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Keap CRM: Review, Key Features, and Prices

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Keap CRM: Review, Key Features, and Prices

Keap CRM is a cloud-based sales and marketing software that provides customer relationship managers, marketing automation, e-commerce capabilities, and much more. Keap CRM promises to keep your client and lead data organized while increasing your business's efficiency up to 89% and your clients by 84%. Continue reading our full review to know everything Keap CRM has to offer your business.


14-day free trial
Advanced automation
Sales pipeline management
Email and text marketing


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About Keap

Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, was founded in 2000. It has grown to become one of the most trusted CRM software providers by thousands of businesses. Keap has earned its accreditation from the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Keap provides many business solutions such as marketing and sales automation, lead generation, workflow automation, payments, and so much more. Keap offers a 14-day free trial to try out its fully-featured CRM software and all its functionalities without asking for credit card information.

Keap CRM Key Features

Keap CRM offers full customization for its users; it optimizes your customer experience and promises to end the chaos of running your business. Its main features include automated lead capture. You can collect and organize contacts automatically through customized lead forms, landing pages, and social media. You can access all your business data at once from anywhere with its desktop and mobile applications.

You can also personalize lead follow-ups to convert more leads; you can quickly tag and categorize your contacts to trigger client data and activity automation. Moreover, Keap offers free migration to its CRM platform, no matter what your previous system is or if you are not using one yet.

Sales & Marketing Automation

Sales and marketing automation tools will help you focus more on customer engagement rather than waste time manually following up with leads or sending emails and all the chaos. Your lead capture and follow-up tasks will be fully automated to your liking. Follow-up tasks include sending texts and emails to potential clients as soon as they fill out a form on your website or social media accounts.

Keap CRM will also automatically remind you of appointments when clients book them. You are provided with a full lifecycle of potential customers' journies to conversion. Your clients will also receive invoice reminders for overlooked payments and thank you emails when payments are fulfilled.

Moreover, Keap provides you with an advanced, easy-to-use automation builder, where you can drag and drop sequences, goals, response triggers, and much more to create predictable and repeatable growth.

Sales Pipeline Management

Another easy-to-use, advanced, and intuitive tool that Keap offers is its pipeline management tool. It provides you with a big picture view of your entire process and sales funnel in a customizable dashboard where you can stay on top of everything and nurture your leads.

You can create several pipelines and personalize every automation from within. You will also be provided with detailed reports on deal conversion by stage, average deal duration, the average time in the stage, deal revenue forecasting, and so much more. Keap promises to optimize your sale processes while saving you 10 hours a week from manual tasks.

E-commerce and Payments

With Keap's integrated payments processing, e-commerce, and invoicing platform, you will have all your online sales managed in one place without the need for any extra software or integrations. The e-commerce platform allows you to create promo codes to push conversion rates and your average order value.

Furthermore, you can also customize your online store's checkout process to reflect your branding and trigger automated follow-ups if a customer abandons their cart.

As for its payment processing, you can invoice and receive payments in one place using Stripe, PayPal, wepay, EVO, epay, and Nexus. Lastly, you can also connect any of your existing software to Keap's CRM to boost your e-commerce capabilities with Shopify, QuickBooks, and much more.

CRM Analytics

CRM analytics and reporting will provide you with valuable insights into every aspect of your business. Keap provides you with:

Marketing Analytics and Reports:

  • Conversions by sales stage, lead source, and other criteria
  • Form completion, open email rates, click-throughs
  • Marketing and campaign performance
  • Contact action

Sales Reports

  • Scheduled sales reports
  • Payments, revenues, and transaction trends
  • Visual sale growth reports

Contact Growth and Engagement Analytics

  • Immediate action directly from reports
  • Track and filter contact data
  • Weekly and monthly marketing engagement effectiveness

Payment and Revenue Analytics

  • Payments, revenues, and transactions tracking
  • Analytical data on invoices and payments
  • Visual revenue growth reports

Appointment Scheduling

Keap's appointment scheduling tool fully syncs with your calendar. It allows your leads to book appointments and activates automated follow-ups. You are provided with a dashboard where you can view all your upcoming meetings, whether they will be held in person, online, or via a phone call.

Email Marketing

Keap offers a unique email platform that your business can use to save time with automated emails. It offers stunning templates that will help you boost your brand's image as you create engaging marketing newsletters and broadcasts.

Keap's email automation by each client's action will get them the right message at the right time. After a sale closes, your clients can still receive automated emails and newsletters to drive repeated sales.

Text Marketing

Similar to email marketing, text marketing with Keap's CRM allows your business to extend its reach with text broadcasts and campaigns. Keap's text marketing platform offers:

  • Built-in compliance
  • Customizable opt-in messaging
  • In-app reporting
  • Strategy courses and coaching

The text marketing platform will allow you to send automated customized replies to new leads and clients. With Keap Business Line, you can directly connect with your clients.

Keap Business Line

The Keap business line will provide you with a free virtual phone number for your business, which will allow you to separate business and personal communications. You can send and receive calls and text messages to both your personal and business numbers from one phone. Keap business line also allows you to set automated replies when you are busy and have calls sent to voicemail.

Keap Plans and Pricing

Keap offers three payment plans for its CRM software; the pricing stated below is set for businesses with 500 contacts. You can use the contacts number slider on their website to know the prices that you will get for your business. Keap also offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card information.

Lite: $79/month

This plan is best suited for new businesses, and it includes 500 contacts and 1 user. Additional users will cost $30 each. This plan provides you with:

  • CRM
  • Email marketing
  • Lead capture
  • Easy Automation
  • Appointments
  • Mobile app & business line
  • Payments & invoicing

Pro: $169/month

The Pro plan is best for growing businesses; it includes 500 contracts and 1 user, with each additional user costing $30. It includes everything in the Lite plan, in addition to:

  • Landing pages
  • Advanced automation
  • Sales pipeline
  • Text message broadcasts
  • Automated text messaging
  • A/B testing
  • Checkout forms
  • Sales reporting
  • Pipeline analytics

Max plan: $199/month

The Max plan is best for established businesses and enterprises; it includes 500 contacts and 1 user; each additional user will also cost $30. It includes everything in the Pro plan, plus:

  • Sales funnels
  • Lead scoring
  • 1-click upsells and cross-sells
  • Recurring upsells
  • Promo codes
  • Marketing performance analytics
  • Engagement analytics

All paid plans include exclusive access to a small business Growth Coach, in addition to:

  • Unlimited 24/7 expert support
  • Dedicated migration specialist
  • Unlimited emails
  • On-demand strategy courses
  • Community of industry experts

Customer Support

You can reach Keap's team through live chat on their website or by phone or email at +1 866 800 0004 and Keap also has a dedicated help center where you can find blogs and resources that could help you with any problem or inquiry you may have, in addition to a community of industry experts and Keap customers.

Final Words

Keap CRM is an industry-leading favorite. It provides comprehensive and dedicated customer relationship management solutions, sales and marketing automation capabilities, and its own payment processing and invoicing. It tailors its plans and prices to businesses' needs, so they only pay for what they need. Keap promises client growth to its business customers and top-notch organizing without any chaos.

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