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Cake POS: Sweetening Operations, Rain or Shine

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Cake POS: Sweetening Operations, Rain or Shine
Is Cake POS the right solution for your restaurant?

Updated: April 2nd, 2024. 

Choosing the perfect POS system is like uncovering the secret ingredient to culinary success in the restaurant industry. Among the countless options available, Cake Point of Sale (POS) stands out as a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for the restaurant industry.

Although they offer extensive features and boast several benefits, is CakePOS the right solution for your restaurant? Find out as we unravel their features, pros and cons, pricing, and user experience.


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An Overview of Cake POS

Mad Mobile purchased Cake POS in 2020, which Sysco Corporation had initially launched in 2011. A strategic move, this acquisition is intended to enhance the system's functionalities and improve its service offerings to the hospitality industry. Cake POS provides extensive features designed explicitly for restaurant management, offline payments, payment processing, and more. By prioritizing simplicity and user-friendliness, Cake POS effectively handles the distinct obstacles restaurants encounter during their everyday operations.

Cake POS provides comprehensive POS transaction and management solutions through proprietary hardware and software. By addressing the unique requirements of the restaurant industry, this all-encompassing methodology guarantees that restaurants are equipped with every resource necessary to thrive in this highly competitive market. 

Top Cake POS Features

  • Payment processing: Cake's system accepts various payment methods, such as contactless alternatives like NFC and EMV and chip and swipe methods. The system uses Cake Pay merchant processing to handle transactions and provide support to reduce the number of chargebacks. In addition, they enable the processing of card-based payments and digital wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, following PCI standards
  • Menu management: Restaurant owners and managers can easily update and modify menu items and prices directly from their devices with Cake. This feature allows modifications, price adjustments, and item addition and hiding, guaranteeing that menus consistently reflect the most recent offerings. Furthermore, the menu administration software is built into Cake's POS system, allowing administrative modifications from any location
  • Reporting and analytics: The reports provided cover an analysis of visitor traffic trends, wait time analysis, and customer purchasing behaviors. This enables users to understand demand fluctuations that occur throughout the day and vary across seasons. In addition, the system can monitor employee metrics, including sales and working hours, which facilitates effective workforce administration. They also offer cloud-based storage that facilitates effortless access to information from any location, enhancing operational management's adaptability and convenience
  • QR code payments: With this feature, customers can scan a QR code to pay from their mobile devices. Directly synchronizing QR code payments with the POS system improves operational effectiveness and decreases customer downtime. By providing consumers with a more streamlined dining experience, this pay-at-table system also helps servers save time. In addition to facilitating sign-ups for the restaurant's loyalty program, every QR code payment is distinct for each location and receipt, capturing visitor information. Additionally, this feature results in quick table turnover and enhanced revenue generated from suggested gratuities
  • Hardware: Cake offers bundled hardware packages and separate accessories to meet the needs of various establishments. The bundles comprise essential components, including the iPad POS system, self-service terminals, and the Cake POS station, which usually consists of customer-facing displays and touch screens. Furthermore, a variety of accessories are offered for purchase separately. These include thermal printers, payment cubes, Wi-Fi access points, kitchen display systems (KDS), impact printers, and barcode scanners


