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Streak CRM Review: Plans, Features, and Alternatives!

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Streak CRM Review: Plans, Features, and Alternatives!

Streak CRM is a dedicated platform for managing your business through your email. Streak allows you to work on everything directly from your mailbox. This is especially helpful for people who face issues with managing communications in their offices.

Streak CRM offers all the tools and functionalities you might need to make your business prosper and flow seamlessly. Read our full review to learn more about how you can utilize Streak CRM to attract new customers and maintain the current ones satisfied and happy.


Efficient free CRM
Sits discreetly within your Gmail inbox
Highly customizable
Provides great productivity tools like mail merge, email tracking, and snippets


Only works with Gmail
Lacks features of a fully-developed CRM


Quick Stats

Cloud-Based Software
Not Available
Free Trial Available:
14-day free trial

About Streak CRM

Developed in 2012, Stream CRM has been mainly focusing on one mission, and that is eliminating the frustration of continuously switching between your inbox and external systems. Its developers made it their goal to make it simple to manage your everyday processes so you can close more deals, resolve more support tickets, and actually get things done!

The great thing about Streak CRM is that it is quite simple to use; if you can use Gmail, then you'll be able to use Streak CRM's platform. The simplicity of this CRM makes it a perfect fit for small teams that don't need expensive, feature-stuffed CRM software. You are allowed as many as 400 emails/day regardless of the plan you choose to subscribe to.

This CRM also includes features for sales, service, and project management. It is easy to use and is highly customizable to fit your business case. The pipelines are also fully customizable, which allows you to create your own unique stages and fields. You can also tailor project management and workflows to your business process through colors, custom fields, and stages.

Streak CRM Use Cases

Streak CRM is packed with use cases that small businesses can find useful and handy. Streak offers cases like sales management, project management, businesses dev, customer support, real estate, and much more. This section will thoroughly explain each case to help you better understand them.

Sales Management

Streak CRM can help you manage your sales pipeline inside your Gmail inbox. You get to transform your inbox to capture all of your deals and extend your existing Gmail into a flexible, fully-featured CRM.

You can also save plenty of time by having everything in a single powerful, efficient system that combines everything you need to work on in one place. But this is not all; Streak CRM also provides you with an intuitive design that will make it easier to work with. You can add columns of any type, rearrange stages, or delete data any time you find suitable.

You also get comprehensive data input, custom views, collaborative sales, deep integration, controlled access, merge emails, and much more by using Streak CRM.

Project Management

This feature allows you to channel discussion into product development. You get to structure the conversation using their intuitive design and natural fit. You can also create a hub where you can store assets, view all emails, and share across teams. Moreover, Streak allows you to create beautiful reports, use formulas to run your processes, see the features you own and stay on deadline.

Streak CRM also allows you to migrate your data from other project trackers easily. It also enables you to schedule tasks and shares them with your team to keep the project on schedule with shared reminders.

Business Development

With this feature, you get to manage partnerships across your entire business development team. You can directly manage partnerships from Gmail, boost your sales processes, customize your views, share emails easily, track your outgoing email, create email merges, and much more.


You can easily manage your funding within Gmail by communicating with your co-founders. You can organize your investor email, move fundraising forward, automate filtering, and give individual permissions.

Another great option that Streak offers is its reminders of the conversations you're having with potential investors. Moreover, you can personalize automated emails by adding custom fields and customizing each email according to the recipient.

Customer Support

You can now transform your Gmail into a support queue using Streak CRM. It helps you save money by combining everything in your Gmail account. You can also automate your responses by dominating your most asked questions and sharing your best answers. Moreover, your customers' full email history will be accessible to you so you can better understand the customer and what they need and prefer.

You can also pin incoming inquiries to the top of your inbox so you can stay alert. If you find that there is a number of customers who are facing the same issue, you can mass mail all users at the same time while also personalizing your support message.


Streak CRM can also help you manage the entire recruiting process, from prospect to close. It can help you track applicants inside your email and share resumes and emails with other concerned employees. You can also be granted permission from other employees to read their emails if they share them with you. And last but not least, you get to automate your outreach efforts by mailing directly from your Gmail and customizing your messages to make them more personalized.

Real Estate

This feature was designed to help real estate businesses manage leads and transactions inside their Gmail inbox. You get to track deals where you talk to clients, manage and share documents, set permissions, set contextual history displayed on the side of each email to help you keep your recruiting efforts personal, and automatically calculate individual commission using formulas.


Streak CRM is also available on mobile to help you manage your business when you're on the go. On your phone, you can quickly access info and tasks, automatically log calls, and send contacts to your phone. This way, you can never miss a lead when it comes, and your sales will prosper.

