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Streamline Self-Service with Agilysys InfoGenesis POS

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Streamline Self-Service with Agilysys InfoGenesis POS
Agilysys InfoGenesis POS

Updated: May 8th, 2024

Finding the right POS system can give you a competitive edge and help you achieve your business goals. Agilysys InfoGenesis POS ranks among the best point-of-sale systems in the hospitality industry and restaurant management.

It suits the operational needs of different business sizes, integrates seamlessly with third-party tools, requires minimal training, has mobile capabilities, and offers robust reporting and analytics functionalities. But will they streamline and grow your food and beverage business?

In this Agilysys InfoGenesis POS review, we'll explore the software’s features, pricing, advantages and disadvantages, user reviews, and customer service to help you determine if they are the perfect solution. Read on to uncover everything you should know before making a purchase decision.


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Company Overview

InfoGenesis POS is an established and award-winning POS software provided by Agilysys. Unlike most traditional software, it supports various fixed stations and mobile devices. You can use it on iOS, Windows, and Android operating systems, then choose an experience that's comfortable for you, for instance, mobile or iPad layouts.

With this POS, you can execute several back-end and front-end tasks, such as making orders, mobile F&B ordering and payment, reserving tables, tracking inventory, and more.

The provider of this solution has been developing leading technology for the hospitality industry for over 40 years. However, the company's history dates back to the mid-20th century. Standard Radio and Pioneer merged in 1963 to create Pioneer-Standard Electronics, Inc., focusing on distributing electronic components. It was later renamed Agilysys, Inc., in 2003.

Over the years, the company shifted focus to developing and marketing specialized tools and software like POS, property management (PMS), workforce management, and inventory and procurement. They now offer these solutions across North America, Asia, and Europe. But the headquarters are in Alpharetta, GA.

The company has received note-worthy accolades, including the Best Companies Award and Big Awards for Businesses in 2022, the Big Innovation Award in 2023, the Software Reviews Gold Medal, and the 2021 GGB Gaming & Technology Award. Unfortunately, the business is not BBB-accredited.

Agilysys Features & Services

This system is feature-rich, flexible, and next-generation, especially for hoteliers. It's custom-made for the hospitality industry to enhance speed, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction. Here's an overview of the major characteristics of Agilysys InfoGenesis POS:

  • User-friendly interface: The system has an intuitive user interface, meaning employees learn how to use it quickly. The navigations are simple and contain customizable sections
  • Real-time inventory management: The solution tracks inventory and provides alerts when stock levels run low. This ensures you never run out of essential ingredients, reduces waste, and streamlines purchases
  • Payment processing: The software speeds up billing and offers various payment methods, such as digital wallets, cash, contactless, and more, to ensure guests' convenience
  • Analytics and reporting: One of the software's strongest features is analyzing the data collected, such as peak hours, most-ordered foods or beverages, hotel occupancy, sales, customer patterns, and more. It uses this data to provide helpful insights that can be used to optimize business operations and guest engagement. These might include targeted promotions and menu changes
  • Integration: This POS system integrates with other hotel management tools to ensure organization and consistency. It's compatible with various mobile apps, accounting software, online ordering tools, and online booking platforms
  • IG Kiosks: With this technology, customers can choose food and beverages at their convenience 24/7 and process payments independently. This reduces the amount of labor required while increasing customer convenience
  • IG KDS: This kitchen display system allows you to match the flow of orders to your kitchen’s capacity. As a result, you’ll avoid frustrating customers with long wait times
  • IG Smart Menu: Customize offer displays and menus to optimize revenue and update prices
  • IG OnDemand: This digital ordering technology allows guests to order and pay for food from their devices from different sections of your premises, such as the food court, bar, restaurant, or room service
  • IG FLEX: With this mobile POS software, you can run the business on the go using a tablet or mobile device. You’ll still have access to all other features available in the system, including reporting and analysis tools
  • IG PanOptic Kiosk: The award-winning feature takes self-checkout to the next level using AI. It enables customers to place all the items in the kiosk tray while the PanOptic AI service recognizes them and adds them to the cart
  • IG Quick Pay: Make it convenient to accept and track cashless payments from your customers, regardless of where they are on the property
  • IG Fly: This handheld point of sale lets you take the POS wherever your guests are, whether by the poolside or table. There is no need to go back and forth from the customer’s table to the terminal
  • Gift Card: Create and manage gift cards to drive sales, increase guest satisfaction, and meet your bottom line

Pricing & Plans

Unfortunately, Agilysys doesn't share any pricing information on their website. This is quite common for software and service providers, especially POS firms. However, our research has discovered no free trial or freemium options. But you can test the POS using the demo service.

