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Leadperfection CRM

LeadPerfection CRM Review: Features, Prices, and Products!

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LeadPerfection CRM Review: Features, Prices, and Products!

LeadPerfection is a state-of-the-art, enterprise-class system designed to manage companies in the Home Remodeling and Home Services industries. LeadPerfection CRM system stands out from the rest of its competitors by being a true enterprise-class system.

LeadPerfection is used by over 500 companies that have been designing and implementing systems for more than a decade. Through this honest review, we aim to help you better understand the features, prices, plans, services, and products.


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About LeadPerfection

LeadPerfection was designed to be more than just a tool; it is meant to be the heart of the business. Founded in 2004, LeadPerfection has been developed to serve home improvement industries and more. Not only does it provide tracks and reports on Sales and Lead activity, but it can also tie your Accounting and Payroll systems.

Through tying your other business management systems together, it provides the only complete "closed-loop" business processing system available on the market. Moreover, LeadPerfection includes a built-in Do Not Call/Mail component, allows entry of schedules of all the sales representatives (so that appointments can be booked accordingly), and helps you define up to six timeslots per day."

You can also use integrations with Leadperfection, including Google Chrome, Constant Contact, Quick Books, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Adobe Analytics, Five9, PaySimple, CallSource, 800 Response, and many more.

Key Features of LeadPerfection


LeadPerfection provides its users with a number of useful features to boost and organize their business. For instance, here are some of the features it contains:

  • The software is 100% web-based
  • Includes complete management of outbound dialing
  • Efficiency in Appointment Scheduling
  • Directly import your internet leads to help boost your sales

Here is what you need to know about each feature:

Sales Representatives Scheduling

With LeadPerfection, you can enter the schedule of all the sales representatives for the coming weeks so that client appointments can be booked accordingly. Moreover, you can define up to six timeslots each day. The scheduling process is quite simple; all you need to do is check the boxes for each timeslot in which each sales rep is available to run a client appointment.

As for the sales office features, you can define your coverage area down to the zip code level. After that, you can assign a sales rep to each of the sales offices accordingly. During the process of setting appointments, given timeslots are determined by two things; the number of sales reps requesting leads at that time and the number of appointments already booked on the system.

You can also temporarily transfer sales reps from one place to another in order to meet the volume of the appointments. This is especially important when more appointments are focused in one territory but fewer in others.

Appointment Setting

Driving from one appointment to another could be time-consuming and exhausting. This is why LeadPerfection has an appointment scheduling feature that comes with a built-in engine that estimates the driving time from one appointment to another. This way, you will enable your call center agents to book the most suitable time for a given appointment based on the time that other appointments are being run in the same area or later that day.

LeadPerfection provides you with a real-driving time that takes into consideration road types, bridges, and other things that could delay the sales rep. Not only that, but LeadPerfection also provides you with the ability to search the schedule in seconds and display all the upcoming appointments nearest to the new prospect. All of the little capabilities included within the appointment setting feature will reduce the travel time for your company's sales reps and allow more appointments to be run during peak season by organizing them according to the real driving time between appointment locations.

Viewing the Schedule

LeadPerfection provides you with more than six different ways to view your scheduled appointments. For instance, you can view them for one day in detail, for many days in a summary, in a monthly calendar layout, in tabular format, or graphically as a fulfillment function of sales reps' requests.

LeadPerfection also offers you a built-in system for managing the confirmation process; calls to prospects will be made in order to confirm the upcoming appointment one or two days in advance. This feature aligns perfectly with LeadPerfection's "Get Next Dial" feature.

Production Management

LeadPerfection allows you to specify significant dates in the lifecycle of a typical project, also called milestones. These milestones can include the time when the paperwork is received, when jobs are measured when the material is ordered and delivered, and when the work is started and completed.

You can also use reports that allow you to analyze cycle time by the person responsible for each milestone task. This means that you can analyze how many days it has taken for each sales rep to hand in their paperwork analyze the cycle time for measures, purchase agents, and installation crews.

