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CuraDebt: Everything You Need to Know

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CuraDebt: Everything You Need to Know

CuraDebt is an established household debt relief name that has been servicing most people in the states since 2000. They will help manage your debt, negotiate down, pay less than you own, and offer a free consultation. 

In return, you'll pay them a fee, normally about 20%, as well as another previously agreed fee for the creditor. 



No upfront fees
Free consultation
High customer satisfaction rate


No live chat support
No mobile app
Not accredited with the BBB

Quick Stats

Credit Score Impact
Not Available
Average Net Savings
BBB Rating
Minimum Debt Required
Money-Back Guarantee
Not Available
24 to 48 months

About CuraDebt

CuraDebt is an American company that started back in the 2000s and is currently headquartered in Hollywood, Florida. They have a limited amount of clientele because they only service 34 states; this is common for debt relief companies since each state has different debt relief laws. 

They are a member of the AFCC, American Fair Credit Council, which is the most popular professional association when it comes to the debt relief industry. CuraDebt is also accredited with IAPD, International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators, which is an organization that helps debt relief companies, like CuraDebt, have competent and knowledgable employees and are well-versed in debt relief laws.

One of their most positive attributes is that they have excellent reviews on the Better Business Bureau and TrustPilot. In addition, they are not under investigation with the FTC, Federal Trade Commission, and no documented complaints with the CFPB. 

CuraDebt Debt Relief Options

CuraDebt doesn't offer debt relief for every case out there; lawsuits, mortgage loans, utility bills, loans secured by collateral, student loans, and government loans are not covered by them. There is an exception; for example, if it's a private student loan, they might take you in on a case-to-case basis. Before you get involved with them, there is a debt counselor available for you to speak with to discuss your situation.

To qualify for any of their programs, you'll need at least $5000 in qualifying debt. When compared to other debt relief companies, this seems like one of the best options out there since most of them require a minimum of $7000 to $10000. 

Types of debts accepted

Credit Card debt: This covers everything from traditional credit card issues from Visa or Mastercard, to store and private labels credit cards. If you cannot pay it off on your own, this company might be able to help you. 

Medical debt: If you don't have insurance and managed to raise your bill to a couple of thousand dollars, CuraDebt could pay it off, add it with other unsecured debts, and pay them off for less than what you originally owed.

Tax debts: This is what differentiates them and makes them stand out; they are able to negotiate IRS debt and back taxes. This is possible because they have a dedicated tax counselor that could help you repay anything you had due. The tax debt relief service is available on a wider spectrum, as it serves all 50 states; any resident from the states can be helped if they owe money to the Internal Revenue Service. 

Private loans: These types of loans do qualify for a settlement after discussing it with a debt relief counselor. If you have unsecured credit with a financial institution or a bank it could qualify for debt relief as well. 

Private student loans: If you have a non-governmental student loan, private ones do qualify for help. They will take up your case and negotiate with your creditors. 

What happens next? 
1. Get a free consultation and check if your type of debt qualifies. (This can be done on phone or in-person)
2. Discuss your situation with the debt counselor and determine if a settlement is your best option. 
3. Go over the plan they tailored for you for the upcoming months. 
4. If both sides agree, you should be able to pay off your debts within a 24 to 48 months timeframe. 

CuraDebt Fees

Officially CuraDebt does not disclose the exact range it charges their customers; instead, they advertise an average fee of 20% of the total debt. They are on par with other debt relief companies as they average between 15% to 20%; if you get offered a higher fee, you might want to consider other companies out there.

Since there is no guarantee a settlement will be reached with your creditors, there are no upfront fees. They have performance-based pricing because each client's financial situation is unique, and not all creditors are the same, so once a deal successfully goes through, you pay the fees previously agreed upon. 

Relief amount

On their website, CuraDebt does not disclose the average amount of relief you qualify for. Instead, they are transparent with their previous settlements, and you can find all the debt settlement letters on their website since the year 2000. You can see the debt amount, what was paid, and the percentage of saving they received. 

Relief time

Each client who comes in has a different financial situation, so there is no fixed amount of time a debt can be settled. The amount of money you save each month, how much you owe, how much you can pay, and your desired timeframe are all factors that determine the length of your debt settlement. However, on their website, they do advertise an average of 24 to 48 months.

CuraDebt Customer Support

Any questions or issues you have can be resolved by contacting CuraDebt. To reach them by phone, call their toll-free number 1-877-850-3328, their hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, Saturday, they operate from 10 a.m to 3 p.m. No phone support is offered on Sunday. 

If you live in the Hollywood, Florida area, you can set an appointment for an in-person visit to their offices. If you don't want to drive there, new clients can fill out an online form and schedule a free debt relief consultation and see if you qualify for their services within a few minutes. If that is not an option and you want to reach them outside of their business hours or prefer emails, you can send them an email to [email protected].

Their website does not offer live support, but there is a ticketing system that you can use to submit an online request; whether you are a new or existing client. 

Additional Features

In addition to their basic function of providing debt relief, if you do not qualify for one of their services they can guide you to get support elsewhere, as they can refer you to other local tax professionals or attorneys you might need.

They currently do not offer a dashboard or a mobile app, but you can access all your information on the client portal; this is available for you 24/7, and you can monitor your progress through it. 


If you qualify for their debt relief, then CuraDebt is a solid choice; they've been in the industry for over two decades and have the experience to handle a variety of different financial situations. 

They are one of the few debt relief companies that have a tax specialist to handle any issues you have with the IRS. They also offer a free consultation with all the fees laid out to you upfront; this transparency guarantees your satisfaction once a settlement is set. 

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