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Agilysys InfoGenesis POS: Review and Features

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Agilysys InfoGenesis POS: Review and Features

Agilysys Infogenesis POS offers solutions to many kinds of business such as hospitality, restaurants, and service-based businesses. It is scalable, dependable, and feature-rich, designed to help you serve your guests more effectively as you improve your profitability.


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About Agilysys

Agilysys InfoGenesis POS is an award-winning point-of-sale system; it was awarded the Info-Tech Vendor Landscape Champion and Software Review Gold Medalist Awards.

Agilysys point-of-sale system has been an industry-leading software for over 40 years, delivering the most comprehensive features and solutions in the industry. As a result, some of the largest hospitality companies around the world put their trust in Agilysys, as it helps them drive revenue growth, increase operational efficiencies, and improve overall guest experiences.

Agilysys point-of-sale system is flexible to be fixed or mobile and can also be deployed locally, on-premise, or on the cloud. Its mobile-based point-of-sale system offers full functionality to deliver an enhanced guest experience with no performance loss.

Agilysys InfoGenesis POS Features


IG FLEX is Agilysys mobile point-of-sale system that runs on smartphones and tablets. It has an easy-to-use friendly user interface, and it seamlessly integrates with other business solutions. In addition, it provides you access to all Infogenesis tools and reports and packs the full power of Infogenesis POS.


IG BUY is Agilysys self-service kiosk champion for hotels and resorts. It seamlessly integrates with Infogenesis POS and provides an extended customer reach. Agilysys promises an increase in sales as studies have proven that 20% of guests spend more money on additional items with interactive kiosks.

IG BUY self-serving kiosks generally improve guest convenience, reduce staff demand, and can be placed anywhere on the property. In addition, IG BUY supports buffets, grab n go solutions, and restaurants.

More IG BUY features include:

  • Real-time menu updates
  • Menu categories & item modifiers
  • Advanced analytics and reports
  • Kitchen workflow management
  • Digital order status display
  • Digital menu board
  • Stored value & gift cards
  • Unified reporting across Infogenesis POS and your kiosks
  • Scale and scanner support

IG OnDemand

IG OnDemand puts the power in your guest's hands. Food and beverage ordering becomes simpler when guests can place and pay for orders from their devices using IG OnDemand. Guests can view and order from a variety of food and beverage locations on your property, and the system can automatically locate their positions with location-specific QR-codes, table numbers, or room numbers to specify where to deliver the order.

IG OnDemand syncs with Agilysys IG KDS (kitchen display system) to provide customers with an estimated time on when their orders will be ready.

IG Quick Pay

IG Quick Pay is an efficient contactless payment method that eliminates health and security risks while adding convenience and security. IG Quick Pay requires no extra hardware to function. Instead, guests can use their own devices to scan the QR code on the InfoGenesis check and receive a digital copy of it; they can then add tips to their liking and initiate payment directly.

Agilysys Hardware

Agilysys Infogenesis POS is primarily web-based, but it is also compatible with most operating systems, unlike other top POS systems that have strict iOS or Android compatibility.

Agilysys is compatible with:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac

Agilysys does not sell any specific point-of-sale hardware, so it is safe to assume any hardware from well-known brands should be compatible with its system.

Agilysys Plans and Prices

Agilysys does not advertise any prices for its point-of-sale system or hardware, as they are quote-based. You will have to get in touch with their team to get yourself a custom quote and package that fits your business and its needs.

Customer support

You can reach the Agilysys team via phone and email at 1 877 369 6208 and Phone support is available 24/7 in the Americas and across their other office locations. Customer stories, videos, and product webinars are also available with a bunch of other resources that help you understand why so many businesses trust and use Agilysys and how to use its Infogenesis POS.

The Agilysys team also offers training to get you started on setting up their Infogenesis POS system and using it.

Final Thoughts

Agilysys Infogenesis's point-of-sale system is a great option for several industries that are aiming for higher revenue and a more pleasant guest experience. You can get a free demo of its point-of-sale software by just providing them with some details about your business; no credit card information is required.

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