grow, POSitouch is designed to grow with your business. Their customizability, integration, and capability complement their extensive features, enabling them to adjust as the business grows. Additionally, being web-based allows the easy addition of hardware and user accounts for your new locations, terminals, or order preparation stations.
Robust management power: POSitouch offers unlimited management power. The POS features workforce management and time stamp functionalities, for starters. Additionally, it comes with login and staff activity regulation tools that enable managers to control staff’s access to or usage of the POS systems. Besides, the POS offers order management and delivery functionalities, enabling managers to monitor staff efficiency at different stations. Other management features POSitouch provides include tip, inventory, and table management for table service restaurants.


Despite the many advantages, POSitouch is not perfect either. Here are some of their notable cons:

Price transparency: It's difficult to set up a budget for a POS system installation without sufficient information regarding their plans and price. As such, the lack of upfront information regarding the cost makes it hard for business owners to determine their suitability.
Limited to the restaurant industry: Although POSitouch is in the hospitality industry, it's restricted to the food and beverage sector, which makes them suitable for restaurants only. This means they cannot serve in any other area, including the lodging and fitness divisions found in the hospitality industry.
Some functionalities are complicated: Understandably, some modules, specifically cash and customer data-related units, require enhanced security. However, with POSitouch POS, some users find cash and tip-related modules excessively complicated, making processing refunds, payment adjustments, or adjusting CC tips difficult.

POSitouch User Reviews

POSitouch has received varied reviews on different customer feedback sites. G2 rated them 2.9 out of 5, while Capterra awarded them a 4.0.

Most customer reviews highlighted that the software was easy to learn, adapt to, and customize. Others praised the system’s functionality, including restaurant-specific conveniences like offline capabilities, splitting checks, payroll reporting, gift card transactions, employee messaging, and changing food item modifiers. A few also found POSitouch more reliable and reasonably priced than their other software.

However, some customers had issues with the outdated screen look, inexperienced customer service techs, system glitches, perplexing user interface, and limited options for modifying items. Other complaints included difficulties installing the software on handheld devices, pricing, and multi-step refund and payment adjustments.

When writing this review, the company hadn’t acknowledged or responded publicly to these customer complaints. However, some reviews suggest the support team had worked on or was still sorting their issues privately. We cannot attest to that with certainty.

The company doesn’t have a BBB profile. Due to limited online reviews for RSI, contact a past or present customer to discover their experience with the company’s POSitouch POS. Be sure to also call the company’s customer service representatives with questions and concerns so you can make an informed decision.

Customer Support & Service

Customer service and support are two of the strong suites of POSitouch POS. Their systems offer free installation, training, and 24/7 hardware and software support. Plus, you can get a free consultation and POS analysis from the company’s point-of-sale specialist. They also provide free product demos for easy decision-making and learning.

The company offers live chat, phone, and ticketing support for customer support. You can contact the support via 1-800-849-5642 (toll-free).


If you’re ready to utilize a well-suited and feature-rich POS system in your food and beverage business, RSI’s POSitouch can be a good option. They have solid features for Quick-Service Restaurants (QSRs), including order routing, KDS, and online ordering. Security features like data encryption and user access controls add customer data protection, which is critical for any operation.

The best part is that the company considers businesses at different stages. As such, the service is scalable for businesses of all sizes. That way, they will offer extensive customization to fit your needs, whether you run an independent cafe or a national chain table-service restaurant. Full-service restaurant operators enjoy robust management tools for effective staff management, inventory control, and table management. Also, the customer service team's cloud-based access and 24/7 support ensure prompt responses and smooth operations.

However, RSI’s POSitouch is just one of the many POS systems and service companies available in the US. If you need to discover more providers before choosing, visit our reviews page and compare your top picks against each other. We also recommend checking our blog page, which has detailed and updated guides to various aspects of the food and beverage industry. You’ll surely find valuable information to help you increase your competitive advantage and succeed.

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