  • Guest manager: By enabling guests to make reservations via phone or online, this solution facilitates streamlined reservation management, minimizes guest absences, and matches their preferences. Customizable floor maps facilitate the optimization of seating configurations, while real-time updates regarding table availability increase visitor satisfaction. Through streamlined operations and precise wait time notifications, Cake Guest Manager effectively improves operational efficiency and elevates the dining experience for staff and patrons alike
  • Online ordering: Cake's online ordering system streamlines restaurant operations and increases revenue. Operating together with the POS, it facilitates operations and guarantees order precision. It helps to increase sales and customer retention by enhancing the visitor experience with personalized branding and contactless curbside pickup
  • Self-service kiosks: Cake's self-service kiosk improves the overall customer experience by providing contactless, expedient order and payment alternatives. As a result of orders being transmitted directly to the kitchen, the system increases efficiency and precision while decreasing wait periods and mitigating human errors. Menu updates are dynamically implemented into the Cake POS system, and customers are provided with secure contactless payment alternatives 
  • Table-side ordering: A portable POS system, Cake's tableside ordering system is intended to improve the dining experience for customers. This system lets servers quickly transmit orders from the table to the kitchen, decreasing entry times and increasing operational efficiency. This solution integrates with the POS system, immediately updating any modifications made to the POS. Additionally, this system facilitates mobile payments, including contactless options like Apple Pay or Google Pay, and simplifies bill splitting for customer convenience
  • OrderPad: This mobile solution allows simplified line management and tableside ordering. OrderPad optimizes procedures and enhances customer service. With immediate order entry and seamless integration with the POS system, OrderPad effectively reduces order errors and enhances table turnover
  • Loyalty program: Cake provides an all-encompassing restaurant loyalty program to bolster customer retention and cultivate enduring relationships. This program seamlessly integrates into their POS system and allows the digital monitoring of points and rewards via credit card identification or email. Cake Loyalty guarantees a streamlined experience for customers and businesses, regardless of in-store or online orders, by supporting registration at the POS station and providing digital access to rewards
  • Integrations: Cake POS provides an extensive selection of integrations that establish seamless connections with various partners to streamline and improve restaurant operations. Their integrations offer unique solutions tailored to your needs, from accounting software like QuickBooks to gift cards

Cake POS Pricing & Plans

POS plans

Cake provides various all-inclusive pricing plans customized to suit the specific demands and financial constraints of businesses operating in the restaurant industry. By delivering three distinctive alternatives—Essentials, Plus, and Pro—they guarantee that companies of any scale can obtain the tools they need to flourish.

Businesses are granted access to critical functionalities starting with the $69 monthly Essentials Plan. A university training portal, point-of-sale (POS) hardware, menu management, payment processing, and year-round customer support are all included. This plan suits businesses seeking a cost-effective yet dependable solution to optimize their processes and improve customer support.

The Plus Plan costs $125 monthly and provides supplementary advantages for enhancing customer engagement and online visibility. Users can also place orders online and provide gift cards in addition to the benefits and features already included in the Essentials Plan. This strategy accommodates businesses wanting to expand their market presence and offer customers versatile, convenient alternatives for placing orders and presenting gifts.

The most comprehensive plan, the Pro Plan, has all of the features of the Plus Plan and more and costs $295 per month. Alongside the core features, users gain access to advanced marketing tools, loyalty programs, and the guest manager as a supplementary feature. 

Pricing for add-ons

A monthly subscription with unlimited usage is offered for Guest Management for $79 per month, plus an additional $199 due when signing up.

The OrderPad application, support included, is available for $49 per month. The Cake payment reader is also available for $99 per device, including the OrderPadapp, iMag Pro II Payment Reader, and support. New OrderPad solutions are subject to a one-time activation fee of $299, which covers the shipment of a WiFi access point required for connectivity.

The Advantages & Benefits of Cake POS

Restaurant-specific solutions

Cake POS provides tailored solutions that are carefully designed to meet the unique needs of the restaurant industry, ensuring that companies acquire software compatible with their specific requirements and operational complexities.

Free demo

Prospective users can investigate Cake POS's offerings firsthand with a free demo to evaluate the software's usefulness for their business operations before committing to a purchase.

Offline mode

Cake POS uses an essential offline mode that guarantees continuous operations in the event of a disruption in internet connectivity. Regardless of cellular or Wi-Fi data availability, they allow users to carry out various uninterrupted operations, including order-taking and payment processing. Once the connection is restored, the system will automatically synchronize all data, guaranteeing that your workflow remains uninterrupted.

Extensive features

Cake POS offers a broad selection of features that supply restaurants with tools and solutions to optimize operations, increase efficiency, and elevate customer satisfaction.

