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Enterprise Password Management

Enterprise Password Management: Is It Essential?

Enterprise Password Management: Is It Essential?Enterprise Password Management: Is It Essential?


How many times have you struggled with recalling your password? We believe it often happens since the majority of applications and websites require a username and password. To avoid facing these issues, it's recommended to use a password manager to help you recall all the sign-in information.

However, it's not as simple when we think of big corporations with many employees and sensitive data because enterprise password management requires special software to control large amounts of data and more passwords. In our blog, we'll walk you through the best enterprise password management software out there.

As said earlier, enterprise password managers go beyond our concept of the regular password managers that we use on our devices by providing tailored features to corporations. In short, enterprise password management software allows secure access for teams, unlimited users, and any other authorized third parties.

We bring you the most recommended enterprise password managers regarding functionality, price, and features. But before discussing it further, here's what to look for in a password manager for enterprises.

What to Look for in an Enterprise Password Management Software?

In a nutshell, here's what to bear in mind when choosing a password manager for enterprises:

  • Security: It's a priority for both individuals and companies. However, security gets harder to maintain when there are larger data to manage and more security aspects to consider. Some of the major security features you need to check before making up your mind on software are strong encryption standards, biometric logins, and multi-factor authentication.
  • Compatibility with multiple devices: It's crucial to get a password manager that guarantees secure access from multiple devices and operating systems so your team can have secure access to their passwords wherever they are.
  • Price: You can get top-notch security at a reasonable price. However, it's not recommended to go for a very low-priced password manager since you can't risk sensitive data.


Best Enterprise Password Management Software

1. Dashlane


With more than ten years in the field, and a product first released in 20‪12, Dashlane proved itself as one of the best solutions for Enterprise password management. It started with the best in class encryption 256‪-bit; soon after, more features included a digital wallet, two-step authentication, data breach alert, auto generator, and a VPN for the Team and Business plans.

Whether for small businesses or big enterprises, Dashlane offers all a team needs to securely access their passwords and keep sensitive data and documents in a safe vault walled with a master password.

Dashlane offers two plans for enterprises (Teams and Businesses). Dashlane's plans are packed with security features that guarantee secure password management and safe access to essential documents compared to other password managers.

The Teams plan offers the safest encryption type out there, 256‪-bit encryption used by militaries, governments, and banks. Besides many other features include:

  • Reporting dashboard to send alerts whenever something goes wrong
  • Safe password sharing among team members
  • Ultimately safe and manageable platform to monitor passwords and data of your team members. It can be used to manage the employees' access to resources and allow access to certain sections only.
  • Two-factor authentication for better security and controlled access.
  • The Team plan is available for $5 per month and $60 per year.

For more advanced security features, the Business plan offers all that comes with the Teams plan plus the following features:

  • SAML-based SSO: (Single sign-on) allows you to log in to multiple software systems with a single ID and password.
  • Free family plan: Dashlane business comes with a free family plan for every team member.
  • The business plan is available for $8 per month and $96 per year.


Read the full Dashlane review to know all the answers to these questions. 


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2. 1Password


Whether you need to protect your business passwords or your family's, 1Password has a plan for you and supports macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS.1Password is highly secure and has a simple interface to deal with. 

For businesses, it offers the following features:

  • Apps for macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS.
  • Unlimited shared vaults and item storage.
  • Admin controls to view and manage permissions.
  • Two-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection.
  • Duo integration for business-wide multi-factor authentication.
  • The starting price is $7.99 per month and $95.88 per year.


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3. NordPass


NordPass is an excellent software that provides a user-friendly interface for a desktop app, mobile app, and browser extensions.

NordPass Business plan allows saving unlimited passwords. In addition to all the previous features, the NordPass business admin panel will enable you to invite members to join your company via email or a shared link, or you can upload a list of email addresses to add members in bulk. The starting price of this plan is $3.59 per month ($43.08 per year) for a two-year subscription.

Excited to know more about it? Read NordPass full review.


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Companies with crucial data and a large number of employees are an inviting target for cybercriminals. Thus, deploying a reliable password manager can prevent data breach attempts and maintain secure access by authorized users only. So give one of our picks a try and keep both your team's password and data protected.

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