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Costco Hearing Aids Review: At Every Costco Store

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Costco Hearing Aids Review: At Every Costco Store

Costco Hearing Aids centers are available all across the United States with 540 stores. Its hearing aids are very affordable and come in basic or feature-packed high-end models. In addition, Costco offers maintenance services for its Kirkland brand and five other manufacturers. Continue reading to know more about Costco Hearing Aids and its features.


180-day trial
Variety of brands to shop from
Bluetooth connectivity


No payment plans
Must be a Costco member

Quick Stats

Custom Fitting
FDA Approved
Free Hearing Aid Test
Free Trial
180 days
Loss and Damage Protection
$1,499 per pair
Types of Hearing Disabilities it Serves
All types

Costco Hearing Aids is a part of Costco Wholesale, a multi-billion dollar global retailer. Its hearing aids center offers a variety of services such as free hearing tests, fittings, loss and damage coverage, maintenance, and repair. In addition to its own hearing aid brand, Kirkland, Costco sells accessories such as microphones, remote controls, and transmitters.

Costco Kirkland Hearing Aid

Costco offers its latest signature hearing aid, Kirkland 10.0, with T-coil premium digital rechargeable hearing instruments. Find its features below:

Kirkland 10.0 Features


Kirkland hearing aids have stereo-quality sound and are wireless with Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream in sound from TVs using a TV connector; some TV models may require an extra accessory for streaming sounds.

Ease of Use

You can access Bluetooth functions with double taps, like answering phone calls or playing music. You can also adjust volumes and programs using the Easy Line Remote application on your smartphone, and finally, you can seamlessly move around environments without adjusting any settings.

High Performance

Kirkland 10.0 hearing aids are IP68 water and dust resistant, and they automatically adjust to different environments thanks to their smart technologies. Last but not least, Kirkland hearing aids are designed to optimize speech in difficult or noisy conditions.

Other manufacturers

Costco also sells hearing aids from other manufacturers like Philips, Jabra, Phonak, and Rexton. All of which have a variety of hearing aid models and fitting styles.

Kirkland Hearing Aid Styles

Costco offers six hearing aid styles such as:

Open Fit

For mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Worn behind the ear with a thin tube to the ear allowing for natural sounds.

Behind The Ear

Mild to profound hearing loss. Worn behind the ear and attached to a custom-fitted ear mold.

Bluetooth Capable

For mild to severe hearing loss. Worn behind the ear with a thin tube to the ear allowing for natural sounds.

In The Ear

For mild and severe hearing loss. Custom-molded to fit in the ear, usually filling up most of the outer ear.


For mild to moderate hearing loss. Custom-molded to fit within the ear canal and a small portion of the outer ear.

Completely In The Canal

For mild to moderate hearing loss. Custom-molded to fit almost completely in the ear canal.

Hearing Aid Prices

Costco allows you to try their hearing aids for 180 days, which is more generous than other brands; if you are unsatisfied with them during that period, you can get a full refund.

Costco’s hearing aid prices may vary depending on their fitting style and features; here is a summary of the brands’ basic prices:

Costco hearing aid brands


Kirkland Signature 10.0

$1,499 per pair

Philips HearLink

$1,799 per pair


$1,799 per pair

Rexton Adore

$1,799 per pair


$2,499.99 per pair


Customer Support

Costco Hearing Aids webpage does not show any numbers or email to contact their customer support, but you can probably get through to them with Costco Wholesale’s support at one of their stores.

You must be a Costco Member to be able to purchase their hearing aids.

Final Thoughts

Costco Hearing Aids are a good option for people who shop at Costco, their stores are available all across the US, and they offer free hearing tests, fitting, maintenance, and repair. In addition, Costco’s hearing aids have a 180-day trial in which you could get a full refund if you are not happy with them.

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