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OysterHR: Full Platform and Services Review

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OysterHR: Full Platform and Services Review

OysterHR: Full Platform and Services ReviewOysterHR: Full Platform and Services Review


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OysterHR is a global HR and PEO service provider whose mission is to simplify the way growing companies hire internationally and take care of their employees. Countless leading companies rely on and trust Oyster with their business, such as Quora, WeWork, HiPeople, and much more. Continue reading out the full Oyster review to know everything it can offer your business.

About OysterHR

OysterHR elevates talent worldwide and helps businesses connect with their global talent pool. It empowers its internal teams to establish a human-centric industry. Oyster’s main mission is to make international employment more accessible for businesses of any kind. OysterHR is highly rated by several reviewing sites, earning 4.9 stars rating by GlassDoor and 4.1 stars rating from G2. Customer reviews have praised its smooth onboarding process and intuitive tools and platform.

OysterHR Services and Solutions

Global Employment

OysterHR allows taking care of your global team with its variety of services and platform features. OysterHR can help you provide your business with the following:

  • Local health benefits
  • Equity
  • Expensing
  • Relocation assistance
  • Employee leave tracker

OysterHR allows you to legally hire employees in over 90 countries without having to set up a business entity everywhere they are. Its cost calculator tools provide you with transparent pricing over the cost of employment in other countries. Its platform lets you generate compliant local contracts to hire and onboard team members in days.

As for compliance, the Oyster platform is designed to ensure your business’s compliance with local laws and regulations. Oyster will offer you premium liability insurance coverage around the globe, in addition to IP protection that keeps your sensitive data and trade secrets confidential with intellectual property agreements.

Oyster will also provide you with local HR and legal guidance, which will provide you with all the laws and regulations for every country you have employees in.

Global Contractor

Similar to global employment, Oyster allows you to hire contractors globally in over 180 countries and onboard them in minutes. Oyster’s platform allows you to automatically generate W9 and 1099 forms and offer your contractors flexible contract terms.

Oyster allows you to set up a pre-established expense protocol that ends delayed payments and provides you with simple invoicing and document management tools that are packed within its platform.

Multi-Country Payroll

Oyster will allow you to manage all aspects of your employees’ payroll and compliance regardless of their residing countries. Oyster’s intuitive platform allows you to manage all your invoices and pay your global team members in one place and in a single click. It will save you from any transfer fees while paying your global team.

Oyster will also automatically sort your local deductions, tax, and contributions. It will also connect you with local legal and HR experts to guide you through payroll laws, so you stay compliant and understand the consequences of any violations.

Furthermore, you get expense reimbursement tools, fast and reliable payments, and localized pay that allows you to pay your employees and contractors in their local currencies at no extra cost.

Localized Benefits and Rewards

Oyster connects you with comprehensive and exceptional coverage for your employees in over 180 countries at fair rates. Its extended health coverage plans include:

  • Emergency and inpatient care
  • Preventative and outpatient care
  • No deductibles
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Prescription drugs

Oyster works directly with health insurance carriers to provide you with competitive rates for your plans and will simplify your employees’ enrollment in plans as their team and platform will handle the whole process.


Oyster goes the extra mile to ensure your business stays compliant throughout every aspect and process. It will provide you with:

  • Intellectual property protection
  • Employment liability insurance
  • Privacy insurance

Moreover, it offers local employment compliance that reduces liability and protects you against country-specific risks. Their team of experts will always be in touch with you to guide you through guidelines.

As for its platform Additionally, all your contracts and employment documentation are secured in a team document cloud storage.

Lastly, its team of HR experts is always ready to guide you through HR processes and your employee’s lifecycle, including onboarding, offboarding, benefits, equity, and time-off.

Customer Satisfaction

Oyster’s team of support will be your partners from day one. As soon as you sign up with Oyster’s services and platform, you will be assigned an expert that will guide you through hiring goals and primary objectives.

As for your business’ onboarding with Oyster, their expert team will help you set up your company’s profile and initiate a new hire by setting up your future employees’ location, role, proposed compensation, and benefits. Oyster will also engage with your new hires with your permission, of course, so they can be ready for day one with your company.

Oyster local HR and legal experts are always available to better your understanding of your employee’s local experience and expectations. Oyster’s platform provides you with on-demand in-app chat, email support, and Zoom meetings. In addition, you get access to exclusive virtual events and webinars for product updates and best practices for global employment.


Oyster presents you with its group of partners that help businesses and teams optimize distributed work. You can reach out to any of them for additional services and solutions. Some of its partners are:

  • Airwallex
  • Brex
  • Crosschq
  • CultureAmp
  • Justworks
  • Juno

OysterHR Plans and Prices

OsyerHR offers three subscription plans for its platform and services. Its plans are:

Lite: Free

The Lite plan is for a small team that is exploring cross-border talent. Its features include:

  • Global Contractors –up to 2 contracts
  • Seamless Platform Experience
  • Oyster Academy
  • Distributed Hiring Tools
  • Employment cost calculator
  • Contractor misclassification assessment
  • Country profiles
  • Hiring Starter Pack

Business: $399 per month per employee

This plan packs everything offered in the Lite plan, in addition to the following:

  • Hiring and Payroll
  • Localized Pay
  • Aggregated Invoices
  • Local Compliance
  • Built-in Compliance
  • IP Protection
  • Employment Liability Insurance
  • Privacy Compliance
  • Best-In-Class Support and Local Guidelines
  • Global Contractors – unlimited contracts

Enterprise: Quote-based

The Enterprise plan is the fully-featured package of services and solutions from OysterHR. It includes everything previously given in the Business plan, plus global compliance support where you get access to support and guidance for special circumstances like country transfers, legal documentation customization, immigration, and visas.

Oyster will offer your business a customized quote for your business depending on your business’s size and needs. You can also request a live demo to see their platform in action.

Customer Support

You can reach OysterHR’s team by email at [email protected] for any sales inquiries or [email protected] for any general questions. OysterHR offers a bunch of resources on its website, which include:

  • Global HR tools
  • Global hiring guides
  • Tech talent guide
  • Oyster Academy
  • Blogs, articles, and webinars

Final Thoughts

OysterHR is a hybrid organization that offers PEO, HR, payroll, and global hiring tools to businesses of any size and kind. It is highly rated on the market and trusted by many of the top leading companies in the world. OysterHR offers a free version of its platform and services and free employee hiring for one year for startup companies.



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