Contact the sales team to get specific prices based on the features your business needs.

The Advantages of Working With Agilysys

24/7 support

The provider has a dedicated support team for each product, query type, and region, assuring ready help at all times. This comes in handy when you need specialized and accessible assistance at any time of the day. You’ll effectively minimize downtime and keep customers happy.


The scheduled personalized demo helps one access the features and get a feel of the system before committing money. You can clear any doubts about the platform and make an informed decision to avoid regrets after investing.


Agilysys POS is stable with rare downtime. You don’t need to keep customers waiting while the system lags.

Extensive features

The system goes beyond the basic POS features to offer more targeted solutions for hoteliers. For instance, customers can order and pay within or outside the business without coming into contact with any staff using IG OnDemand and IG Quick Pay.

Ease of use

It supports faster onboarding for new staff as it's easy to learn. The user-friendly focus ensures you spend minimal time training staff, and they don’t have to waste time with complex navigation when serving guests.

Integrated solutions

The company provides several interconnected tools for different purposes, like inventory management and scheduling staff. They also integrates with various third-party tools for seamless organization and consistency.

Accommodates diverse business models

Whether it’s a casino or a restaurant, InfoGen makes it convenient to operate different business setups in the hospitality industry. This is unlike most systems that focus on a niche within the industry.

Fast correction tools

Making transaction corrections, whether it’s a room charge or credit card, the software makes it painless to rectify genuine errors. You can process a refund, reopen a check, or declare a payment void. This is crucial because mistakes happen when processing orders and making payments, and customers want quick corrections.

Why You Might Not Choose Them

Lack of transparency

The “available upon request” method of finding out the pricing, plans, and contracts doesn't work well for all businesses. Knowing at least the minimum or basic package and features would be helpful. 

Limited to the hospitality and retail industries

While specialization ensures targeted solutions for the hospitality industry, it limits software usage to that sector.

What Is the User Experience Like With Them?

InfoGenesis POS has received great reviews from current and past customers across various platforms. G2 gave them a 3.9 out of 5, TruRadius a 5.9/10, and they topped Capterra with a 5 out of 5 star rating.

Most users of this system have praised its ease of use, highlighting how it’s easy for new or inexperienced users to learn and figure it out quickly. The detailed reports the software offers have also helped inform strategic business moves to meet the bottom line. Others have also found the system reliable, organized, customizable, well-designed for the hospitality market, backed up by a helpful 24/7 support team, updated with robust security measures, and able to run with minimal admin labor support.

However, some customers complained about the card log-in option not functioning properly, finding it easier to access the system using a touch screen. Others didn’t like how the software logs the user out after a few minutes, the cost, or the less-detailed updated Electronic Journal.

We didn’t see the company responding to customer concerns on the review platforms. However, most users had no major complaints and expressed the solutions the system was helping within their roles and businesses. This might mean that most issues were handled case-by-case in private.

Customer Service

The provider has a very comprehensive and strategic support team. Their contact options are categorized by inquiry type, location, and product. Generally, their customer service professionals are accessible via phone at +1 800 327 7088, or you can fill out a contact form on their website, and a customer representative will contact you.

The company also has a wealth of resources on their website, which are helpful to existing and potential customers. These include webinar recordings, client videos and stories, product demos, and articles. You can also get personalized training from the staff, especially at the initial stages of your purchase.


Looking at InfoGenesis POS features, it’s easy to see why many restaurants, hotels, resorts, and casinos across North America, Europe, and Asia trust them with their operations. The system offers detailed reports, mobile access to run the business on the go, IG kiosks for convenient customer self-service, a digital menu, and contactless ordering and payment solutions.

Unlike most old POS systems, it’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. This allows hoteliers to access and run the cloud service from the available devices, which enhances guest service.

This software is optimized to support revenue growth and profitability and improve operating efficiencies without increasing labor costs. The focus on enhancing guest experiences is also noteworthy, as lasting impressions matter in the competitive hospitality market.

The system’s flexibility allows it to be used across different types of retail outlets, especially in the food and beverage space. It can also be deployed on the premises or in the cloud at your convenience.

To explore InfoGenesis POS competitors before deciding, check out our reviews page for detailed and unbiased guides. Once you’ve spotted a few top picks, compare them against each other to settle on the most suitable system for your business. We also recommend visiting our blog page for helpful and thorough guides to help you remain competitive and achieve your bottom line.

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