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Heartland POS: The Heart of Your Business

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Heartland POS: The Heart of Your BusinessHeartland POS: The Heart of Your Business

Heartland is the point-of-sale system that promises to grow with you and your business. Heartland POS will be at the heart of your business, whether in retail, small businesses, or restaurants. Continue reading to know everything Heartland POS has to offer you.


Smooth integration with 3rd party apps
Easy to use
24/7 support


Not all prices are advertised
Expensive early termination fees

Quick Stats

Business size supported
Small and large businesses
Customer support
Webinar, FAQs, and knowledge base.
Real-time reports
Not Available
Starting price
$80 per month

Heartland Features


Heartland Retail POS is confident in future-proofing your business with its powerful software and technology.

Its point-of-sale system offers the following features to help increase your sales and satisfy your customers:

Cloud-based POS

Heartland's POS system is cloud-based instead of the traditional on-premise service. This is very helpful because it helps you make sure that your data is kept safely on servers and is backed up in case anything unpredicted happens. 

Order management

Heartland POS streamlines all of your processes to save the time and effort of your employees and customers alike. The options you have for order management are many, including the ability to create special orders that have combos (e.g., a burger, soda, and fries). You can also create orders for special times, like a breakfast deal or a birthday deal. 

Tableside ordering is one of the best features when it comes to ordering; customers can make their orders without leaving their tables; they can also complete their payments at the table with Heartland's credit card readers.

Inventory management

You get both partial and full inventory counts to ensure you never run out of any item or product. You can synchronize your physical and online stores to track all of your inventory in all branches. This means that you also get to transfer inventory between different locations while keeping that documented on the system. 

You get a special barcode scanner to document every item purchased and log it into the system. You can classify items and products into different sizes, colors, and brands. 

Having your inventory logged into the system means that returns and refunds can be processed easily and pain-free.

A cloud-based POS means that your customers can easily split payments through the system and can ask for returns and refunds with no difficulty. 


Heartland retail POS also supports e-commerce integration. You can link your existing e-commerce store with Heartland through their e-commerce omnichannel that will sync up in real-time. E-commerce integration supports Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. If you are using another e-commerce platform, customer support can help you integrate it with their open developer API.

Heartland has technology tailored to your own retial store; either it is clothing, grocery, convenience, or a liquor store, Heartland has 100% support for you.

Customer management

With this system, and after making sure to get your customer's permission, you can always create a profile for each customer to keep their purchase history, buying habits, and payment info. 

Heartland POS also allows you to create loyalty programs to reward your most loyal customer; for example, every time a customer buys something, they gain points, and when they accumulate a certain number of points, they can exchange the points with store credit. 

Heartland Register POS

Heartland register POS system keeps it all smart and simple with its sleek hardware, cloud-based POS, and customer support that is “there for you-literally.” Heartland Register POS features:

  1. Accepts online orders from anywhere

  2. Creates better checkout experiences

  3. Builds smarter employee schedules

  4. Eliminates inventory shortages

  5. Simplifies accounting tasks

  6. Declutters the cash wrap

Heartland Restaurant POS

Heartland Restaurant POS system has features that cater to every restaurant; such features include:

  1. Kiosk ordering
  2. Smartphone payments
    • Accepts credit and debit cards
    • Apple Pay
    • Pay by link
  3. Language options
    • Supports English and Spanish
  4. Time tracking
    • Streamlines and schedules operations
    • Automatically estimates payrolls
    • Automatically estimates overtime expenses
  5. Guest engagement app
    • Rewards for customers
    • Skip-the-line ordering
    • Gift cards, coupons, discounts, and loyalty features
  6. Two-tap ordering
  7. Delivery service integration
    • Connects up to 48 different delivery services
  8. Delivery Dispatch
  9. Tableside service

Heartland Payroll+

Payroll+ is a product Heartland offers that helps you 'take the pain out of payrolls'. With Payroll+ you get to speed up the payroll process and access it online at any time. It also helps you manage your hiring process with interview scheduling and online applicant tracking, so you do not get lost with all the paper hassle.

Time tracking and HR features, keep you informed on your employee's data and activity. As for the HR services, it helps you stay up to date with laws in your state and find solutions for any problem concerning your employees or customers.

Heartland MobilePay

As the world advances with payment options, so does Heartland with mobile pay. You can set up the device in under 5 minutes, and get fast transaction processing speeds. With mobile pay, you will not miss out on any sale, as it supports EMV chip cards and digital wallets.

You can also send invoices for later payments, allow customers to add tips, and turn your phone's camera to a bar-code scanner. It also goes without mentioning, you can view all your sales data online from anywhere as well.

Heartland Plans and Prices

Retail POS Plans: (Each plan is a 3-year contract).


Professional (most popular)


Starting at $80 per month

Starting at $160 per month

N/A (you need to request a quote)

Heartland does not advertise its prices for Restaurant and Register POS, and it encourages interested customers to contact their sales department to get a quote.

Final Verdict

Heartland POS systems cover all your business needs. They have retail, register, and point-of-sale restaurant systems that promise to grow with your business. Each POS system packs a multitude of features that makes it exceptional and suitable for your business profit growth.

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