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The Credit Pros Full Review: Services, Fees, and Support!

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The Credit Pros Review: Services, Fees, and Support!

The Credit Pros Full Review: Services, Fees, and Support!The Credit Pros Full Review: Services, Fees, and Support!


Bilingual services available
Financial management tools are included with all credit repair packages
Credit monitoring comes as a standard service


No 24/7 phone support
Basic credit repair package only includes one credit dispute
High initial fees
No money-back guarantee
No mobile app

Quick Stats

BBB Rating
You can cancel at any time
Customer Service
Phone, email, live chat, mobile app, help guides
Initial Fees
Starting from $119
Money-back guarantee
Not available
Monthly Fee
Starting from $69/month

The Credit Pros is a credit repair company that offers various financial services to help people fix their credit scores. It was founded by a well-known credit instructor and attorney with a specialization in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This is what gives The Credit Pros authenticity and makes it one of the top credit repair companies in the market.

A Brief About The Credit Pros



Founded in 2009 by Jason M. Kaplan, a credit instructor and attorney with a specialization in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, The Credit Pros is one of the best credit repair companies in the market. The fact that its owner is a specialist in the Fair Credit Reporting Act gives it a huge advantage as it makes it more authentic than other competitors on the market.

The Credit Pros owner, Kaplan, is a certified FICO consultant and credit counselor. His knowledge and experience can help customers lead a better, more financially secured life. This is why it didn't take the company long to leave its mark on the industry as they have a few of the most well-known counselors and FICO experts.

The client reviews are positive almost all of the time and there are no official complaints filed against the company. However, The Credit Pros BBB has a few complaints regarding them. It gave them a rating of an A- and an average rating of 2.63 stars. Most complaints were regarding the company's inability to remove some elements from its credit score history.

The company's customer service is reliable and its representatives are friendly and quite helpful. They are always more than happy to discuss complaints, credit scores, line of credit, debt consolidation, and more with customers during their office hours. The company’s corporate offices are located in West Palm Beach Florida. However, they don’t offer in-person services or walk-ins.

The services offered by The Credit Pros are the following:

  • One-on-one action plan with a certified FICO Professional
  • ID Theft restoration and insurance
  • Cease and desist letters to collection agencies
  • 24/7 access to the client portal
  • Debt validation letters to creditors
  • Goodwill letters to creditors
  • Unlimited dispute letters

How Does The Credit Pros Work?

It's quite simple, all you need to do is go to their website, choose your language (they offer English and Spanish), and set up a free consultation with their team. You can pick a consultation date that suits your time. The free consultation session would give you a chance to meet and have a 1:1 conversation with a specialist.

These are the five main services that the company offers:

  • Identifying inaccurate credit items and getting them removed to increase your credit score.
  • Credit counseling to help you with your credit score.
  • Credit education resources and tools to help you better understand how credit scores work.
  • Outline of written material that covers credit scores and other valuable info.
  • Informing you of your legal rights according to the law.

Once you've finished your free consultation session, you can have the option to choose a plan that suits you and start making payments. Once that's out of the way, the company will start helping you remove harmful items from your credit history, such as:

  • Negative payments
  • Inaccurate payments, including late charges
  • Collections
  • Foreclosures
  • Bankruptcy
  • Library fines
  • Charge-offs
  • Medical bills

The next step would be for the company to contact your creditors and bureaus to correct inaccurate info. This is done by issuing dispute and validation letters alongside providing proof. The company would also release cease and desist and goodwill letters. These are very important because cease and desist letters are sent to collection agencies to ask them to stop the process while the matter is still in dispute.

If you would like to track your case, you can do so by simply logging into The Credit Pros portal through either their website or mobile app. There, you will be offered finance tools and 24/7 case tracking. And if you need help with anything, you can contact their support team through their support portals which we will be discussing in detail later on in this article.

The Credit Pros Pricing

The Credit Pros monthly fees could be a bit higher than other companies. However, the number of services that they offer with each package is much more than those of any other company. Here are the packages that The Credit Pros offer and their prices:

Money Management: $69/month

This plan is offered for $69 per month plus $119 for the first work fee. It covers basic tools needed to improve credit such as identity and credit monitoring, unlimited monthly disputes, and planning tools. Not only that, but you'll also get to enjoy debt management services that are designed to help you get rid of debt.

The Credit Pros can also help you with debt-related issues via various methods like avalanche and snowball. It is worth mentioning that this plan comes with only one debt repayment account and you would need to pay a bit more for a more expensive package if you would like to have multiple accounts.

Prosperity Package: $119/month

This package could be a good option for users who need to deal with debt from several sources. For $119 per month plus $119 for the first work fee, it comes with additional benefits including:

  • Credit bureau challenges
  • Creditor interventions
  • Cease & desist letters
  • Letter of Reference

Success Plus Package: $149/month

This is the premium plan; it is available for $149 per month and a $149 first work fee. This plan comes with all the features included in the previous plans along with some additional benefits in the form of financing through National Credit Direct and a credit loan builder.

This program was designed to help customers with no or poor credit purchase household items and at the same time work on improving their credit

Customer Service

The Credit Pros always try their best to offer their customers the best service and support there is. They offer phone, email, and live chat customer support in addition to an FAQs section and a knowledge base.

Their phone support is available from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. You can also contact them via their email: [email protected] 

However, if you prefer another method, you can always contact their live chat support which is available during their working hours. But this isn't all, they also offer you a great mobile app that is available on both iOS and Android smartphones. The app allows customers to track their credit repair progress, view their credit reports, and get push notifications when score changes are detected.

This app is reviewed with a 4.5-star average rating in both Google Play and Apple stores and the feedback around it is positive almost 100% of the time.

Company Reputation

Customer reviews for The Credit Pros are mixed; while most are positive, there are also a few complaints to know about. The good news is that there are no official complaints on file with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the government agency that acts as a watchdog over the credit repair industry. However, customers have filed complaints through unofficial channels.

The Credit Pros holds an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau but has received 57 customer complaints in the past three years and gets an average review score of just 2.79 stars. On Google, The Credit Pros holds a more impressive 4.0-star rating. The most common complaint from customers is a failure to see any negative items removed from their report.

Credit repair companies do their best to remove inaccurate info from your report. However, no company can promise you a specific result. That is why they offer free credit repair consultation where you can ask the company beforehand which items on your report are likely to be disputed and which are not.

If you have a complaint about the services of a credit repair company, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or call 877-FTC-HELP.

Contract Duration

The Credit Pros don't require you to commit to a contract. All of their plans are monthly and can be canceled at any time you want. However, if you want to cancel your subscription, you have to contact the company before your next payment is due. Otherwise, you would need to wait another month to cancel it.

Final Verdict

The Credit Pros is a reputable credit repair company that has been trusted by many customers over the years. The fact that its owner is a well-known credit instructor and attorney with a specialization in the Fair Credit Reporting Act gives the company an extra layer of authenticity and trust. They've been rated as an A- company by the Better Business Bureau.

The company offers various financial services including credit repair. The catch is that they don't require you to sign a contract with them, which means you can cancel at any time so long as you contact the company before your next payment is due.



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