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Papaya Global is a cloud-based SaaS platform that makes it easier to hire people in more than 160 different nations. Clients will have access to a worldwide workforce through Papaya Global's platform! Keep reading to learn more.


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About Papaya Global

Papaya Global is redefining how companies handle international employment. The cloud-based SaaS channel from Papaya Global offers access to a "global" workforce, essential cost data, hassle-free legal counsel, and payroll management.

In comparison to other integrations, which can take up to 12 months to go live, Papaya's cutting-edge security standards and speedy "go live" duration of just 2-3 months set it apart from the competition. Even switching employees hired through an Employer of Record to ordinary payroll in a single pay cycle is doable with Papaya.

Thus, a business looking for exemplary solutions for its foreign talent acquisition strategy must consider Papaya Global.

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Our Thoughts

We have found that it is very clear that the way the industry handles international employment is being revolutionized by Papaya Global. According to the many positive customer testimonials, it is definitely legitimate and well-rounded. One person states that it is "awesome overall." Many people are recommending it. However, some reviews state that it is a bit "pricey." With that in mind, most companies usually get mixed reviews.

Why Papaya Global?

So, why choose Papaya Global?

  • Its clients can get online faster, have insight into and control over the costs of their global workforce.
  • Clients also have easy access to in-house legal counsel and global payroll experts, and benefit from Papaya's cutting-edge security and privacy.
  • Anyone hired through an EOR can easily move to normal payroll in a single pay cycle thanks to Papaya.

Hence, if a business wants some of the best possible capabilities for its international acquisition, Papaya Global is ideal.


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Papaya Perks

There are many perks to choosing Papaya. Here are some of the main ones:

Well-Rounded Services

All three types of global employment options are supported by Papaya Global:

  • Global Payroll: In regions where clients have an entity, full payroll processing services are provided! This includes third-party payments (IRS, national insurance, pension plans, etc.), help with paying local taxes, and specialized payroll ledgers.
  • Employer of Record: This is for clients seeking to hire in a country where they do not have a local entity. Papaya's EOR acts as the legal employer, manages the entire back-end personnel, and takes on all employment liability. Naturally, the client gives daily instructions to the staff.
  • Global Contractor Management: This has services from beginning to end for businesses with 50 or more contractors. This comes in two forms: either complete, all-inclusive contractor management or merely the approval and international payment process.

Payroll and Compliance

Papaya uses high-end software, as well as local experts, to make sure that its payroll follows the rules in each country.

  • Payroll is done by local in-country affiliates who are knowledgeable about the taxes, levies, and withholdings necessary in that nation. This is because they are based there.
  • Experts who work for the company give regular advice on all issues related to international operations. This helps make sure that businesses follow local laws and offer the usual services that aren't typically mandatory.
  • The platform's AI engine keeps an eye on the platform's compliance with local laws. Specifically, those concerning tax rates and social withholdings, as well as the accuracy of payroll data. Any issues are resolved prior to the payment of the payroll!

Global Payroll Platform

Its SaaS-based worldwide payroll technology does not need any on-site installation. It features the following capabilities:

  • Automation: Using Papaya's platform, automated workflows take the place of manual international payroll processes. Automation is more efficient, cheaper, and error-free.
  • Standardization: The system gives out payments in the local currency and paystubs in the local language. The whole payroll process is streamlined into a single, consistent workflow in one language and one currency for calculations.
  • Business Intelligence Suite: Papaya's analytics platform gathers information about payroll around the world and turns it into useful business insights right away.
  • Data Security: Papaya's platform possesses audit reports with SOC 1, Type 2 and SOC 2, Type 2 ratings and is certified with ISO 27001 and ISO 27701. It is also accredited by the ASC and GDPR.
  • Consolidation: The platform creates a single data stream from all of the world's payroll operations.
  • Integration: The platform works with every workforce management solution currently available. All HRIS, ERP, VMS, time and attendance, or expense management system integrations are available.

