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CAKE POS: Always On, Always Available

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CAKE POS: Always On, Always Available

CAKE is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution that has been helping restaurants for the past ten years. It is known for its diverse services and affordable prices. But is CAKE the right POS for your restaurant? Continue reading and decide for yourself.


Easy online ordering
Robust, affordable hardware
Offline mode


Phone support can be a bit slow

Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Small, medium, and large
Customer Experience
Live chat, phone, and email support


CAKE is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution for restaurants. It offers multiple features for payment processing, including payment acceptance, online ordering, tableside ordering, guest waitlist manager, gift cards, and more.

Users can use CAKE POS to track sales in real-time from different places. You can track sales, wages, working hours, and overtime. Sales can be tracked by receiving detailed real-time reports which can show data by week, day, or hour. You can also benefit from the payroll reports that can help you calculate wages, working hours, overtime, and individual sales. You can also compare such data to labor costs by week, day, or hour.

You can also track customer purchasing habits and peak hours on-demand and in real-time. One great thing about CAKE POS is that it can operate with no internet connection in its offline mode; this way, you can manage your restaurant and accept payments even when the internet connection is cut. 

CAKE's point of sale system offers integration with PayPal, Orca, Xero, ChefTab, 7Shifts, Avero, and Quickbooks. Moreover, it is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. You can access the system with your smartphone or tablet.

CAKE POS Features

Employee management

CAKE POS is designed to keep your employees happy and satisfied, with the least amount of unnecessary tasks. CAKE's point of sale system has a built-in timecard that can automatically manage the working hours of your employee; it automatically clocks them in and out and monitors their breaks; it can also manage overtime. 

As a manager, you can access data and reports made about your employees and you can make reviews of them. With these reports, it will be easy for you to have flexible payrolls. 

CAKE's point of sale system also has a tipping system where customers can give tips if they want to; at the end of the day or the shift, tips can be easily divided among the servers and the employees.

All these features and functionalities streamline and workflow all processes at work, allowing your employees to focus on their jobs without the burden of dealing with technical tasks that waste their time and effort. On top of that, the CAKE POS system can integrate with 7Shifts to provide even more management options.

Seating and Table Management

This is a CAKE feature that you cannot do without; with this feature, you get to create a floor map where you can design a certain table arrangement for tables and seats according to your restaurant's needs and the season. You can arrange the places of tables, merge a number of tables for certain guests, and block certain tables to let guests know they are reserved.

The CAKE app also provides a table timing option where you can monitor how long a table is being or has been used; this can help you estimate the habits of customers and know when a table shall be available. 

Your guests can also be pre-assigned to certain tables to save their and your employees' time. You can evenly distribute guests across sections around the restaurant. The system will keep automatically updating and you will be notified when a table is available so you can have an idea of where to send your guests who are on the waitlist.

Online ordering

This feature is vital for the growth of your business and its online presence; you can integrate the system into your own website or Facebook page. You can upload all of your dishes and meals with details and prices and your customers can see the list and choose whatever they want. This is a great feature that can help make sure orders are prepared with accuracy with reduced errors, which will result in satisfied customers and more publicity for your business.

After choosing their orders and adding any instructions if needed, customers will do checkout easily and can even add tips if they want to.

This online ordering feature can integrate with your CAKE point of sale system, which means that when a customer makes an order, it immediately goes to the server, and workers in the kitchen receive it right on time and start preparing it. It also means that your inventory will get automatically updated when an order is made so you can never run out of a certain ingredient.

Table-side ordering

Table-side ordering is another feature that can make things easier and better for your customers. To make orders at the table, you will use CAKE POS's OrderPad; with this feature, your employees can take orders at the table and send them directly to the kitchen so the chefs can start preparing them with no delay.

With CAKE's OrderPad, not only will your customers make orders at the table, but they will also be able to make payments by swiping their cards into the CAKE card reader, as costs will be automatically calculated.

With this feature, your restaurant will be both convenient and safe; you will make it easy for your customers to make orders while also keeping your restaurant safe with CAKE POS's security benefits and solutions.

Offline mode

This is where the "Always on, always available" part comes. CAKE is a cloud-based solution, meaning that when the internet connection drop, the whole system shall be down as well. However, with CAKE POS, even when your connection gets cut off, your operations will not stop. The CAKE systems and platform can operate even with no connection to the Wi-Fi or cellular data. 

Even with the system down, you can still take orders, accept and process payments, and do more. And later on, when the internet is back, everything will be automatically synced to the system.

Real-time Analytics

CAKE POS provides powerful analytics and real-time reports that will help you understand your business in-depth and keep up with the trends. These reports will show you the purchasing habits of your customers, the average wait time at your restaurant, and more. 

Through these reports, you can monitor the number of visitors your restaurant receives at different times of the day and according to the seasons so you can be ready for rush hours and special events. You can use these reports to build a better understanding of your restaurant and make smarter decisions and custom marketing campaigns. With all this at hand, you will make sure to satisfy your customers and grow your business.

Real-time reports are not only about your customers but also about your employees; you can monitor working hours, wages, overtime, sales, and more. All this data will be cloud-stored and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

Cake POS Pricing

CAKE POS's prices are similar to the average prices in the industry. However, you need to keep in mind that with CAKE, you need to make a two-year contract. Prices go as follows:

Software pricing

  • POS Software fee: $69/month, plus an additional $49/month for each additional terminal.
  • Guest Management (add-on): One-time payment of $199 plus $79/month.
  • Tableside Ordering (add-on): One-time payment of $299 plus $49/month.
  • Online Ordering (add-on): $49/month.
  • Gift Cards (add-on): $25/month.

Hardware pricing

You can lease any hardware device for three years for $69 per month. You can buy a device, but CAKE POS does not list any prices on the website for buying hardware.

Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding point of sale solutions in general and CAKE's POS in particular, you can go to "CAKE University," where you will be able to navigate through a big number of blogs and articles answering almost every single question you might have. 

You can also find a section dedicated to webinars regarding CAKE's point of sale system to which you can refer to understand everything you need to know about this POS.

If you still can't find an answer to your question, you can contact CAKE's customer support as follows:

  • Call or text 855-696-CAKE (2253)
  • Email [email protected]
  • Live chat via > press of "Chat with an expert."

Final Verdict

CAKE POS is an all-in-one point of sale solution that if used well, can help your business prosper. Among all the best POS systems in the industry, we concluded that CAKE is one of the best. 

If you're looking for a robust POS with very much affordable prices, look no more, CAKE POS is the answer.

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