Call Center Management

LeadPerfection categorizes each lead in the system into user-defined "calling queues," which determine the frequency and priority in which leads will be redialed. This feature enables your call center agents to concentrate on the most important leads while continuing to work with leads that have been in the pipeline for a while.

LeadPerfection offers built-in rules designed to meet the current Federal Do-Not-Call legislation, whereby you can either subscribe to the Federal lists or simply assume that all prospects are on the list and just follow the various rules for allowable dialing. You can also manage callback scheduling so that your agents can call back people at their desired time.

The system also manages the entire calling process. You don't need to print out lists of leads and cross off names as dialing is done. All that your call center agent needs to do is click the "get next to dial" button at any time, and it will pop open a new lead on the screen for dialing.

Marketing Analysis

With LeadPerfection, you can track leads by event and promoter. Moreover, with LeadPerfectionMobile, field promoters can enter leads directly on their phones. Not only that, but it also has the ability to view the current sales rep availability in order to set appointment times matching the sales reps' available times.

Internet Leads handling

LeadPerfection offers a built-in mail client that you can point at any POP3 accessible mailbox, and it can read the mail as it arrives and extract the data from the body of the message. Within less than a minute, the new lead will pop up on a screen for one of your agents to dial. This gives you the opportunity to react quickly to contact the consumer within seconds of their inquiry, not giving your competitors the chance to take the lead from you.

Data Security

LeadPerfection was designed to help both large and small businesses. In a small organization, one or two employees will have access to all parts of the system. However, in a larger organization, job responsibilities tend to be much more specialized. LeadPerfection can play an integral part in assuring adequate separation of duties so that each employee knows exactly what they can work on.

You can define and specify each employer's access limits, which will allow you to keep everything secured and under control. LeadPerfection can also enable you to restrict users so that they can only access the system from within your office and only during business hours. This restriction is at the user level, so you can allow your most trusted staff to access from elsewhere while preventing the rest.

How LeadPerfection Works

If you're already using another CRM and you want to start using LeadPerfection, you will not need to worry about a single thing. LeadPerfection will help you organize everything in a heartbeat. Here is what you can expect to happen when you're changing your current CRM to LeadPerfection:

Step 1

LeadPerfection's team will fully migrate your data from your current system and upload them to LeadPerfection's instead.

Step 2

The LeadPerfection Account team will help you configure the system for peak performance.

Step 3

Lastly, their team will work with you to seamlessly transition and support your team while they adjust to the new system.

LeadPerfection's Products and Prices

LeadPerfection offers three different products to help you manage your business. Each product has a different price, but they are not all stated on their website.

LeadPerfection | $399 per company per month

This is their basic product that you can stick to in order to manage your company. This product provides you with services like prospect information, call center productivity, sales management, remodeler marketing, and production integration.

LPLite |Quote based

There isn't any information on their website regarding this product; you will need to call them in order to learn more about its features and prices.

Canvass Master | Quote based

With Canvass Master, LeadPerfection offers you features that include a smartphone app, recording homes on the system, selecting product needs, taking a picture of the lead's home, a real-time monitor, data appending, and integrations.

All previous products include a free demo that you can schedule to start via the LeadPerfection website.

Customer Service

LeadPerfection provides various customer support options. These include office, phone support, and email support. They also have a knowledge base, FAQs page, and a blog to help you easily navigate their products and services.

You can visit their office in the town of Sea Cliff, which is on the north shore of Long Island, New York, about 25 miles east of NY City. Or you can contact them via phone at +1 800 824 3527 and +1 800 778 2041. You can also contact them via their email [email protected].

Bottom Line

LeadPerfection is a great and affordable option for medium and enterprise-sized businesses that work in the home services and home improvement industries. They only charge you $399 per company per month. Moreover, you can schedule your calls, categorize your leads, and give different access capabilities to different employees depending on their responsibilities. You can get a free demo now by contacting them through their website.

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