Streak CRM Key Features

Streak CRM is your chance to commit to a CRM that is packed with useful features that will help you manage your sales, boost your work processes, and attract more leads. The following are some of the features that Streak CRM offers:

Email Tracking

This feature allows you to know when your email is viewed, get notified when your email is opened by the recipient, see all of your tracked emails in a list, and mass email recipients. This feature can be turned on or off with a single click.

Mail Merge

Through this feature, you will be able to send personalized, tracked mass emails and follow-up sequences in Gmail. You can also schedule automatic follow-up messages if your recipient does not reply—you can set this feature to smartly avoid sending emails on weekends and holidays to increase response rates. Moreover, you get other options like smart email alerts, instant previews of what the recipient sees, built-in email tracking, email scheduling, and organized lists so you can target your recipients smartly.

Send Later

This feature allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a specific time. Your scheduled emails will be in your drafts for you to edit at any time before the email is sent to the client. This will help you send sales follow-ups at the right time, send post-demo follow-ups, and wish your best customers a happy birthday.

Thread Splitter

Since Gmail can sometimes thread conversations together, Streak CRM allows you to split conversations that have been incorrectly threaded together. Streak's thread splitter uses support intertwined with sales, product development, and categorizing email threads into separate boxes.


This feature allows you to create a palette of frequently written emails to save you time and effort. Streak CRM can instantly complete the email, allow you to set to any shortcut, and include subjects in your snippets, too.

Email Sharing

This feature allows you to discuss, reference, and organize threads with your team through your Gmail account. You can also paste email links in any app, including Slack, Asana, Notion, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Chat.

Streak CRM Plans and Prices

Streak offers its users versatile plans that have plenty of features to serve your business regardless of its size. The following is a thorough display of Streak CRM's plan and prices.

Free: 0$

This is Streak's freemium plan that is best suitable for individuals trying out Streak for an unlimited period of time. Some of the features that this plan includes are:

  • Private pipelines
  • 500 boxes
  • 50 mail merges per day
  • Email and snippets
  • Contacts
  • G Suite integrations
  • Mobile access
  • Automatic email sharing
  • Core CRM that includes
    • Task & reminders
    • Custom columns & fields
    • Magic columns & fields
    • Search & autocomplete
    • File attachments
    • Import & export
    • Call logs & meeting notes
    • Streak upcoming
    • Linked pipeline items
    • Saved views
Solo: $19/user/month or $15/user/month if billed annually

This plan by Streak CRM is best suitable for single users and professionals looking for an all-purpose CRM. The features that this plan offers include all the features mentioned in the free plan, in addition to:

  • 5000 boxes
  • 800 mail merges per day
  • Link tracking
  • Live chat support
Pro: $59/user/month or $49/user/month if billed annually

Streak CRM offers this plan for businesses of all sizes or teams who are looking for a complete CRM solution. This plan offers all the features provided by the Solo plan, plus the following:

  • Shared pipelines
  • Unlimited boxes
  • 1500 mail merges per day
  • Shared contacts
  • Advanced CRM that includes
    • Enriched contacts
    • Team email sharing
    • Formulas
    • Reports
    • Native dialer support
  • Standard API
  • Basic permissions
  • Onboarding and training
Enterprise: $159/user/month or $129/user/month if billed annually

This plan has been developed by Streak CRM for large businesses looking for deep customization and data validation. This plan includes all the features in the Pro plan, in addition to more advanced features like:

  • Data validation
  • Webhook API
  • Custom permissions
  • Priority support
  • Advanced implementation
  • Custom billing
  • Security questionnaires

Streak CRM Customer Support

Streak CRM does not offer many support options, but you can contact them through live chat and email. If you wish their sales team to contact you through email, you will need to fill out the form on their website.

Streak CRM also offers a blog, a help section, a knowledge base, and a YouTube channel to help answer all of your inquiries. You can also talk to them through their social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Streak CRM offers an application that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Streak CRM Alternatives

Streak CRM is a great option for your small business to grow and prosper. It is especially useful if you are looking for a simple CRM that you can use immediately from your Gmail inbox. However, if you find that Streak CRM is not the right one for your business, you can always read our reviews on other great CRM software providers, like:

Bottom Line

Streak CRM is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable, feature-packed CRM that can serve the purpose without needing any coding skills. It can offer you features like merging emails, automating emails, email tracking, threads, snippets, and much more.

Keep your customers happy and satisfied by personalizing their emails and immediately replying to their inquiries. Moreover, never miss a lead, by always staying up to date and having everything displayed in front of you simply and neatly.

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