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Papaya Global and High-Value Features

Papaya Global has a full suite of features to help with global workforce management.

  • Onboarding: A Papaya manager will help a business get its international employees up to speed.
  • Cross-border payments: Papaya delivers money transfer services and cross-border payments in 180 countries, in addition to the 50 nations where it covers payments.
  • Employee portal: A set employee portal is available on the Papaya platform. The site gives out paystubs, records PTO, and keeps staff members informed of all significant developments.
  • HRIS: From a single place, businesses can view all of their personnel information worldwide!

Extra Services

Papaya's main service is payroll processing, but it also offers the other services listed below:

  • Global Benefits: Through its regional allies, Papaya offers national non-mandatory benefits. Its internal benefit specialists advise businesses on the most suitable sorts of programs for each area. This makes it easier for companies to relocate talent around the world and compete for the top positions.
  • Global Equity: Papaya helps businesses find and keep the best employees around the world by giving advice on global equity programs.
  • Global Immigration: Papaya has experts on global immigration on staff who can help people follow local immigration laws and get VISAs.


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Prices at Papaya Global

Prices at Papaya Global are highly competitive, fixed, and transparent.


As for the fees, they are:

  • $20 on payroll in cases where the company has a presence in the country in question.
  • $650 for EOR in cases where the company does not.
  • $25 per contractor.


Fees are set at a fixed rate per employee per month instead of being based on how much a client makes.

Volume Discounts

Put simply: As the workforce size increases, the cost per employee decreases.

Customer Support at Papaya Global

Get in Touch

To get in touch with Papaya, you can simply fill out the form on the official website and wait for a call. If you want to skip that step, you can set up a direct call to the support team through the live chat box.

Extra Resources

Additional resources and a dedicated customer success manager can be found at Papaya!

  • Devoted account manager: Each business is given a dedicated customer success manager.
  • Center of Excellence and Legal Team: Access to legal, global employment, global equity management, taxation, immigration, and benefits professionals through the center of excellence.
  • Company Hub: This is a cutting-edge "Center of Expertise for managing a workforce across more than 160 countries." Everything needed to go worldwide is brought together in one spot, from professional advice to current resources.
  • Knowledge Base: This is a source that is regularly updated with information about the labor laws, taxes, common benefits, and much more in more than 180 countries.

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Who is Papaya Global for?

Papaya Global is ideal for all of these:

  • With Papaya's end-to-end EOR solution, companies that want to hire overseas but don't have a local entity that has been registered with the government can hire quickly and simply in these countries.
  • Firms that engage remote workers abroad, or "remote companies," are companies that employ a few people in numerous nations and require a service like EOR to remain compliant.
  • The Papaya Platform collects all invoices from contractors, checks each one to make sure it is correct, and then handles international payments for businesses that need to manage contractors abroad.
  • Every contractor's proper classification is also determined by Papaya. If there is a chance of misclassification, Papaya suggests other job opportunities.
  • Companies that seek to streamline their international payroll operations sometimes use several payroll providers for each country where employees are paid. Papaya Global makes the process go more quickly by putting all of the steps on one panel.
  • A large corporation that wants to modernize its payroll technology without changing its local partners' networks. Without completely dismantling and replacing their worldwide partner network, multinational corporations can convert their outdated payroll software to Papaya's cutting-edge platform. Clients can get their own licenses for the Papaya platform, which makes it a great choice for big businesses that feel limited by software from the 1990s.

Papaya is not for:

  • Companies with no international presence. Papaya is not your average or domestic payroll system.
  • Companies in a single nation that are not seeking to add employees or expand globally are not a good fit for Papaya.

Final Words on Papaya Global

Now that we have concluded our thorough analysis, it is safe to say that Papaya Global is a transparent, client-centric company. We would definitely recommend it to businesses; however, it is still advisable that they look at other options and make sure they choose the most suitable one for them in the end.


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