Live chat

They offer a live chat function that allows users to promptly attend to inquiries or concerns, guaranteeing smooth operations and ongoing support.

The Drawbacks & Disadvantages of Cake POS

Lack of pricing transparency

While Cake provides a clear and comprehensive breakdown of their plan pricing, they noticeably neglect to mention the costs of their hardware or additional features. This lack of thorough understanding regarding these extra expenses could pose difficulty for businesses in determining the overall cost of using Cake's solutions. The absence of transparency may result in unexpected expenses in the future and impede their ability to make accurate decisions when choosing the most appropriate plan for what they need.

Contract length

One major disadvantage of Cake is that prospective customers must make a 2-year commitment before using their services. The extended commitment may cause difficulties for businesses looking for more software flexibility and discourage prospective customers who favor shorter contractual terms.

Extra fees

A downside is that additional hardware and software, such as loyalty programs, table-side ordering, and integrations, incur additional fees. Additionally, every device you purchase has an extra recurring fee. The gradual buildup of these expenses may burden businesses, eventually jeopardizing the system's cost-effectiveness as a whole.

User Reviews

Customer reviews about Cake POS demonstrate a uniformly positive view across various platforms. With ratings of 4.8 out of 5 on G2, 4.6 out of 5 on Capterra, and 4.6 out of 5 on GetApp, the software has received commendation for its user-friendliness and comprehensive functionalities while offering constructive feedback on areas for improvement.

Positive reviews

Customers praised the interface's ease of use and the system's intuitive design, which made it simple for employees and management to learn and implement. Users also praised the system's comprehensive reporting capabilities, emphasizing the reports' clarity and accuracy when tracking sales and taxes. Furthermore, customers appreciated the system's adaptability and customization options, which let them tailor features to the particular needs of each of their businesses.

In addition, users highly regarded the system's effectiveness in optimizing order administration and inventory monitoring and enhancing customer service across the food and beverage industry. Customer support and the steep learning curve were additionally acknowledged as positive attributes.

Critical feedback

Customers voiced their dissatisfaction regarding specific attributes and capabilities of the Cake POS system. Some customers desired improved reporting functionalities, such as the capacity to effortlessly monitor particular sales categories, such as alcohol and tax-exempt purchases. Other customers found the initial setup process difficult and costly, especially regarding cable management and additional charges for services like next-day deposits and gift card usage.

Concerns regarding connectivity, system outages, and customer support response time delays were also documented, which affected the system's overall dependability and functionality. Additionally, some users felt that certain features, such as customizable interface designs and more comprehensive reporting options, were lacking.

How Can I Contact Them?

Cake POS provides a variety of customer support choices to promptly help users resolve any concerns or inquiries that may arise. Customer service can be contacted via telephone or text at 855-696-2253 or

Additionally, they give customers access to an extensive array of online resources. This consists of a comprehensive blog and resource center where users can locate tutorials, case studies, and articles that detail how to use the Cake POS system effectively.

They also have Cake University, a platform that grants users access to training materials and resources to assist customers in searching for more interactive support. Furthermore, Cake University provides a live messaging option to communicate with customer service agents in real-time.

Overall Assessment

Cake POS is a reliable solution specifically designed to meet the complex requirements of the restaurant industry. By leveraging their intuitive interface, extensive feature set, and committed customer service, their objective is to optimize processes, increase productivity, and elevate customer satisfaction for businesses of all sizes. Although some people may find their lack of pricing transparency and contract duration inconvenient, the numerous favorable user reviews and high ratings they have received across multiple platforms demonstrate their efficiency and reliability. In conclusion, Cake POS is an appealing choice for restaurateurs aiming to streamline their processes and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

Does Cake POS not meet your business's needs? Look at our comprehensive reviews, compare your options, and find the best fit for you! Plus, don't miss out on our blog page, which is filled with insightful information about the point-of-sale industry.

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