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InCharge Debt Solutions Review: Perks and Downsides

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InCharge Debt Solutions Review: Perks and Downsides

InCharge Debt Solutions isn't just a debt relief company; it's a non-profitable institution that aims to educate people on managing their finances wisely and offers different workshops on financial health and credit counseling.

And since nothing is more bothering than being in a financial crisis with no clear way out, InCharge is a good option where you can both pay off your debts and get more educated about finances and money management. However, in, we believe that customers can't take the best option unless they compare different services and read through each one's features; that's why we'll walk you through InCharge Debt Solutions' features, best perks, and more.


Free credit counseling with certified credit counselors
Free educational materials on the website on a wide scope of financial topics
No minimum credit amount required
Online client portal that lets customers track their repayments and payoff process progress
Responsive and excellent customer support
Has a BBB A+ rating and a membership with the Natural Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC)


No money-back guarantee
The website doesn't state transparent criteria and requirements


Quick Stats

Credit Score Impact
Not Available
Average Net Savings
BBB Rating
Average of $33 per month, plus the setup fees
Minimum Debt Required
No minimum debt required
Money-Back Guarantee
Not Available
3-5 years

Managing your resources isn't that hard, but things get out of control when there is more than one debt to make payment for. In some other cases, people get one loan or debt, but it happens to be with a large amount, putting the borrower under the pressure of making payments on time and not falling behind when it comes to being committed.

For all of those reasons and more, InCharge Debt Solutions has another mission other than planning for a debt payoff: to educate people about how important it is to maintain their financial health and manage their finances better. But how does the process work? And does InCharge Debt Solutions have what help you with your debt? Our part is to answer all your questions and bring you all you need to know before making any decisions.

How Does InCharge Debt Solutions Work?

In short, here's what you'll get with InCharge Debt Solutions:
1. Offers free credit counseling with expert counselors
2. The credit score does not affect your approval for a debt relief program
3. Stops collections calls
4. Help clients put a financial plan and build a budget
5. Gives insights on how to manage your finances

InCharge Debt Solutions requires clients to fill in a contact form giving the representative the right to call the client and discuss any possible options.

In order to get an idea about your needs and debt information, you'll need to go through a three-step form that asks you to provide the following information:
1. First and last name
2. Zipcode
3. Phone number
4. Debt amount
5. Debt type
6. Desired financial solution
7. State of residence


You might be asked to provide the company with some more information; it's fine, though. The website is highly secured, and sharing a bit of your personal information on it won't harm you as they maintain their clients' privacy.

The requirements include a 10,000 minimum debt to join the program and get the advantage of talking to a counselor, besides some other factors that might affect your eligibility.

Who isn't eligible to join InCharge?

  • Borrowers with high monthly income: High income tells the creditors that you're able to pay off your debt and commit to your monthly payments. That's why it's almost impossible to get a settlement if you have an extra amount of money to pay for the creditors.
  • Your debt type is secured: InCharge, just like the majority of debt relief companies, doesn't settle secured debts, such as auto loans and housing loans.
  • Your debt amount isn't less than $10,000: You won't be eligible if your debt amount is less than $10,000. However, we recommend talking to the counselor anyway; you might find a financial solution that fits your debt.
Tip! Different loans require a different type of debt relief. That's why we recommend weighing your options before making any further steps and discussing everything with the counselor upfront.

Fees for InCharge Debt Solutions' Services

What you pay for the company to set up a plan for you and help you pay off your debt is influenced by multiple factors. The most impact can be caused by your state of residence; this is a central factor that determines how much you need to pay. However, we can let you know the average fees you can start your program with, which is $33 per month, plus the $75 for set-up.

Types of Debt Addressed

InCharge Debt Relief helps people get out of their unsecured debts by offering multiple options and plans. First, you'll need to fill in some information, or you can directly call for a counselor's assistance. You can also read through the educational materials available on the official website. In short, InCharge Debt Solutions can help you with the following debts:

Credit card debt

You can refer to one of InCharge's debt management plans or just consult an expert counselor for free to know your options. InCharge Debt Solutions can help you get a lower interest rate or monthly payment no matter how large your debt amount is. It even has a whole section on the website telling people how to pay off their large debt amount.

Student loans

When it comes to student loans, InCharge Debt Solutions offers two options; for private student loans, it offers to talk to a counselor and find the best way to pay off your debt. However, federal student loans can't be covered by InCharge Debt Solutions programs. You still can make use of InCharge's plans and its counselor's expertise to help you build a budget and get out of your debt in the most flexible way possible.

Unsecured personal loans and lines of credit

Other types of unsecured loans can also be covered with InCharge Debt Solutions, which offers multiple flexible debt management plans.

Medical debt

If you fall behind on your medical bills and can't find a way to get out of them, InCharge Debt Solutions can help you manage your debt in one of its debt management plans so that you can pay less with a reduced debt amount or interest rate.

All Debt Relief Solutions You Have

InCharge Debt Solutions have multiple debt relief options that you can opt to. Here is the complete list of the debt relief services offered by InCharge Debt Solutions:

A debt consolidation loan

You can gather all your debts into one loan for a lower interest rate or a reduced loan balance. This option requires having a sufficient credit score, so if your credit score is low, you might want to look for other options.


If your debt amount is too high compared to your annual income, this option might be the one for you; it allows you to start fresh but it has a serious impact on your credit score.

Debt settlement

When you choose to settle your debt, a debt relief company negotiates with your creditor and tries to find a solution that all are good with it. For the creditor, it's a better solution than bankruptcy since they can get their money back even though for a reduced amount or lower interest rate.

Reviews and Feedback

You can head to many websites on the internet to read InCharge Debt Solutions' clients' reviews to make sure that you make the right decision. Also, you can find a whole section on the website with a handful number of articles to read about how people have benefited from InCharge's services.

Every article on the success stories and reviews page has a detailed success story stated by the borrowers on how they could pay off their debts and what debt relief solution worked the best for them.

Customer Support

InCharge Debt Solutions excels in its customer support options and how much it cares about offering flexible debt-relief options and educating people on how to manage their finances and build a budget for emergencies and unexpected occurrences.

Clients have the chance to track their debt relief process and can see where it reaches and what updates occur as the company negotiates with the creditors. The client portal is user-friendly, easy, and simple; no one would suffer as they try to understand how it works.

When clients fill in the form on InCharge's website, it helps narrow down the options and helps the financial counselor build a better understanding of the client's needs and type of debts, making it more flexible in suggesting the most suitable debt relief options and plans.

Other customer support options are available through:

  • Email
  • Phone calls

The customer support number differs depending on the type of service you want to know about; there is a separate phone number for each service, including:

  • Credit counseling: Available Monday through Friday: from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST, and Saturday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.
  • Housing counseling: Available Monday through Friday: from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.
  • Bankruptcy counseling: Available Monday through Friday: from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST.

Final Verdict

InCharge Dent Solutions offers confidential and professional credit counseling, debt management, and financial education programs to individuals nationwide. Borrowers can also make use of the educational materials and workshops provided on the website, which can be a great step towards regaining their financial health.

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