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United Van Lines: Full Moving Solutions Review

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United Van Lines: Full Moving Solutions Review

United Van Lines offers full moving services from local to international and auto moving. The company can also handle all the packing and unpacking of your possessions, in addition to providing storage services and moving protection. Continue reading our full United Van Lines review to know more about their moving services.


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About United Van Lines

United Van Lines started out as Return Loads Service, Inc in 1928 in Cleveland, Ohio arranging return shipments for independent moving companies that transport goods from one city to another. Later in the same year, the company rebranded into United Van Service.

Over the years, and after suffering losses from the Great Depression, United Van Service was dissolved, and its assets were transferred to United Van Lines. In 1992, United Van Lines became the number one van line in market share and volume, which is a position it still holds today.

In February 2018, UniGroup Shareholders cooperated with United Van Lines, allowing UniGroup better to serve its agents and customers in a centralized way.

United Van Lines Moving Services

Long Distance Moves

United Van Lines simplifies long-distance moves, also known as cross-country moves or interstate moves, by integrating the latest technology with comprehensive customer service and federal highway safety regulation standards.

United Van Lines offers extra convenient moving packages such as:

Packing and unpacking

The company’s expert packing team will help you pack your household goods. You are also offered customizable packing plans that you can choose to your liking, needs, and budget. Its packing plans are:

  • Customized packing plan
  • Full-service packing plan
  • DIY packing plan
  • Custom crating

The company also offers a packing checklist that can help you organize your packing supplies to prepare for your move with ease. In addition, you can also request packing videos that can teach you how to pack right from your home.

Car Shipping

United Van Lines offers auto transport services with open and enclosed carriers. You can choose between door-to-door car shipping and terminal services.

Door to Door shipping will have your vehicle delivered to your new place of residence, office, or wherever you decide. However, this option is also available in areas where it is permitted by local ordinances to transport oversize vehicles. Also, if narrow streets or low-hanging trees restrict your residence, speed bumps, or tight turns, you could be asked to pick up your vehicle at another location or at a terminal.

Terminal to Terminal shipping is also known as dock-to-dock shipping, which involves pick up and delivery to or from a regional storage facility.


United Van Lines is fully capable of handling your moving-related storage needs with short-term and long-term storage services. The company has multiple storage facilities across the entire U.S. It can also help you store your possessions for any distance or size interstate move, including residential and commercial moves.

Local Moves

Locals moves are short-distance moves that take place within a 50-mile radius. The cost of your local move will depend on your current location and the location of your new home, in addition to the size of your home, add-ons, and other factors.

Local moves services are great for seniors who need aid in relocating their homes; United Van Lines will help them clean, pack, unpack, trash pick up, and more.

The following can be regarded as small local moves:

  • One-bedroom house
  • One- to three-bedroom apartment
  • Studio apartment
  • Dorm room
  • Storage unit

International Moves

The company offers international moving services to over 150 countries around the world. Its team of experts will help you create a customized moving plan that fits your personal needs and budget. The international move process includes the following:

  • Pre-move consultation
  • Move booking
  • Move management
  • Packing and loading
  • Transportation
  • Delivery

United Van Lines experts will help you through the whole customs documentation process and help you identify restricted items.

Overseas Corporate Relocation

United Van Lines provides relocation services for corporations and their employees. It understands that relocating employees internationally can be a significant investment. The company, though, has enough experience, infrastructure, and expertise to perform international moves that mitigate compliance risks and employee downtime.

For corporate relocation, you will receive:

  • A single point of contact
  • Tri-regional capability
  • Commitment to quality and compliance

Small Moves

United Van Lines offers small moves solutions from Snapmoves by United Van Lines. Its small move program can bring you several benefits, some of which include convenient and fast quotes, simplified pricing that facilitates your budget planning, and full-value protection.

