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Merchant One

Merchant One is a US-based full-service provider with more than 20 years in the industry and a wide selection of products, including a POS, credit card processor, virtual terminal, and mobile app.


Has been an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 201‪0
The company can accommodate most business sizes
No contracts are required and some plans can be terminated without any termination fees


Prices aren't clearly disclosed on the website
Pricier than some other credit card processor providers

Quick Stats

Starts at $6.95
Transaction Speed
2 days
Customer Experience
Money-Back Guarantee

If you run a business in the hospitality industry, retail, eCommerce, food services, or business-to-business industry, then you're invited to read through this review. This review lists out and discusses Merchant One credit card processor features, cost, and how it serves the business growth and cash flow.

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Merchant One Credit Card Processor Top Perks

Merchant One is deemed one of the leading companies in terms of cost, solutions, and excellent customer support options. Here is the complete list of Merchant One pros:
1. Merchant One has been an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 201‪0.
2. The company can accommodate most business sizes.
3. No contracts are required, and some plans can be terminated without any termination fees.
4. Monthly fees are as low as $6.95.

How Does Merchant One Work?

Getting approved with Merchant One is almost guaranteed, and the account can be running and ready within 24 hours. Additionally, the application process is done over the phone. All it requires is a copy of a check and a form of identification, usually an ID, besides some other documents required by the company.

Industries that can make use of Merchant One's credit card processor are retail, food services, hospitality firms, eCommerce, and business-to-business companies. Let's take a closer look at how Merchant One serves each of the following industries:

  • Retail: Merchant One makes sure that your business is up and running by offering 24/7 customer support for any retail account. It supports the business growth with its loyal program, gift cards, and text marketing to drive more sales. Funds are deposited to your account as soon as the next day after you've made a sale.
  • Restaurants: No matter your restaurant's environment, Merchant One guarantees high-speed payment processing and deposits as soon as the next day. Merchant One provides tip adjustments, complete management, and PCI compliance solutions. Besides, Merchant One doesn't require application or setup fees, with swipe rates starting at 0.29%.
  • Hospitality: Provide your guests with a hassle-free check-in and check-out process and flexible payment options. Merchant One serves this industry, making it suitable for fast-paced and high-volume industries.
  • B2B businesses: Online payments can significantly increase your sales and drive more customers. If you run a business that requires accepting online payments, you can get paid as soon as the same day with 24-hour customer support and a personalized account. Merchant One provides you with a gateway to process checks and credit cards and set up recurring billing. This technology is compatible with all shopping carts and easy to integrate.

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Merchant One Credit Card Processor Options

Merchant One can be a good option for businesses on a budget and small to medium businesses that don't want to spend much on hardware devices. It provides free basic terminals if you decide to use its payment processing services, saving money since some other providers might require you to lease or buy equipment. Free terminals presented by Merchant One include:

  • Pax S500: This is a small-sized terminal similar to the Pax S80 with the same features, including EMV and NFC-ready terminal that can be connected via phone line or Ethernet cable, plus the ability to connect it via a WiFi network.
  • Pax S80: A wired terminal that supports both EMV and NFC payments, making it a suitable option for chip cards and smartphones. This terminal has a similar shape and options to the Pax S500 terminal, but this terminal can't be connected via a WiFi network.
  • FD-130: This terminal can be used with either a wired or a WiFi connection and is NFC- and EMV-compliant.
  • Verifone VX-520: This uses either an ethernet cable line or a phone line connection and accepts both EMV and NFC payments.

On the website, you can also find a wide selection of credit card terminals offered under the terminal placement program. You can choose from the following advanced options:

  • Clover Station: This is the largest and the most advanced POS system out of all Clover terminal options. It's also highly reliable and offers almost all the features a business might need.
  • Clover Mini: This terminal can be placed in any space of its small size. However, its reliability makes it a good option for running all your business.
  • Clover Flex: This is an all-in-one system in a single, compact device. Clover Flex accepts Magstripe, chip cards, Apple Pay, and more.


Merchant One Credit Card Processor Features

It's not that easy to make up your mind on a credit card processor, and that's simply because there isn't one option that works with the same reliability and efficiency for every business. Henceforth, defining the needs of your business and knowing how advanced the credit card processor should be is an essential step toward the right provider. Merchant One has a lot to offer. Here's what you'll get with this service:

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Mobile app

Controlling payment processing remotely and from one simple and easy-to-use platform requires having a mobile application to accept mobile payments. Furthermore, the mobile application is reliable and secure, based on other customers' feedback and reviews.


The Gateway presented by Merchant One offers more than 175 shopping cart integrations, such as Magento, SmartCart, and OpenCart. It also integrates with almost all POS systems like Micros and Aloha.


PCI compliance

Another thing we like about Merchant One is that it's PCI compliant, which means there is no need to pay separate PCI compliance fees. The monthly rate includes PCI compliance support, making all payments protected against fraud and theft.

Merchant accounts

Merchant accounts can process both debit and credit card transactions. The company offers various products and services that can be a good fit for a wide range of industries and businesses of almost every type.

Payment gateway

Merchant One is famous for the quality of its payment gateway services. It offers a virtual terminal as well for manual transactions. 


Merchant One Credit Card Cost

Merchant One uses interchange-plus pricing and offers customizable plans that accommodate most business sizes, including small and large enterprises. But generally, Merchant One best suits a business with at least $2,000 of transactions per month.

Unlike some other credit card processor providers, Merchant One doesn't charge its users 24/7 customer support or PCI compliance processor. These features are included in the monthly fees, besides using a virtual terminal and charge book monitoring.

To know the exact cost and rates, it's recommended to contact Merchant One directly. The good news is that Merchant One doesn't require termination fees or signing contracts, which means customers can choose to cancel at any time.

At first glance, the transaction fees seem a bit higher than other credit card processors offering interchange-plus pricing. Its monthly fees start at $6.95, including a PCI compliance processor and full access to 24/7 customer support, which is somewhat lower than other merchant service providers.

To weigh your options better, it's important to get accurate quotes based on your typical transaction volume. For more about credit card processing, head to our credit card processors category and compare different providers.

Fill Merchant One free quote to get an idea about the exact cost and choose a suitable plan based on the business transactions and size. Information you need to fill in includes the business name, first name, last name, email address, and phone number.

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Customer Support

Merchant One offers 24/7 customer support via email, live chat, phone, and text messages. Additionally, there is a decent number of guides and videos that users can refer to for more information about the service if they want to get help solving any technical issue or setting up an account.


Final Verdict

Merchant One is a suitable option for a wide variety of industries and businesses of different sizes. The monthly fees include full access to 24/7 customer support and a CPI compliance processor, which guarantees the security and efficiency of payment processing.

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