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PixelPoint POS Review: Flexible and Versatile

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PixelPoint POS Review: Flexible and Versatile

PixelPoint POS is designed for versatility and customization. It's great for any restaurant type and will adapt to meet your needs. PixelPoint POS is easy to install and configure and doesn't require much training. Continue reading our review to know everything it has to offer.


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PixelPoint POS's best features lie in its new ordering options, with online and wireless integrations that simplify operations and increase ROI. In addition, PAR's latest technology powers its point-of-sale system and makes it highly flexible and scalable for growing operations.

PixelPoint packs many features that allow you to keep tabs on your daily profit and protect, in addition to several menu and employee management features. Since 1978, PixPoint has installed over a hundred thousand systems in 110 countries and has deployed over 500,000 terminals globally.

PAR's several products offer business solutions which include:

PAR Products

Brink Point of Sale

Brink POS offers similar features as PixelPoint POS, as discussed below. It is an all-in-one business solution point-of-sale system. It is built for enterprise restaurants, but it is also flexible enough for independent restaurants.

Some of its notable features include:

Open Web API

An Open Web API allows seamless third-party integrations and applications to provide more specific solutions and capabilities for any department or operation.

Customized Menus

A common yet vital feature found in many point-of-sale systems is customized menus, and Brink POS does not hold it back. You can personalize and brand your menus and effortlessly manage them. You can also create timed menus that change depending on the time of day or days of the week.

PAR Data Central

PAR's Data Central, as its name suggest, can handle all sorts of data in your restaurant regarding inventory, food, and labor management, in addition to enterprise reporting, which gives you thorough insights on any aspect of your business.

Premium add-ons also aid your operations in running as smoothly as possible; their services include:

  • Concierge Services
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Data Warehouse
  • Scan Assist
  • Line Check
  • Manager's Log
  • Commissary

PAR Punchh

In collaboration with Punchh, Inc, PAR offers an industry-leading loyalty, offers, and engagement platform. It enables brands to deliver customer loyalty programs both digitally and in-store. Its top features include:

  • Personalized offer management
  • SKU-level POS integration
  • Real-time and historical segmentation
  • Native AI & machine learning

PixelPoint POS

PixelPoint is an open-source system that other companies can build extensions with its point-of-sale system at its core. In addition, it has teamed up with over 200 integration partners worldwide, which maintains its versatility and competitiveness.

PixelPoint offers a bunch of features, which include:

Front of House Operations

PixelPoint POS handles the front-of-house operations such as employee management and scheduling and manages house accounts and configuring receipts through either text or email.

Moreover, PixelPoint point-of-sale system can manage device status alerts, native gifts cards, and loyalty programs.

Back of House Operations

Back House operations that PixelPoint POS handles are inventory management, custom kitchen routing, tax inclusion, email scheduling.

The point-of-sale system can track available ingredients, count them, and deduct whenever an order is made with inventory management. In addition, custom kitchen routing will direct order items to different stations depending on their business to speed up kitchen operations.

Moreover, tax inclusion will either add the applicable tax amount to menu items or as a separate line on receipts.

Table Service Solutions

For enhanced table services, PixelPoint offers Brink POS, which is built to adapt to your needs. It can run on a Windows-based system with no long-term contracts. Brink POS's top features include menu management, allowing you to create timed menus and apply changes based on day and time.

Besides inventory and kitchen management, Brink POS streamlines table management operations and gives you the ability to oversee more than one venue and push promotions and discounts across them.

PAR Hardware

PAR offers durable and flexible hardware with its point-of-sale systems, which include:

  • EverServe 8000, key features include:
    • Countless configurations
    • Multiple screen options
    • Pedestal pods
    • Easy to access ports
  • EverServe 600, features include:
    • 32 GB of memory
    • 64GB or 128GB SSD Hard Drive Available
    • Windows 10 OS
    • Multi-touch support
    • Countertop or wall-mounted
  • PAR Kitchen Display System, features include:
    • Withstands kitchen's contaminants
    • USB Controller Interface
    • All-in-one Mounting Feature
    • Capacitive Touch Bump Bar
    • Built-in Speakers with Sound Options


PixelPoint POS Pricing

PAR does not advertise pricing for PixelPoint POS or its other products; they are all quote-based. Pricing may vary depending on many factors such as restaurant size, services it offers, and other factors.

To get your custom quote, you will need to contact PAR through the phone and provide them with your restaurant's details and needs. PAR, however, offers a free demo of their point-of-sale software for you to try before purchasing with zero obligations.

Customer Support

Customer support is available 24/7 through email and phone:

  • Phone: (800) 382-6200
  • Email:

In addition to customer support, PAR provides technical support services to aid you through any technical difficulties. Onboarding services help new customers with project management, deployment, and professional services.


It is fair to say PAR and its PixelPoint POS are dedicated to aiding their new customer and providing the best services and business solutions for restaurants. In addition, PixelPoint POS is open source, and its integrations help provide full functionalities to business owners.

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