If you are wondering what qualifies as a small move, here is what UVL believes it is so:

  • One-bedroom house
  • One- to three-bedroom apartment
  • Studio apartment
  • Dorm room
  • Storage unit

Small moves also include some interstate moving scenarios where you are:

  • Dispersing family heirlooms
  • Moving a small shop or office
  • Helping parents move into an assisted living facility
  • Moving a young adult out of their parents’ house
  • Sending a few items to someone in another state

Snapmoves from United Van Lines offers the following with its offered quote:

  • Your personal move coordinator
  • Loading, transportation, and unloading of household belongings
  • Full Value Protection (unless waived)
  • Disassembly and reassembly of standard bed frames
  • Standard transport of appliances (service/disconnect/connect not included)
  • Standard furniture placement
  • Qualified drivers and equipment

Snapmoves offers two plans for its services that you can choose from to fit your needs:

Snapmoves Standard: this plan guarantees your belongings to be delivered within a 5-day window if you are flexible with your moving date and schedule.

Snapmoves Priority: this plan is more suited for you if you have an exact moving date, its priority service will provide day-specific delivery for additional costs.

As for protection liability, your offered quote will provide you with full-value protection, which means United Van Lines will repair or replace lost or damaged items.

Military Moves

United Van Lines is dedicated to simplifying relocation for military members and their families, whether it is a temporary duty or a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move. United Van Lines has moved over 260,000 military members in the past decade and promises to facilitate your relocation as smooth as possible.

The company is also approved by the General Service Administration (GSA), which is a status for companies approved to work with the government.

Real Estate Rewards

United Van Lines is partnered with CityPointe® Real Estate Services to help you make your long-distance moves more affordable. If you are selling your old home and buying a new one, you can earn cash back on your old home’s sale.

CityPointe® will connect you with reputable, local real estate agents that can aid you in buying or selling your home. In addition, you will also be connected with reputable lenders to help you get a selection of available loan programs and financing options.

United Van Lines Full Value Protection

United Van Lines designed a full value protection plan, which functions differently from insurance. The plan will compensate you for lost or damaged belongings during your moving process, but only up to a certain amount that you declare.

The standard full-value protection is included in your initial quote by UVL. It is calculated by multiplying the estimated weight of your shipment by $6 per pound. However, you can increase your valuation amount as you desire.

The company also offers several additional protection options and programs; these include:

Minimum liability valuation option

As legally required, even if you opt for full-value protection, you still will be covered by the minimum liability valuation option that equates to $0.60 per pound per article.

Claim Assist

United Van Lines offers a claim assist program that aids customers in completing claim forms or those who have items that need replacing or repairing. The following services are part of the claim assist program:

Pairs & Sets Waiver

This option is for the scenario when one item in a set is damaged and cannot be fixed or replaced to match the set. UVL will then waive its defense-related to undamaged items and will replace or compensate you for the whole set.

Mechanical Malfunction Waiver

Usually, United Van Lines is not responsible for mechanical devices malfunctioning after the move for unknown reasons. However, United might agree to repair or replace your malfunctioning equipment with this claim waiver.

Acts of God Waiver

If your belongings were damaged as a result of a natural disaster, you could file for the Acts of God waiver, which United will then replace said damaged items.

Additional Delay Payment

If your delivery was delayed past the date on your paperwork, you could be entitled to an increased rate of compensation of up to $250 per day.

Increased Destination Wait Time

United can extend your delivery timing for up to four hours if you are not ready to receive your belongings at the stated time of delivery.

MyUnited Move Portal

Untied offers its own move portal that allows you to keep track of all your moving milestones with a comprehensive timeline. You also get an interactive, customizable moving checklist that can help you centralize your move-related tasks in one place.

Furthermore, the portal allows you to keep track of all your moving contacts with easy access to helpful support. And lastly, United offers a complete library of moving tips and resources that will make you knowledgeable on everything you need to know for your move.

Customer Support & Costs

You can reach United Van Lines directly through live chat on their website or by requesting a quote from their website as well. Its website also packs comprehensive articles, guides, and a frequently asked questions section to help you with any common questions or inquiries you may have.

As for their moving costs, United does not advertise any prices on its website as each move is unique. You are encouraged to request a quote from their website to get your free estimate.

Last Words

United Van Lines offers the most comprehensive and complete moving services for everyone. It will help you plan your move to your needs and budget. The company has made over 1.2 million moves in the past decade and has earned 4.43/5 stars ratings from overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, which you can check out from their website.

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