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athenahealth: Review, Services, and Solutions

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athenahealth: Review, Services, and Solutions

athenahealth is helping shape the future of healthcare with the sophisticated technology solutions and services it offers healthcare organizations of any size. athenahealth combines technology, insight, and expertise to deliver a smarter healthcare experience and eliminate any obstacles. Continue reading our full athenahealth review to know everything it can offer your healthcare organization.


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About athenahealth

athenahealth joined forces with Virence Health in 2019 to form a new athenahealth organization that unlocks and understands healthcare data to the fullest and offers comprehensive solutions with its network of partners.

athenahealth serves a wide range of healthcare industries such as Urgent Care, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Hospitals, and many more. athenahealth is ranked #1 in KLAS 2022 for its EHD and Practice Management products, as it joins the most open, connected, data-powered network in healthcare to help you improve patient outcomes and clinician experiences.

athenahealth Features and Solutions

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

athenahealth Electronic Health Records platform allows you to deliver exceptional care. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and mobile-optimized with its athenaOne mobile application.

The platform packs numeral features such as:

  • Intuitive workflow automation
  • Efficient documentation with pre-encounter prep and accurate documentation
  • Patient care plan collaboration with seamless record sharing
  • Performance quality optimization
  • athenaOne mobile application that fully integrates with the EHR platform for greater flexibility
  • Improved value-based care results (VBC) with accurate and real-time data

athena's electronic health records software also provides you with the supportive ability to document patient encounters in real-time using speech recognition. Its fully integrated speech-to-text dictation product Nuance® offers a personalized documentation experience across multiple devices.

Revenue Cycle Services and Practice Management

athenahealth's revenue cycle services and practice management provides you with support for every stage of your revenue cycle. The athenaCollector platform packs intuitive and flexible features, such as a revenue cycle dashboard where you can easily access revenue cycle tasks and patient information from a single place. The platform also packs scheduling tools that help you connect with your patients with automated reminders.

Moreover, you can easily collect your patient's payments at the time of service and verify patient eligibility in advance or in real-time. More athenaCollector features include:

  • Registration verification and co-pay collection
  • Insurance verification and coverage scan
  • Authorization management
  • Charge entry and coding
  • Claim scrub, issue resolution, and submission
  • Posting and payments
  • Claim denials resolution
  • Zero pay and insurance credit resolution
  • Patient refunds
  • Performance reporting and insights

athenahealth gives you the chance to boost your revenue cycle management with its Gamify platform. athenahealth Gamify will help you turn billing tasks into a game that boosts your staff's performance and productivity. You can drive friendly competition by displaying individual and team performances and regularly award and recognize high performers the way you see fit.

With in-depth analytics and reports, you can keep your game and organizational goals presented with manager dashboards and track individual performances.

Patient Engagement

The Patient Engagement product athenaCommunicator will help you reduce the time and effort to manage your patients, as it provides them with the tools to manage their health and clinical information.

athenaCommunicator features include:

  • Active involvement through a patient portal, where they can view test results, exchange messages with their care team, and access and manage their information.
  • Streamlined patient payments with athena's mobile and online payment tools
  • Automated multi-channel messaging campaigns
  • Patient self-scheduling


athenahealth offers its athenaTelehealth platform that allows you to engage with your patients no matter where you are. The platform allows care team members to participate in group video conferences and allows you to easily customize its window size to ease documentation while maintaining eye contact.

With Telehealth, your patients can join telehealth visits from any device with internet access and an integrated camera. Telehealth visit types also have their own triggered billing workflows that allow you to generate revenue with ease.

Platform services and integrations

athenaOne platform can seamlessly integrate and connect with other systems and applications. You can easily exchange clinical data and create a continuous experience across other systems. athenahealth offers a marketplace on its website that enlists all the compatible applications and systems that can integrate with its platform.

Advisory Services

athenahealth offers a variety of advisory services that will provide you with the best practices for its platform and all the knowledge you need to maximize your healthcare organization's efficiency. Advisory services include:

  • Dedicated advisor
  • Strategic consulting
  • Performance manager
  • Practice management support
  • Technology optimization
  • Data management


The Epocrates is one of the top U.S medical applications that grant access to clinical knowledge such as care-drug info, diagnosis and treatment guidance, and much more. The Epocrates application provides you with:

  • Interaction checking
  • Disease content
  • Practical tools
  • EHR expertise

athenahealth Plans and Prices

athenahealth does not advertise any plans or prices for its products and platforms; it recommends you contact its team to personalize a unique quote depending on your organization's needs, size, and goals.

You can also request a free live demo to see athenahealth's software in action and have more insight into how it operates.

Customer Support

You can reach athenahealth's team by phone at 800.981.5084 or by scheduling a meeting from their official website by pressing the "Schedule a 1:1 meeting" green button at the top. You can also find several resources on their website that include case studies, white papers, a knowledge base, webinars, blogs, and articles to guide you through any inquiry you could have.

Final Thoughts

athenahealth is regarded as one of the best EHR medical software on the market for its fully integrated and feature-rich platform, products, and services. It will transform the way you operate your healthcare organization and encourage more engagement with your patients with its automated appointment reminders, messaging campaigns, and patient portal.

You can request a live demo from athenahealth's team to see their software in action before choosing to commit to a subscription.

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