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Oticon Hearing Aid

Oticon Hearing Aid Review: Is It a Good Pick?

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Oticon Hearing Aid Review: Is It a Good Pick?

Hearing loss results in less social engagement and a lack of confidence when participating in a conversation. If you find it hard to understand what is being said in crowded environments, or can't get what the person in the other room is saying, then you might want to get help. Oticon is a hearing aid provider that promises to provide solutions for a natural hearing experience and better sounds.


Options for different hearing loss types
Free online hearing loss test
Educational guide on almost every hearing loss issue
BrainHearing technology that creates natural sounds based on millions of sounds recognition


Hearing loss evaluation requires a visit to a health care professional


Quick Stats

Custom Fitting
FDA Approved
Free Hearing Aid Test
Free Trial
Loss and Damage Protection
Not disclosed
Types of Hearing Disabilities it Serves
Mild to profound

And because we know how hard it is to find the right hearing loss solution, we listed out all you need to know about Oticon Hearing Aid to help you find your best choice.

What Does Oticon Hearing Aid Have to Offer?

Oticon is best known for its top-notch technology that creates the most natural sounds you could get. In short, Oticon hearing loss solutions are packed with the following features:
1. BrainHearing technology that creates natural sounds based on millions of sounds recognition
2. Solutions for all types of hearing loss (mild, moderate, severe, and profound)
3. Free online hearing loss test that you can finish in 3 minutes
4. Full educational guide on all hearing loss issues

Oticon Hearing Aid is a good option for various hearing loss levels and offers good solutions for mild, moderate, severe, and profound hearing loss. There is an educational section where you can read about hearing loss symptoms, causes, and when to seek help. There is a free online hearing loss test to evaluate your hearing and decide whether or not you should take further steps.

Oticon Hearing Aid Solutions

Based on your hearing evaluation, Oticon offers Hearing loss solutions programmed by an audiologist or health care professionals to suit your needs. The company offers 11 different types of hearing aids with a good selection of colors and features.

The company has solutions for the entire spectrum of hearing loss, ranging from mild to profound. Also, Oticon hearing loss solutions are good for iPhone and Android devices and users of every age, including children and adults. We'll discuss the features in detail in the next section, but let's list down first the complete list of Oticon hearing aid solutions:

Oticon More

The first product we'll discuss here is Oticon More, which includes two sub-solutions: miniRITE R and miniRITE T.

  • miniRITE R: This hearing aid comes in eight colors, including silver, steel grey, beige, terracotta, chestnut brown, black, pink, and silver grey. This hearing aid solution comes in a discreet, rechargeable style and embedded Deep Neural Network (DNN) to produce the most natural sound possible. It also can be directly connected to your device via Bluetooth functionality for a more convenient lifestyle.
  • miniRITE T: this option is best suited for people with mild to severe hearing loss. It comes with the same colors options and Bluetooth functionality, but with a different placement behind the ear and a small size device.


Oticon Opn S

Next on the list is the Oticon Opn S that comes in four different styles, including miniRITE, which is Oticon's smallest behind-the-ear device with almost invisible wire. If you have an iPhone device, this option might be a good fit. Other styles listed under Oticon Opn S include mniRITE T, miniRITE R, and BTE PP.

Oticon Opn Play

This hearing loss solution has a wide variety of colors options, including very attractive vibrant colors such as Aquamarine, Emerald Green, Cool Blue, Purple, Cool Red, Power Pink, Baby Pink, Silver, Chroma Beige, Terracotta, Chestnut Brown, and Diamond Black. Styles include miniRITE, miniRITE T, miniRITE R, and BTE PP.

Oticon Siya

Oticon Siya hearing aids include a wide range of technology levels and models. Behind-the-ear models include the Siya miniRITE, the Siya BTE13 PP, and the Siya miniRITE T. Also, there are in-the-ear models ranging from tiny invisible-in-the-ear (IIE) custom hearing aids.

Oticon Xceed

Oticon introduced the Xceed family of hearing aids for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. This category includes two styles: Oticon Xceed SP and Xceed UP. Both have a robust IP68-certification for water and dust resistance, Bluetooth functionality, and noise reduction.

Oticon Xceed Play

Xceed Play has the same styles included in the Oticon Xceed: Xceed Play SP and Xceed Play UP, but with different colors, including Green, Cool Blue, Purple, Cool Red, Power Pink, Baby Pink, Silver, Chroma Beige, Terracotta, Chestnut Brown, and Diamond Black.


Oticon Ruby

You can choose from five styles: Ruby miniRITE, Ruby miniRITE T, Ruby miniRITE R, Ruby BTE, and Ruby Plus Power.

Oticon Dynamo

Dynamo is the most advanced, personalized Super Power product Oticon has ever developed. Premium speech processing technologies are designed to meet the challenges of people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Dynamo has a smaller case size and is available in seven colors. It is powered by a size 13 battery with longer battery life.

Oticon Sensei SP

Oticon Sensei Super Power (SP) delivers the best performance in the smallest hearing aid size, with the clearest sound signal. This option is a good fit for children for its availability in a wide range of modern colors.


Oticon Hearing Aid Features

Based on the model you choose and level of hearing loss, Oticon Hearing Aid can be personalized to your needs with the following technologies and features: 

  • Deep neural network (DNN): This feature creates the most natural sound using the BrainHearing technology that is trained on 12 million sounds.
  • Tinnitus SoundSupport: To reduce the noise and produce clearer sounds for effective daily conversations. This option helps to understand the sounds without getting bothered by the excessively strong sounds.
  • Lithium-ion-based rechargeable batteries: The portable charger provides up to three full charges. It also has a 30-minute quick charge option that provides six hours of use.
  • Bluetooth: Oticon Hearing Aid devices allow you to stream from your iPhone or Android for more flexibility directly. Accessories also will enable you to stream from TVs, laptops, and microphones remotely.
  • Style options: The Oticon products range from invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) and completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids to behind-the-ear (BTE) options.
  • Nearby health care professionals: In order to get your customized hearing aid, you'll need to visit a nearby health care professional for an accurate hearing evaluation. The online hearing test is a good option to know if you need to seek further help or not, but it's not enough to get the right device.

Customer Support

You can reach out to one of the representatives through email or phone support. Also, you can head to the testimonials or blogs page to read more about what other customers think of the service and how satisfied they are with what they got.


Final Thoughts

If you look for a hearing aid provider with a wide range of styles and models to choose from, Oticon might be a good pick. The company offers a free online hearing loss test that can be done within 3 minutes only. For children, adults, or elderlies, Oticon offers solutions for all ages and types of hearing loss.

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