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Free Password Manager: The Best in 2024

Free Password Manager: The Best in [y]Free Password Manager: The Best in [y]


What is the best free password manager? And why should we even use a password manager?

Imagine having a safe where you keep all your money and prized possessions and then forgetting the password to it? This is exactly how I feel when I get locked out of one of my social media account or emails for forgetting my password. It's so frustrating!

Most websites now demand you to add capital letters, numbers, and special characters to your password. And cybersecurity experts say that we should change our passwords every three months. How are we supposed to do that and never mix up passwords? It's almost impossible. 

However, that was until I realized that life is too short to spend it worrying about remembering some letters and numbers. So I started looking for a solution to my memory problems (other than taking vitamin B12, of course); l found out about password managers; the genie that will hold all your passwords in one place and never ask you to remember them. 

I started looking for a free password manager and I came across many. I tried them all, since it was for free, and made a list of the best ones. 

However, I realized while trying them that paying for the premium plans is always better, as premium plans offer more features, more security, and unlimited usage.

Features to Look For in Your Password Manager

When I tried different password managers to settle on one, I found that some password managers have certain features and some don't. So here are the features that I think you should look for in a password manager:

  • Password Generator: it will create a strong password and allow you to customize it.
  • Secure Vaults: these vaults will be guarded with military-grade encryption to keep your information hidden.
  • Multi-Factor authentication.
  • Dark Web Monitor: if your information gets stolen and shared on the dark web, this monitor will notify you.
  • Automatic Password Changer: you can change and save your password with one click.
  • Safe Sharing: it will encrypt any information you want to send out.
  • Travel Mode: Deletes all the stored passwords in your vault when you travel, and with one click, you can restore all your information when you are somewhere safe.

If these features are not included in a password manager's free plan, I advise you to upgrade to the premium plan. Your safety is worth paying for.

The Best Free Password Manager

To summarize, here are my top three picks for password managers:
1. Truekey.
2. LastPass.

1. Truekey

Truekey is my ultimate top pick for a free password manager; it is like an all-in-one package; it offers a password generator, multi-factor authentication, and strong encryption.

Truekey is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android. It can also come as a Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome extension.

With Truekey's free plan, you can save up to 15 passwords. However, if you want to have more than 15 passwords, you will need to upgrade to the premium plan for $19.99/year for unlimited devices and passwords.

Get Truekey For Free

Read our Truekey full review for a more detailed review and analysis.

2. LastPass

Another great option is LastPass free password manager.

The free plan at LastPass includes most of the features you'd look for in a password manager, including basic multifactor authentication, save & autofill passwords, secure notes, and a password generator. (For one device only)

For advanced multifactor authentication, unlimited device access, encrypted file storage, dark web monitoring, and a dashboard, you can upgrade to the premium or families plans for $3/mo and $4/mo respectively.

LastPass is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and Chrome OS.

LastPass has a 30-day free trial; you can enjoy the features of the premium plan for free before deciding.

It's Free! Start Today

For more information, read our LastPass full review.

3. Dashlane


Dashlane is another option for a free password manager.

The free plan at Dashlane allows you to save up to 50 passwords on only one device. It also includes a password generator and a password health feature. Dashlane will also notify you in case of any data breach on your account. 

Dashlane provides the following premium plans:

  • Free - one device, 5 accounts.
  • Essentials - $2.49/mo - two devices, unlimited accounts.
  • Premium - $3.99/mo - unlimited devices and accounts + VPN protection + dark web monitoring.
  • Team - $5/mo - unlimited devices and accounts + VPN protection.

Dashlane offers a 30-day free trial where you can enjoy the features of any of the plans for free before you decide whether or not you want to continue using it.

Start Now For FREE

Read Dashlane's full review for a better understanding of its features.

Other free password managers include Kaspersky, keeper password manager, and Zoho Vault. Check our full list of the best password managers on the market to find the best free password manager in 2021 and the best-paid ones. In this list, you will find the best free password manager UK, Australia, the US, and every other country around the world has. 

How to Use a Password Manager

1. Choose a free password manager from the list.

2. Install the app on your phone or tablet. Or, go to the website on your desktop and download the extension.

3. Log in to the app and start saving passwords. Or, give access to the extension and it will start saving your passwords automatically (you can un-save a password).

4. Forget all your passwords, let your mind rest, and enjoy surfing the internet safely!

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